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Title:         An Experimental Study on Variation of Shear Strength for Layered Soils
Authors:    Mr. Hemantkumar Ronad

Title:         Improving Performance and Reliability of Transmission Line using UPFC
Authors:    Foram Thaker, Vatsal Patel

Title:         Attacks and Securing Under Water Wireless Communication Networks
Authors:    K.GopikrishnamaRaju, A. Vijay Kumar, G. Anil Kumar, V. Ravi Kiran

Title:         A Study on the Security of Mobile Devices, Network and Communication
Authors:    Umair Rasheed, Aized Amin Soofi, M.Umer Sarwar, M. Irfan Khan

Title:         Protocol Transitioning through Tunneling- Worth or Risk
Authors:    Ms.Khushboo.S.Sathawane, Prof.Sangram S.Dandge

Title:         Comprehensive Overview of Different Mac Protocols Used In Underwater Communication
Authors:    Ms.Manjupriya.R, Mr.Christhu raj M.R

Title:         Mining Frequent Item and Item Sets Using Fuzzy Approach
Authors:    Ms. Poonam A. Manjare, Mrs R.R.Shelke

Title:         Reliable Mac for Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors:    Ms.Manjupriya, R, Mr.Christhuraj M.R

Title:         Smart Energy Distribution Management with Solar - Grid connected Multilevel Inverter

Volume 2, Issue 5, May 2014


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