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Volume-7 Issue-4, April 2019, ISSN: 2321-9637 (Online)

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74201901 Effect Of Injection Timing On The Performance And Emissions Of Dual Fuel Engine Operated With Compressed Biogas And Calophyllum Inophyllum Methyl Ester P.A. Harari Paper Certificate
74201902 Deep Learning Based Object Detection Using You Only Look Once Shraddha Kulkarni, Gururaj S.P Paper Certificate
74201907 Effect of Pin Profile on Mechanical Properties of 6061 Al Alloy Welded Joints Prepared by Friction Stir Welding G.C. Jadhav, Dr.R.S.Dalu Paper Certificate
74201910 A Machine Learning Approach for Estimating Crop Damage based on Leaf Disease Detection Dr.T.M.N.Vamsi, Pavan Roy Jarjana, Suvarna Mogalapalli, Chakradhar Yadav Golagani Paper Certificate
74201916 The Electrical Resistivity Of Nano - Al2o3 Particles Blended Ultra High Performance Concrete S. Karnal Preeth and K. Mahendran Paper Certificate
74201917 Studies On The Host Defense Enzymes Produced In Rice By Application Of Organic Formulations And Sheath Blight Pathogen Inoculation Thamarai Selvi, M., Darwin Christdhas Henry L., Sutha Raja Kumar, R., Jaiganesh V., Kannan C. Paper Certificate
74201906 Development of a Novel Submerged Membrane Bioreactor (SMBR) for Treatment of Textile Wastewater Ganpat B. More, Shridhar K. Jadhav, Sanjaykumar R. Thorat Paper Certificate
74201921 Documentation Of Cactii From Agriculture Farm Of Dehgam Area, Gujarat Harshida Chavda, Shirin Qureshi, Archana Mankad, Hitesh Solanki Paper Certificate
74201923 Design, Construction & Testing Of Two Wheel Drive Forklift Dr. Pravin Potdukhe Paper Certificate
74201924 Thermal Analysis On Solar Collector For Supplementary Heating Of Hot Fluid S. Selvakumar, T.R. Rajasekaran, V. Sabarinathan, R.V. Jeba Rajasekhar Paper Certificate
74201925 Extraction And Bellier Turbidity Temperature Test (BTTT) As Tool For Identification Of Groundnut Oil From Different Seed Varietiesgrown In India Dr.Shashikant Pardeshi Paper Certificate
74201926 Transmission Dynamics Of Malicious Attacks In Network With Quarantine And Vertical Transmission Malti Kumari, Bimal Kumar Mishra, R.N Sinha Paper Certificate
74201927 Redevelopment Model For Residential Building: A Case Study Nikita P. Kushare, R. V. Devalkar Paper Certificate
74201928 Documentation Of Succulents From Agriculture Farm Of Dehgam Area, Gujarat Mrunali Kolhe, Shirin Qureshi, Archana Mankad, Hitesh Solanki Paper Certificate
74201933 System For Finding Location Domination Number Of A Graph By The Fusion Of Vertex Rajasekar. G, Nagarajan. K Paper Certificate
74201938 Design And Simulation Of Dvr Using Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation And Hysteresis Voltage Control For Power Quality Improvement G.Ujwala, Y.Priyanka Paper Certificate
74201944 Strength Study Of Tyre Rubber Concrete Sulagno Banerjee, Dr. Jessyrooby Paper Certificate
74201947 Design of Power Efficient Dynamic Latch Comparator for High Resolution SAR ADCs G. Senthil Kumar Paper Certificate
74201948 Structural, Optical, And Frequency Dependent Conductivity Properties Of PANI/Ceo2 Nanocomposites By In Situ Polymerization Method R. Anitha, E. Kumar, S.C. Vella Durai Paper Certificate
