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Title:         Hybrid Optimization for Multiobjective Multicast Routing
Authors:    R. Baskarane, T. Sendhil kumar

Title:         Review of various e-Learning Methodologies
Authors:    Prof. Amit R. Manakshe,Vinay Buram, Pranit Wakhare, Rahul Naramshettiwar

Title:         Analysis of Secure Electronic Transmission (SET) System for Electronic Transactions
Authors:    Prof. Amit R. Manakshe, Mr. Saurabh Jirkar, Mr.Pranit Wakhare, Mr. Vinay Buram

Title:         Performance Analysis of Various Equalizers for ISI reduction in MIMO-OFDM system
Authors:    Yashvant Dhiwer, Rakesh Mandal

Title:         Analysis of Flow data in Wireless sensor network and method to adopt Fast routing
Authors:     T. Sendhil kumar, A. Parthiban, R. Baskarane

Title:         Barriers to Successful ICT Integration into Teaching-Learning Environment
Authors:     Swati V. Desai, Dr. Ajit D. More

Title:         Assessment of Deposition Rate in MIG Welding of Stainless Steel
Authors:     Rajiv Suman, Dr. Jatindar Kumar

Title:         Preparation, Characterization and Application of Ultra Filtration (UF) Membranes
Authors:     Rajesh Tripathy

Title:         Biogas: A Natural and renewable Source for Carbon Nanotubes
Authors:     Jyoti Bharj1, Sarabjit Singh2, Subhash Chander3, Rabinder Singh4

Volume 2, Issue 3, March 2014


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