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Special Issue, ICOMACE 2018 Conference, December 2018

Paper ID Title of Paper Author's Name Download
1 Pivotal Study on CVN Value of Friction Stir Welded Magnesium AE42 Alloy at Different Tool Rotation and Transverse Speed VuppulaPrasanna,Dr. A. Seshu Kumar, Dr. P. Ramesh Babu Paper
2 Design and Fabrication of ackerman steering For Hybrid Car Katla Praveen Kumar, B.H.Sridhar Paper
3 Design of Biogas Plant for College Canteen T. S. Ramesh Babu, Mohammed Shakeel, Md Shah Rukh Moin Paper
4 Design and Analysis of a Flat Plate Solar Collector Ikramuddin Sohail Md, Hassan A Khayyat Paper
5 Flexural Strength On Concrete For Acid Resistance Using Volcanic Ash, Silica Fume And GGBS G.Mounika Naidu, K Thangamani Paper
6 Comparative Study on Conventional Concrete and Replacement of Coconut Shell Powder and Egg Shell Powder K Thangamani, G.Mounika Naidu Paper
7 A Laboratory Study On The Efficiency Of Steel Slag On Improving The Properties Of An Expansive Soil As Subgrade For Flexible Pavements Under Cyclic Pressures Garapati Venkata Sai Prasad, B Harshath varma, CH.Hari prasad Paper
8 Evaluation of Residual Stresses in Friction Stir Welded AA 5059 Aluminium Alloy Joints Using Comsol Software Babu N, Natarajan U Paper
9 Experimental Study on Recycling Of Waste Materials in Fly Ash Brick V.Dhanalakshmi, P.Jagadeesan, K.shiva sai, K.Hemanth sai Paper
10 Strength Characteristics of Concrete Having Ingredients Replaced With Waste Materials Rajwinder Singh Bansal, Dr. Amit Kumar Jain Paper
11 Experimental Evaluation of Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of Friction Stir Welded 5083 Aluminium Alloy E.Srikanth, V.Upender, Ch.Malla Reddy, S.Ramchander, Neeraj Kumar Paper
12 Free Vibration Analysis of a Rectangular Plate with Multiple Holes Using Independent Coordinate Coupling Method Rajesh Chinthanippula, Anusha Battiprolu, Vamsi Duvuri Paper
13 Optimization Of Design And Analysis Of An Alloy Wheel Used In Heavy Vehicles Anusha Battiprolu, Rajesh Chinthanippula, Abhishek D Paper
14 Design of Sewage Treatment Plant for a Growing Town Ulavapadu, Andhra Pradesh, India. Ravi Kumar GARRE Paper
15 Rehabilitation and Retrofitting Of Concrete Structures: A Review N. Naveen, K Anvesh, M Bharath, MD Sohail, M Rahul Paper
16 Investigation on Effects of Liquid Waste on Soil Properties - A Case Study of MYLAN, Hyderabad P. Shashidhar Reddy, Swargam Sanmithra Paper
17 Laboratory Study on the Influence of Lime for Improving Properties of Rice-Husk Ash Treated Expansive Clay for Foundation Beds Ch. Hari naga Prasad, Garapativenkatasai Prasad Paper
18 Green Building Implementation, Its Economical Benefits and Energy Saving: A Review N. Naveen, K Yashwanth, Khaja Minhajuddin, Matung Tayem, Ratan Tungi Paper
19 Analysis of Black Cotton Soil Stabilized With Pond Ash and Sodium LignosulphonatE Jagadish.S.Haranatti Paper
20 Influence of Slag on Steel Fiber Reinforced Self Compacting Concrete (SFRSCC) M.Rathna Chary Paper
21 Performance Study of H-Rotor Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Blade for different Angles of Attack Ch. Indira Priyadarsini, T. Ratna Reddy, Vutukuru Srilaxmi Shilpa, A Akhil Paper
22 Design Analysis and Fabrication of Multi Purpose Load Carrier Mohammed Iqbal Khatib, Mohammed Asif Kattimani, Mohammed Ashafaque Inayath, Aiman Quraishi Paper
23 Experimental Investigation on Pulsed Nd: Yag Laser Cutting Of Hastelloy C-276 Sheetm Using Taguchi Method N.Nandagopal and P.Prabhuraj Paper
24 Design Analysis and Fabrication of Composite Leaf Spring Mohammed Asif Kattimani, Mohammed Iqbal Khatib, Mirza Ahmed Ali Baig, Asrar Paper
25 Development of Solar Operated Robotic Vehicle Elayaraja.D, Arunkumar2.A,Ramabalan.S Paper
26 Studies on Abrasive Wear Behaviour of Mild Steel Using Pin on Disc Apparatus by Numerical and Experimental Techniques Mallikarjuna C, Mohammed Umar Paper
27 Machinability Study of Al-12% Si Alloys against Uncoated, Coated and CVD Diamond Coated Cutting Tools Dilip Kumar Sahu, Saroj Kumar Sarangi, Kakarla Udaya Sri Paper
28 Identification of the most critical friction stir welding process and tool parameters to attain a maximum tensile strength of the AA6061-T6 aluminium alloy *S. Rajakumar and S. Kavitha Paper