74201952 Some New Subclasses Of Bi-Univalent Functions Defined By Convolution Associated With Linear Differential Operator M.Thirucheran, T. Stalin Paper Certificate
74201955 Comparative Study Of Traditional And Evolutionary Approaches For Cloud Service Selection Preeti Sirohi, Amit Agarwal, Piyush Maheshwari Paper Certificate
74201959 Heat Equation Generated By Two Dimensional l-Difference Operator D.Rejin Rose, G.Dominic Babu Paper Certificate
74201911 Security against Fork Bomb Attack in Linux Based Systems Krunalkumar D. Shah, Krunal V. Patel Paper Certificate
74201915 S Control Chart for Specified values of Cpu J.Livingston Thiraviya Kumar, S.Devaraj Arumainayagam Paper Certificate
74201920 Survey on Current Trends and Techniques of Data Mining Research Prakhar Agarwal, Vinay Pandey, Dr. Bindu Garg Paper Certificate
74201939 Formulation and Evaluation of RSM Based Floating Alginate Microspheres of Gymnemic Acid & In Vitro-In Vivo Correlation (IVIVC) for Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus Mr. Debraj De, Dr. Rabindranath Pal Paper Certificate
74201946 Modeling And Simulation of A Grid Connected Hybrid Photovoltaic (PV)- Wind Energy Conversion System Y.Priyanka, Dr.R.Balasubramanian Paper Certificate
74201957 Comparison of Various Image Compression Transforms. S.V. Phakade, Rushikesh Patil, Aishwarya Patil, Rahael More Paper Certificate
74201967 Cervical Cancer Test Identification Classifier using Decision Tree Method Dipti N. Punjani, Dr. Kishor H. Atkotiya Paper Certificate
74201970 Predicting ESRD Risk via Supervised and Ensemble Machine Learning Technique Nipa Sarkar, Asha Rani Borah Paper Certificate
74201972 Electrostatic separation system for recyclable material Prof.Vijaykumar Bhanuse, Madhura suryawanshi, Omkar kachare, Prof. Rajendra Patel Paper Certificate
74201973 Hadoop based Network Traffic Analysis to Count Domain Hits from Large Internet Logs Hasmukh B. Domadiya, Dr. Girish C. Bhimani Paper Certificate
74201976 A Case Study on Swarm Intelligence based Senor Network Optimization K.Anitha Paper Certificate
732019143 A study on ECG Signal Analysis and ECG databases J.S.Karnewar, Dr.V.K.Shandilya, M.D.Tambakhe Paper Certificate
732019200 (1,2)* - α* - Compact Spaces in Bitopological Spaces L. Elvina Mary, A. Devika Paper Certificate
74201937 A Brief Discussion on the Green Synthesis and Characterisation of Copper Nanoparticles (CuNPs) Naveen Chandra Joshi, Vivek Kumar, Ajay Singh Paper Certificate
74201998 Comparative Study Of Different Solar Cooking Apparatus Susan John Paper Certificate
732019125 Study Of Some Real Definite Integrals Over A Unit Triangle Via Adaptive Scheme Saumya Ranjan Jena, Kumudini Meher, Arjun Kumar Paul Paper Certificate
732019187 Load Frequency Control For Multi-Area Power System Using PWS Mahasathyavathi.M, Yoganandhan.U.P, Balasubramani.R, Jeeva.L Paper Certificate
742019110 Unexplored BACTERIAL DIVERSITY OF Rajapur-Unhale HOT SPRING, Ratnagiri DISTRICT, Maharastra, India- A Gold STANDARD AND Maldi-Tof BASED APPROACH Rajendran Mathan Kumar, Suresh S S Raja Paper Certificate
742019116 Performance Analysis of Digital Fir Filter Using Bat Optimization Harmandeep Kaur, Dr. Manjit Verma Paper Certificate
74201960 Smart BRT Sentinel Using DIP Neha Shimpi, Prachi Wagh, Mayuri Yelwande, Arti Tekade Paper Certificate
