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Volume 5, Issue 12, December 2017

Title:        Grinding, Filtration and Beneficiation studies of iron ore fines of Hospet-Sandur-Bellary
               Sector, Karnataka, India

Authors:  Anand.V.Kulkarni, N.N.Gothe, Sanjay.M.Hiremath

Title:        The Determinant of Fund Manager Performance of School Operational
               Assistance (SOA) and Its Implication toward the Financial Accountability

Authors:  Irma Suryani, Thatok Asmony, M. Irwan

Title:        Determinants of Village Financial Management and Its Implication toward Accountability:
               Study on Village Governance in West Lombok Regency

Authors:  Tuti Amalya, Akram, Endar Pituringsih

Title:        Control of Neutralization Process in Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor (CSTR)
Authors:  Dr. Magan P. Ghatule

Title:        The Acceleration of Open Defecation Free Program With Discrepancy Evaluation
               Model Approach In Dawuhan, Situbondo, East Java

Authors:  Globila Nurika

Title:        Evaluation of Ground Water Quality with Special Reference to Nitrate in and Around
               Jaipur City

Authors:  Shivangi Tamboli, T.I.Khan

Title:        Experimental Study of Performance of Conical Solar Still Using Nano fluid
Authors:  Prof. Vishal Jadhav

Title:        The Effect of Environmental Factors on Leprosy in Children in Urban Areas (Surabaya City)
Authors:  Muhammad Nuralim, Santi Martini, Hari Basuki

Title:        A Novel Approach for Big Data Analytics in Mobile Networks
Authors:  Ms. Mrudula Gadkari, Prof. Vikas Nandgaonkar


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