Volume 1, Issue 1, August 2013


Section:     Reveiw Paper
Title:          A Review on Information Representation and Retrieval in Semantic Web
Authors:     Parag D. Thakare
Page:        1-9

Section:     Research Paper
Title:          Comparative Study of Wlan, Wpan, Wimax Technologies
Authors:     Mangesh Ghonge, Suraj Gupta
Page:        10-18

Section:     Research Paper
Title:          Improving Performance and Securing Data in MANET with AES
Authors:     Amol A. Bhosle
Page:        19-26

Section:     Research Paper
Title:          Location Aware Modified AODV to Select Best Path
Authors:     Anagha R. Raich, Prof. Amarsinh Vidhate
Page:        27-32

Section:     Review Paper
Title:          Overview of DVR for Power Quality Improvement
Authors:     Shyam V. Alaspure , Snehal G. Vinchurkar, Swapnil D. Raut
Page:        33-41

Section:     Research Paper
Title:          Face Recognition Using 2D Measurement Based Approach and 3D Feature Extraction Methods                   Under Varying Poses and Illumination
Authors:     Bakul Pandhre, S.U.Kadam
Page:        42-47

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