74201971 F - Coindex of Generalized Mycielskian of Graphs Litta E, Amalorpava Jerline J, Rasika R Paper Certificate
74201974 Deriving Meaning of Trending Words for Expanding Thesaurus Bhoomi Joshi, Bhavesh Borisaniya, Darshankumar Modi Paper Certificate
74201979 Measures Of Similarity Between Vague Binary Soft Sets Remya. P. B, Dr.Francina Shalini. A Paper Certificate
74201987 Anti-Oxidant Potential Of Metabolites And Synthesised Silver Nanoparticles Of Bacillus Megaterium Sharmistha Banerjee, Shuchi Kaushik and Rajesh Singh Tomar Paper Certificate
74201999 Feature Extraction and Clustering of Twenty Three IIPs of India Dipankar Das, Nabanita Mukherjee, Rayna Roy, Tatini Dasmal Paper Certificate
732019123 Machine Learning Application in the field oAgriculture: A Review Prof.M.D.Tambakhe, Dr.V.S.Gulhane, Prof.J.S.Karnewar Paper Certificate
742019109 Improve Performance of Black Cotton Soil using Different Materials for Pavement Madhav Ratnadhariya, Prof. Srinath Karli, Prof. Smit Bhatt Paper Certificate
742019115 Expanding Voice Commands for Visually Impaired Interfacing Google Home with Arduino using Webhooks Sameer Tuteja Paper Certificate
742019128 Comparative Analysis of Fuzzy/ANN Techniques for Compensation of Unbalanced Voltages in Grid Connected PMSG Based Wind Turbine U.Sri Anjaneyulu, T.Satish Babu, Y.Narendra Kumar Paper Certificate
742019150 Investigations of Structural, Optical, and Stability Analysis of ZrO2 Nanoparticles S.Vijayalakshmi, R.Anitha, E.Kumar, S.C. Vella Durai Paper Certificate
74201968 Comparison of Various B20 Biodiesel Blends in Diesel Engines P.A.Harari, A.J.Deokar, A.S.Sutar, A.K.Patil, S.D.Patil, S.S.Patil Paper Certificate
74201977 Role of PKCα in Bladder Cancer Progression Chandan Gupta, Vikas Shrivastava, Rajesh Singh Tomar Paper Certificate
74201988 Priority Based Resource Allocation For Meta-Task Scheduling In Cloud Computing S. Kavitha, Dr. D. I. George Amalarethinam Paper Certificate
74201989 Multiple Pipe Line Solar Instant Water Heater Using Reflecting Mirror N.Sethupathi, R.Sribal, K.Vikramprasad, P.Madeswaran Paper Certificate
742019102 Integrated Approach For Bone Tumor Detection From Mri Scan Imagery Mrs. V.P.Krishnammal, Firosha S Fathima, Jills P Mathew, M Preethi kalyani, V Shiva Shankari Paper Certificate
742019122 MAX-MiBit-An Algorithm To Discover Maximal Frequent Itemsets From Large Transactional Datasets R.Sujatha, Dr. S. Ravichandran Paper Certificate
742019125 Unsteady MHD Flow Through Porous Medium In A Rotating Parallel Plate Channel Under The Influence Of Variable Pressure Gradient Shaik Sharmila, Prof. R. Siva Prasad Paper Certificate
742019133 Embedded Development Platforms To Design Prototypes Of Internet Of Things (IoT) Applications: A Study Ayaskanta Mishra Paper Certificate
742019135 Physicochemical Properties of KClO3 in Aqueous NH4NO3 at Different Temperatures. Arun B. Nikumbh, Meenakshi V. Rathi Paper Certificate
742019136 Empirical Study Of Small And Medium Scale Enterprises In India- A Case Study Rishu Sharma, Irwin O.Toppo Paper Certificate
74201963 A Detailed Study On Different Generations Of Solar Cell Technologies With Present Scenario Of Solar PV Efficiency And Effect Of Cost On Solar PV Panel Adithya Ballaji, Ananda MH, K Narayana Swamy, Sujo Oommen, Burri Ankaiah Paper Certificate
