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Special Issue, March 2015

Title:        Utilization of Municipal Food Waste for Production of Lactic Acid- Precursor of Biodegradable

Authors:    Varsha Kulkarni, Zahir Kapasi, Digvijay Kadam

Title:         Enzyme Based Chirality Induced Asymmetric Synthesis of R (+)-a-Lipoic Acid
Authors:    Abhijeet Purude, Pravin Kalekar, Sapna Tilekar, Tasneem Maulla.

Title:         Formulations of Herbal Hand Wash with Potential Antibacterial Activity
Authors:    Jayant Londhe, Snehal D. Jagtap, Chetan Doshi, Diksha Jagade

Title:         Cotton and silk dyeing with Natural dye extracted from floral parts of African marigold
                (Tagetes erecta)

Authors:    Sonal Chavan, Eshita Ghosh

Title:         Use Of Essential Oils Extracted From Spices For Food Preservation
Authors:    S.S Sheelavantmath, Saharika Slathia, Manali Kale, Sukanya Kulkarni, Jayant Londhe

Title:         Antioxidant activity of Proanthocyanidin extracted from Pomegranate peels
Authors:    Meena Vankudre, Anurup Balpande, Muktesh Athale

Title:         Comparative analysis of antioxidant and antidiabetic activity for apple (Malus
                domestica), banana (Musa paradisiaca) & kiwi (Actinidia deliciosa)

Authors:    Imran Patel, Omkar Padse, Yogesh Ingole

Title:         A Study and Analysis of Image Compression by Wavelet Transform Technique: A Fuzzy
                Logic Approach

Authors:    Dr. Harshad I. Gelada, Dr. Magan. P. Ghatule

Title:         Effect of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria on seed germination and seedling
                dvelopment of Zea mays

Authors:    Chandra Sengupta, Amita Bhosale, Swati Malusare

Title:         Automated Environment monitoring and control system For agro-based industries using
                Wireless Sensor Networks

Authors:    Mrs.Reena P. Shinde, Mr.Yogesh N.Gatlawar

Title:         Development of Self Powered Energy Harvesting System for Mobile Health Monitoring
Authors:    S. M. Dhavale, N. M. Kulkarni and A. D. Shaligram

Title:         E-Waste Management A Suggested Model
Authors:    Supriya Kottapalle, Ankit Malpani, Sujit Joshi

Title:         Virtualization Impact for Green Technology
Authors:    Shital .S. Jadhav, Monica.S.kukreja

Title:         Drift Effect of Ultrasonic Penetration in the Aqueous Alkaline NaOH Solution With Respect
                To Constant Temperature and Pressure

Authors:    Magan P. Ghatule, Archana H. Bhapkar

Title:         Detection of NPK nutrients of soil using Fiber Optic Sensor
Authors:    Deepa V. Ramane, Supriya S. Patil, A. D. Shaligram

Title:         Conservation of Vanilla Planifolia by In-Vitro Micropropagation Method
Authors:    Geeta Morwal, Sonal J Jadhav , Anuja Shinde , Namrata Mandge , Namrata Mandge

Title:         Triangular Graphs, Tridi Graphs and Related Aspects
Authors:    H. R. Bhapkar1, Dr. J. N. Salunke

Title:         Identification of Accidental Black spots on National Highways and Expressways.
Authors:    Snehal U Bobade, Jalindar R Patil, Raviraj R Sorate


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