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Title:         Driving Pattern Recognition Using Parameter-Lite Clustering Approach
Authors:    Ramakrishnam Raju BHVS, Valli Kumari V, Azad Naik

Title:         Satellite Image Processing Using Singular Value Decomposition and Discrete Wavelet Transform
Authors:    Kodhinayaki E, vinothkumar S, Karthikeyan T

Title:         Study of Dissolved Oxygen of Krishna River at Karad (Maharashtra): A Case Study

Title:         Performance Evaluation of Various Filtering Techniques for Speckle Suppression in Ultrasound Images
Authors:    A.Mohanapreethi, Dr. V. SrinivasaRaghavan

Title:         Development and Fabrication of Alphanumeric Fuel Level Indicator for Two Wheelers
Authors:    Mr. Shakib Javed S. Sheikh, Mr. Sumit D. Chambhare, Prof.V.R.Gandhewar, Prof. Mahesh S. Gorde

Title:         Finite Element Method for the Nonlinear Contact Analysis of Helical Gears
Authors:    Jerin Sabu, Dr.Y.V.K.S.Rao, Alen John, Rajeev V.R

Title:         Handwritten Character Recognition using Radial Histogram
Authors:    Lipi Shah, Ripal Patel, Shreyal Patel, Jay Maniar

Title:         Shrug and Voice Recognition System for Dumb and Hearing Impards
Authors:    Ms.M.Yuvarani, Mr.S.Vinothkumar, Mr.R.Prabu, Mr.T.Rajkumar

Title:         Data Mining in the Context of E-Learning and ICT
Authors:    Mrs. Jyoti Upadhyay, Dr. Pratima Gautam

Title:         MahaFarm-An Android Based Solution for Remunerative Agriculture
Authors:    Aniket Bhave, Rahul Joshi, Ryan Fernandes

Volume 2, Issue 4, April 2014


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