74201975 Implication Of Data Mining Techniques Towards Image Segmentation And Classification Harshita Mishra, Puneet Sharma, Deepak Arora Paper Certificate
74201991 Study and Characterization of Nanostructure Plasma Polymerized Aniline Thin Films Rajendra Kumar, Ashish Kumar shukla Paper Certificate
742019107 Neutrosophic Pre-open Set in Simple Extended Neutrosophic Topology F. Nirmala Irudayam, T. Madhumathi Paper Certificate
742019137 Diagnosis of Indian Patients Liver Disease Using Machine Learning Techniques B. Muni Lavanya, B. Hari Kishore, R. Sreekala, S. Sneha Paper Certificate
742019141 Queueing Systems With Multiple Servers Under Differentiated Working Vacations Vyshna Unni, K. Julia Rose Mary Paper Certificate
742019152 Rice Nitrogen Status Estimation Of Western Tract Of Odisha Using SVM Based On Color Feature: A Comparative Analysis With LCC Prabira Kumar Sethy, Bibhuti Bhusan Nayak, Nalini Kanta Barpanda, Amiya Kumar Rath Paper Certificate
742019168 Experimental Design For Single Degree Of Freedom Vibration System S.Santhosh, S. Periyasamy Paper Certificate
742019170 Growth of Generalize Iterated Entire Functions and Maximum Term Ratan Kumar Dutta, Nintu Mandal Paper Certificate
742019177 Recycling Waste Plastic into Fuel Products B S S Phanisankar, N Vasudev Rao, N S G Saranya Paper Certificate
74201922 Utlization of Blockchain in Medical Healthcare Record using Hyperledger Fabric V.Vijayakumar, K.M.Sabarivelan, J.Tamizhselvan, B.Ranjith, B.Varunkumar Paper Certificate
74201969 Genetic Algorithm based Feature Selection on Malware System Call Datasets Devki Trivedi, Bhavesh Borisaniya Paper Certificate
742019138 Design and Analysis of Shot Blasting Machine Hanger Prof. Shital Bhosale, Akshay Shelke, Ayaj Shaikh, Rohit Chavan, Kishor Savant Paper Certificate
742019144 Vibration Correlation Dynamics of Cam Follower Systems and Vehicles- Review Nilesh Ahirrao, Dr.Santosh Bhosle Paper Certificate
742019148 A Bivariate Replacement Policy for an Extreme Shock Maintenance Model Under QUASI Renewal Process Rizwan. U, Govindaraju. P and R. Usman Baig Paper Certificate
742019151 A New Application of Shehu Transform for Handling Volterra Integral Equations of First Kind Sudhanshu Aggarwal, Anjana Rani Gupta, Swarg Deep Sharma Paper Certificate
742019157 Implementation of Algorithm to Protect Data from Different Attacks at Application Layer Pooja Dahiya1, Sonal Paper Certificate
742019158 Volumetric, ultrasonic and viscometric studies on L-lysine mono-hydrochloride in aqueous medium at different temperatures K.C.Patil, Arti Gowardipe Paper Certificate
742019161 Attainable Throughput Determination for Cognitive Radio M. Ajay Kumar, Dr.N.Rajesha, Dr. Anupama Deshpande Paper Certificate
742019163 Review Paper on Post-Tensioned Flat Slab with Drop Panels and Its Comparison with Conventional Slab Soubhagya Ranjan Rath, Susanta Kumar Sethy, Mukesh Kumar Dubey Paper Certificate
742019164 Review Paper on Inter Story Isolation System Pranav Thakur, Susanta Kumar Sethy, Mukesh Kumar Dubey Paper Certificate
742019172 Teaching Plan Automation Tanvi Umrani, Mayuri Panchal, Apurva Shirke, Disha Shetty Paper Certificate
