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Special Issue, ICIMCE 2019 Conference, April 2019

Paper ID Title of Paper Author's Name Download
1 Experimental Study of FRP Butt Joint between Two Commercial Aluminium Plates under Tensile Loading Sagar B. Gunjal, R. N. Ladhwe, Prashant Kumar, Atul C. Kularkar Paper
2 Finite Element Analysis of Impeller of Centrifugal Blower By using Inconel 740 Sachin G. Dongre, Mr. Gaurav P. Deshmukh, Dr. Kiran C. More Paper
3 Optimization of Side Door Intrusion Beam for Automotive Safety Girish M. Patil, Akash Belkhede, Kiran C. More Paper
4 Finite Element Analysis of Adhesive Bonded laminated Shaft used for torque transmission Mr. Mahesh S. Shendkar, Mr. Santosh V. Mahajan, Dr. Kiran C. More Paper
5 Assessment of Brake Failure in Leading Small Cars on Indian Road and it's Critical Investigation Anant W. Nemade, Samir A. Telang, Arvind L. Chel Paper
6 A Review on Applications of Geosynthetics and Cost benefit Analysis in Construction of Roads Ashwini Rajashekar Amashi Paper
7 Design of Lean Manufacturing Suvarna A Budhe, Chandan A Waghmare Paper
8 Performance Study of Cavity Receiver of Solar Concentrator Using Dry Test V.C.Shewale, A.A.Kapse Paper
9 Design For Excellence (DFX): A Tool For Improvements In Manufacturing Systems Bhilare Ram B., Kolekar Kailas B. Paper
10 Experimental Study of Velocity Profile of Air along the Surface of a Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine Blade in Wind Tunnel Abhyuday Aditya, Raghav Mundhra, Arpan Sow, Pranibesh Mandal Paper
11 Experimental Investigation of Turbulent Flow in a Sudden Expansion Raghav Mundhra, Snehamoy Majumder Paper
12 Electronic Cooling Using Heat Pipe with Paraffin Wax as PCM Sudheendra Subramanya, Ankit Nagarkar, Ajinkya Patil, Hanumant Kawathe, Ketan Hedaoo Paper
13 Design of Manual Roller Pipe Bending Machine Rahul Shinde, Chetan Deulkar, Dinesh Pokharkar, Sachin Rajiwale, Prashant Vavhal Paper
14 Performance Analysis of Pressure Kerosene Stove with Different Commercial Burner- A Comprehensive Review Gyan Sagar Sinha, P Muthukumar Paper
15 Application of Quantity Surveying Techniques for Cost Control of Building Construction Project Aslam N Nadaf, Dr. Sumant K Kulkarni Paper
16 Condition Monitoring and Parametric Analysis of Planetary Gearbox Pravin K. Khamkar, Shubham G. Ahire, Prof. S.H.Patil Paper
17 Design and Fabrication of Groundnut Shelling Machine Tulsidas Gaonkar, Atish Gawas, Pratish Nagvekar, Andrich Fernandes, Romero Fernandes, Prabhudev Mallapur, Mahalingesh B Paper
18 Design and Analysis of Testing Wheel Rim Shubham V. Dongare, Sandeep G. Thorat, Dr. Sudarshan Sanap Paper
19 Design & development of vertical smart parking Mr.Kesare Swapnil Shivaji, Mr.Pawale Ketan Krishna, Mr.Rawate Rohit Ramesh Paper
20 PLC based Vertical Parking System Swapnil Kesare, Abhijeet More and Siddharaj Kulkarni Paper
21 Prediction of Process Parameters for Single Cylinder Piston Type Compressed Air Engine By Using Design of Experiment and Regression Analysis Lalit Patel , Ratnesh Shukla Paper
22 Building Information Modeling in Conflict Management And Document Management Onkar V.Patange, Upendra R.Saharkar Paper
23 A Review: Gray Water Management Yuvraj Kshirsagar, Dipak S Khandagale, Ajay K Kumbhar, Rohit S Kamble, Akshay S Satkar Paper
24 Heat Transfer Augmentation Using Passive Techniques: A Review. Nalavade Sandeep P, Prabhune Chandrakant L, Sane Narayan k Paper
25 Impact of Maha-RERA Act 2016 On The Real Estate Industry Swapnil Shashikant Shinde, Dr. Sumant Kulkarni Paper
26 Design and Development of Manually Operated Spraying and Fertilizing Mechanism Waydande S.S, Ghuge N.P, Gawali S.M, Paper
27 Implementation of Artificial Neural Networks to Forecast the Cost of Infrastructure Projects: A Review Amit Sanjay Waikar, Prof.Trupti V. Kulkarni Paper

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