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Special Issue ICATEST 2016, April 2016

Title:        Wireless Networking: A Review
Authors:    Vasudha V.Patil

Title:         Dynamic Honeypot Security with Deceptive Virtual Host
Authors:    Miss Aarti G Mantri

Title:         Investigating the Use of PET Bottles as a Sustainable Material in Construction
Authors:    Suyog U. Dhote

Title:         Wi-Dro-Fi Wi-Fi service using Drone
Authors:    Aishwarya Doifode, Nileema Kawale, Sharayu Selukar, Pranav Budhe, Asst. Prof Ganesh K. Yenurkar

Title:         Android based Mobile Library System
Authors:    Milind Deshkar, Saylee Betawar, Shubham Amale, Nikita Harode, Rakshat Jaiswal

Title:         Minimization of CO CO2 From Vehicle Exhaust By Catalytic Convertor
Authors:    Vijay R.Hamand,Dikshatai S.Hatwar, Ekta R.Jadhav, Lalitkumar D.Burde

Title:         Productive Improvement and Cycle Time Reduction in CNC Machining- a Case study
Authors:    Mr. N.N.Mahatme, Mr.S.V.Dahake

Title:         Soft Skills: A Requisite for Young India to bridge the gap between ‘Qualified’
                and ‘Employable’

Authors:    Arifa Bunglowala


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