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Special Issue, ICAMBC-2019 Conference, February 2019

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1 Stochastic Models for Time to Recruitment in A Single Grade Manpower System with Non-Instantaneous Exits and Correlated Wastage using Univariate Cum Policy of Recruitment A. Devi, A. Srinivasan Paper
2 An Approach to Solve Fuzzy Time Cost Trade off Problems Abinaya. B, Evangeline Jebaseeli. M and Henry Amirtharaj.E.C Paper
3 Unravelling the Etiology of the Autism Spectrum Disorder Abigail Christina Fernandez, R. Thamarai Selvi Paper
4 MAGDM Problems with correlation coefficient of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets John Robinson. P, Akila. S Paper
5 Plant Association of Bamboo in Pachaimalai Hills with Mining Fuzzy Bio-Statistical Rules John Robinson P, Delphin Sonia M, Sebastian Rajasekaran Paper
6 A Study on Bio Inspired Optimization Algorithms V.Bugcy Mettilda, D. Saravanan Paper
7 A Comparative Study of Numerical Solutions for the First order Fuzzy Differential Equations using Runge-Kutta methods with different kinds of Means J.Christy kingston, D.Paul Dhayabaran Paper
8 A Third Order Runge-Kutta Method Based on Linear Combination of Arithmetic Mean, Harmonic Mean and Geometric Mean for Hybrid Fuzzy Differential Equation GethsiSharmila . R, Evangelin Diana Rajakumari . P Paper
9 Mahgoub Decomposition Method for Solving Nonlinear Delay Differential Equations A. Emimal Kanaga Pushpam, C. Dhinesh Kumar Paper
10 A Study on Queuing Models in Banking Services S.Dhivya Priya Paper
11 Retrenchment Manpower Models in A Single Grade System B. Esther Clara and M. Gayathri Paper
12 A Novel Method to Solve Fuzzy Integer Linear Programming Problems M. Evangeline Jebaseeli, Jijendra Kumar, D. Paul Dhayabaran Paper
13 A New Approach to Rank HDFN and Solve HDFLPP Mrs.R.Gokilamani, Dr.A.SahayaSudha Paper
14 Fixed point theorems for fuzzy map using generalized contraction implicit function in metric space A.Muraliraj, S.Sumithiradevi Paper
15 Solving MAGDM Problems Using Singularly Perturbed Differential Equation of Reaction Diffusion Type Indhumathi M, John Robinson P Paper
16 MAGDM Problems for Singularly Perturbed Volterra Integral Equation with Interval Valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets John Robinson P, Indhumathi M Paper
17 Fixed Point Theorems of Integral Type Contraction in Normal Cone Metric Space R. Krishnakumar, R. Livingston Paper
18 Attribute Weight Determination using Sumudu Transform in Intuitionistic Triangular Fuzzy MAGDM Problems Jeeva S, John Robinson P Paper
19 Variance of Time to Recruitment in a Two Graded Manpower System under Thresholds Involving Different Distribution using Wastage having Geometric Process with Non-Identically Inter-Decision Times Dr.S. Sendhamizh Selvi, S.Jenita Paper
20 An Approach for Production Planning using Fuzzy Goal Programming Technique Dr.K.Kalaiarasi, R.Gayatri Paper
21 Optimization of Fuzzy Logic Model on Anxiety Dr.K.Kalaiarasi, V.Ranjitha Paper
22 A Fuzzy Flow Shop Scheduling Multi Objective Model Dr.K.Kalaiarasi, K.Birakanya Paper
23 Fuzzy Decision Making applying Z numbers with AHP & BWM R.Karthika, Dr.A.Sahaya Sudha Paper
24 Space Pythagorean and Figurate Number G. Srividhya, E. Kavithaa Rani Paper
25 Numerical solution of Volterra integro-differential equations of fractional order using Mahgoub Adomian Decomposition Method S. Katrin Lydia Paper