742019180 Design, Fabrication and Analysis of Varying Loads on Speed Hump Sasidhar.G, Leela Prasad.G, Mahesh Kumar.G, Chaitanya Vardhan.B, Prudhvi Kumar.G Paper Certificate
742019185 Fabrication and Experimental Analysis Of Micro Electro Discharge Machining Ananthan D Thampi, Prof. Sureshkumar V B, Lislin Luka Paper Certificate
742019188 Improving Performance of Solar Cooler by Using Nozzles Ajay Deshmukh, Chirag Bhatiya, Ashish Deshmukh, Aishwarya Gaikwad, Harshal Tambat Paper Certificate
742019194 Experimental Study on Re-refining of Used Lubricating Oil Prof. S B Bobde, Miss Anamika B Admane, Mr. Nikhil N Kalekar, Mr. Nikhil N Jadhav Paper Certificate
742019199 Effective Design and Analysis of Conformal 3D Lattice Structure S.Rajkumar1,B.Rajeswari Paper Certificate
742019206 Study of Traffic Flow at a Busy Intersection in Kanchipuram, India R.Sumathi Paper Certificate
742019211 Comparative Study of Carbon Nanotube Based Thin Film Transistors on Flexible Substrates M. C. Chandrashekhar, K. C. Narasimhamurthy Paper Certificate
742019213 Effect of Sintering Temperature, Load and Sliding speed on the Wear behavior of Mg-SiC-Al2O3 metal matrix Composites using Taguchi method Satish J, K.G. Satish Paper Certificate
742019175 Human Activity Recognition Using Foots Movement Patterns H. Chidananda, Dr.T Hanumantha Reddy Paper Certificate
742019184 A Comprehensive Review on Maerua Oblongifolia (Forsk.) A. Rich. Bhalakiya Hetal laxmichand, Dr. Nainesh Rajendra Modi Paper Certificate
74201981 Performance of CI Engine on Particulate Matter Palm Biodiesel Is Blended To Diesel in Different Proportion- A Review Vinay Malviya, Dr. Ajay Singh, Prof. Sunil Patidar Paper Certificate
742019108 Effect of Hall Currents and Non-Linear Density Temperature Variation on Convective Heat and Mass Transfer Flow of a Viscous Fluid past a Stretching Sheet with Thermo-Diffusion, Chemical Reaction and Heat Source Shaik Sharmila, R. Mabunni and Prof. R. Siva Prasad Paper Certificate
742019140 Phytochemical extraction and antioxidant studies of Cassia angustifolia extracts Suresh D Paper Certificate
742019156 Use of Spreadsheet for A Mixed Integer Linear Programming Model - Multi-Objective Flow Shop Scheduling With Normalisers A.Maheswaran, ML.Mahadevan, B.Andrew Sheldon Paper Certificate
742019176 Node Density Based Performance comparison of Neighbor Knowledge and Probability Based Broadcast Approaches with Conventional routing protocols in MANET's E.Gnanamanoharan Paper Certificate
742019197 FTIR Spectroscopic study of dolomite from the central part of Kaladgi-Badami basin, Bagalkot District, Karnataka, India Raju Jayappago and A. G. Ugarkar Paper Certificate
742019202 Phytochemical Screening of Murraya koenigii (L.) Spreng Pujan N. Pandya, Sanjukta Rajhans, Falguni R. Patel, Archana U. Mankad, Rakesh M. Rawal, Nainesh R. Modi Paper Certificate
742019205 A Non Invasive Method For Tracking Free Weight Exercises Ms.S.Archana, S.Jeeva, V.Mahendhiran, K.Spavan Rubeenthar Sri, V.Venkatachalapathi Paper Certificate
742019208 Hugging Robot for Analyzing Human Behaviour Mrunali R. Mhaske, Ankita A. Kudale, Ruchita Y. Nerkar, Arpita S. Naik, Mahendra B. Salunke Paper Certificate
742019209 Identification of Cattle using Fuzzy Speeded up Robust Features (F-SURF) Dr Anusha Edwin Paper Certificate
