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Special Issue, AECD 2018 Conference

Paper ID Title of Paper Author's Name Download
1 Advances in Tele Communications - Perceptions, Usage Pattern of Mobile Phone and Impact on Health among Engineering Students Antim Bala Sharma, Dr. OS Lamba, Dr Lokendra Sharma, Dr Abhishek Sharma Paper
2 C-Band Microstrip Band Pass Filter Design Shobit Agarwal, Rahul Kumar Garg, Raghuvir Tomar Paper
3 Development of Authentication and Security Procedures for IoT System Mr. Amit Jaykumar Chinchawade, Dr. O.S. Lamba, Professor Paper
4 Multi-Band Rectangular Patch antenna with F-Type Defected Metal Structure Rahul Kumar Garg, Shobit Agarwal, Raghuvir Tomar Paper
5 Parametric Analysis on a CPW Fed Novel shaped MSA Paresh Jain, Dr. O.S Lamba Paper
6 Passive Radar Target Detection: Review Kalp Bhatt,Dr.Rajeshkumar, Umang Soni, Unnati Patel Paper
7 Simulation of the TM01 to TE11 Mode Converter by using Monostair Technique Bhushan Patil, Jitendra Kumar, Arpit Baranwal, Raj Singh, Anitha V. P. and Utkarsh Shah Paper

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