26 Attribute Weight Determination Using Singularly Perturbed Differential Equation of Convection Diffusion Type in MAGDM Problems Manjumari M, John Robinson P Paper
27 Application of MAGDM Problem Using a Singularly Perturbed Differential Equations With Interval-Valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets John Robinson P, Manjumari M Paper
28 An Efficient Way of Resource Issuance in Cloud Computing - An Overview P. Nithya, L . Jayasimman Paper
29 Enhanced Symmetric Convergent Encryption Algorithm for Data Deduplication G. Uma, L. Jayasimman Paper
31 A study on an integrated inventory model with transportation cost along with the comparison of carbon regulations parameters such as carbon tax and cap and trade I.Francina Nishandhi, W.Ritha, Lilly Robert, I. Antonitte Vinoline, J.C.Eveline Paper
32 Environmentally Sustainable Supply Chain Inventory Model with Imperfect Quality Items under Trade Credit Financing W. Ritha, J.C. Eveline Paper
33 Analysis of Fuzzy Tandem Queues By Flexible Α-Cuts Method W. Ritha, S. Josephine Vinnarasi Paper
34 Determination of Fuzzy Total Profit of the Enterprise which channelizes the Overage to Customer Acquisition W. Ritha, K. Jayanthi Paper
35 LU-Factorization Method to Solve Fully Fuzzy Linear Programming Problem as Multi Objective Linear Programming Problem S. Sagaya Roseline, A. Devi, M. Judith Jeronna Paper
36 LU- Factorization Method to Solve Fuzzy Linear Programming Problem as Multi Objective Linear Programming Problem S. SagayaRoseline, S.ElakshmiBharathi Paper
37 Manifestation of Two Tremendous Sequences Cheldhiya and Cheldhiya Companion Sequences V. Pandichelvi, P. Sandhya Paper
38 Earthquake Prediction Using Neural Network Backpropagation Algorithm Dr. K. Mohankumar, K. Sangeetha Paper
39 Application of LPP and Inner Product Space in multiple attribute group decision making problems John Robinson P, Saranraj A, Wilson Arul Prakash S Paper
40 A Study on Surgery Planning and Scheduling Using Queuing Models and Simulation K.L. Muruganantha Prasad, D.Saraswathi Paper
41 Fixed Point and Coupled Fixed Point Theorems in S-Metric Space A.Sebastian Selvaraj, J.Maria Joseph Paper
42 Maximization of Multiplicative Labeling P. Shalini, D. Paul Dhayabaran Paper
43 Some Best Proximity Point Theorems in b-Metric spaces A. Anthony Raja.*, J. Maria Josephb Paper
44 Regression Analysis for Association of Sandalwood with Variety of Species in Pachaimalai Hills Delphin Sonia.M, John Robinson.P, Sebastian Rajasekaran.C Paper
45 Mathematical Modeling on Industrial Pollution and Spread of Infectious Disease with Incidence Rate Using SIR Epidemic Model with Controlling Factor Jasmine D, Surjith Jiji D Paper
46 Application of House Holder and Inverse Power Methods of Numerical Methods in MAGDM Problems John Robinson P, Susai Alexander P Paper
47 Numerical Solution of First Order Fuzzy Differential Equations by the Third Order Runge-Kutta Method Based on Linear Combination of Arithmetic Mean, Geometric Mean and Centroidal Mean Gethsi Sharmila R, Suvitha S Paper
48 Application of Markov Chains in Interval Valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy MAGDM Problems John Robinson P , Usha S Paper
49 Existence and convergence of best proximity points in G-metric spaces V. Vairaperumal, D. Dayana Roselin, J. Maria Joseph Paper
50 Classification of Learner's Ability using Classification Algorithm R.Vijayalakshmi, Dr.L.Jayasimman Paper
51 A Technical Study on Varieties of Sampling Plan and Implementation of New Screening Tri-Sampling Plan G Uma, D Manjula Paper

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