742019214 Spinel chemistry an indicator to the provenance of sediments along the river Cauvery in south India. Pradeep P. Mujumdar, Prakash Narasimha.K.N, Nagendra. R, Elango. L and Gobalakrishnan. N Paper Certificate
742019217 COD Reduction of Anaerobically Digested Distillery Spentwash By Electro-Fenton Process V. P. Patil, M. B. Tantak, D.S. Nimbalkar, S. S. Patil Paper Certificate
742019230 Experimental Study on Properties of Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete Gagandeep, Amanpreet Tangri, Vikram Singh Paper Certificate
742019233 Antagonistic activity of Pseudomonas fluorescens isolates against Colletotrichum capsici Thaveedu, S., Sutha Raja kumar, R., Darwin Christdhas Henry, L., Jaiganesh, V. and Kannan, C Paper Certificate
742019240 Analyze the Impact of Machining Environment on Human Energy in Indian Small Scale Industries Dr.Mangesh R. Phate, Dr.Manish S. Deshmukh, Shraddha B. Toney, Vikas R Phate Paper Certificate
742019225 Isotropic Tensor Decomposition of Cartan's Curvature Tensor In Complex Finsler Manifolds K. C. Petwal and Monika Sati Paper Certificate
742019227 Impact of Process Parameters on The Friction Stir Butt Welded Aa6061 - Cu Joint Strength Dr P.Hema, M. Reddaiah Paper Certificate
742019229 Optimal and Non-Optimal Based Feedback Switching Control Techniques for the Turbocharged Diesel Engines Shashidhar S Gokhale, Sudarshan Patil Kulkarni, Yathisha L Paper Certificate
742019218 An Optimal Algorithm to Find Next-to-Shortest Path between Two Vertices of Cactus Graphs Sambhu Charan Barman, Madhumangal Pal and Sukumar Mondal Paper Certificate
74201985 Analysis of exceedance in the daily PM10 mass concentrations over five mega south Indian cities C. Manjunatha, T. Chakradhar Rao, G. Balakrishnaiah, K. Rama Gopal*, T. Lokeswara Reddy, B. Elijabetthamma, R. Ramakrishna Reddy Paper Certificate
74201994 A comparative study of various text mining approaches for analysis of drug reaction using social media post Smruti J. Dave, Prof. Hardik H. Maheta Paper Certificate
742019207 Structural and Spectroscopic (FT-IR, FT-RAMAN, NMR, UV-VIS) Investigations on 4-MethoxyAcetophenone Using Quantum Computational Methods Srinivasan. M, Jayasheela. K, Prabhu. T, Periandy. S Paper Certificate
742019222 Design, Experimentation and Performance Testing of Innovative Potato Processor Mr. Vijay P Talodhikar, Mr.P.A Potdukhe Paper Certificate
742019226 Effect of Cartilage Porosity on Synovial Joint: Boosted Lubrication Kapil Shekhar, A. P. Tyagi Paper Certificate
742019228 Evaluation Of Expired Varenicline As Corrosion Inhibitor For Mild Steel In 5 % HCl Solution Narasimha Raghavendra, Leena V Hublikar, Anjali S Bhinge and Pooja J Ganiger Paper Certificate
742019231 Risk assessment of the virus resistant transgenic plants to develop the policy for commercialization of transgenic plants Ashish Kumar Singh Paper Certificate
742019232 Intrusion Detection System Using Data Mining Techniques - A Survey Ch. Kiran Kumar, M.Govindarajan Paper Certificate
742019234 Prediction of Cavity Growth in Underground Coal Gasification Using Differential Evolution B. Pradeep Santhosh Kumar, P. Hari Babu, M.Koteswararao, M.Shivanaresh Paper Certificate

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