29 Solar energy based multipurpose Agricultural robotic vehicle Elayaraja.D, Aneesh.K.C, Amrutha pavani, Arun kumar A Paper
30 Study the effect of impact of error of calibration on measuring instruments N.Harini, Dr.R.S.Jhagidar Paper
31 Study of Friction and Wear characteristics of ball bearing by Numerical and Experimental Techniques Singarapu Sathish, Saba Sultana, C.Mallikarjuna Paper
32 Investigation on effect of tool pin profile on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Friction Stir Similar Metals J.M. MONISHA, KATLA PRAVEEN KUMAR Paper
33 Study on Permeability Characteristics of Different Soils in Landfill Adula Naresh, Thangamani k Paper
34 Investigation in Intelligent braking system Nandagopal N, Elayaraja.D, Arunkumar A, Amrutha pavani Paper
35 Analysis of High Speed Rotating Turbine with Blade Angle 250 Using CFD Manish Vyas, Syed Muzaffaruddin Paper
36 Study on Behavior of Ilmenite as Reinforcing Element on Properties of Al2014 Based MMC by Stir Casting Method Jagannath Pattar, Vundi Saichandra Paper
37 Analysis of Heat Transfer in Spiral Heat Exchanger with Circumferential Fins P. Ragupathi, Debabrata Barik, R. Pradeepkannan, P. Senthilmuthu Paper
38 Long Term Measurement of Surface Ozone and Its Precursor's at Hyderabad - a Tropical Urban Site Venkanna R, A. G. Rao, Y.V. Swamy, Srinivasrao.Tumati Paper
39 Effect of ZDDP additive on Properties of Cottonseed oil used as a Lubricant Dipak S. Bajaj, Dr. R.S.Jahagirdar Paper
40 An Experimental Investigation on Influence of Fly Ash and Nano-Silica on Properties of Concrete N.Aruna, A.Naresh Paper
41 Investigation on Effects of Nonlinear Static Procedures on High Rise Buildings Sreenath Mahankali, Vinod kumar G Paper
42 Analysis of Air Conditioning System in Locomotive Saba Sultana, S. Sathish Paper
43 A review on the effects of micro-nano particle size and volume fraction on microstructure and mechanical properties of metal matrix composites manufactured via mechanical alloying Chandramohan G and Selvakumar S Paper
44 Optimization of Diesel Engine Parameters of Performance and Emission by Taguchi Method Pani Sharanappa, Mallinath.C. Navindgi, H V Mulimani Paper
45 Preparation and Thermal Characteristics of Nanocomposite as Phase Change Material P. Sivasamy, S. Harikrishnan, P. Prabhu Raj Paper
46 A Review on Electrode Materials for Supercapacitor application N.Arunbalaji, P.Anandhi, V. Jawahar Senthil Kumar, S.Harikrishnan and P. Prabhu Raj Paper
47 A Review of Preparation and Thermal Conductivity Characteristics on Various Nanofluids G.Sriharan, S.Harikrishnan, P.Prabhuraj Paper
48 Concept of Exenergy for Temperature Systems Mr. Mahesh Reddy, Dr. Mallinath C. Navindgi Paper
49 Development Of Mathematical Model To Predict Diffusion Layer Thickness And Interface Hardness Of Diffusion Bonded Al-Cu Bimetallic Joints By P/M Route A. Murugan, T. Senthilvelan, V. Balasubramanian, P.Praburaj Paper
50 Influence of Bonding Pressure on Characteristics of Diffusion Bonded P/M Cu- Ni Bimetallic Joints A. Murugan, T. Senthilvelan, V. Balasubramanian Paper
51 Performance and Emission Characteristics of Mahua Oil in Direct Injection Compression Ignition Engine K.SURENDRA BABU, SAMUVEL MICHAEL.B, Dr.P.PABHURAJ Paper
52 Semi-Empirical Calculations on Carbon70 with Trimer Water Molecules N. Sathyan Paper
53 Formulations and Analytical Method Developments for Poor Soluble Drugs: A Review on Applications of Nano Chemistry Srinivasarao.Tumati, Srinivasarao.Rayapati, Venkanna.R, Naveen Reddy. Thuniki Paper
54 English and Interpersonal Skills to Engineering Students Ms. Sophia Lawrance Pondugala Paper
55 Thermal Analysis of Cryogenic Turboexpander with Blade Angle 350 by Using CFD Manish Vyas Paper
56 Exhaustion of Polarization Light M.Madhavi Paper
57 A Review On Waste Heat Recovery Technologies In Internal Combustion Engines P. Ragupathi, Debabrata Barik, S. Pradeep, L. Lakshan Paper
58 Subgrade Stabilization of Soil treated with Sand & Cement Jagadish S Haranatti, S. R. Hosamani Paper
59 Fuzzy logic control of wall following robot D.Elayaraja, A.Arunkumar, M.Amrutha Pavani Paper
60 Heat Transfer to an Unsteady Free Convection Oscillatory Couette Flow through a Porous Medium D Chenna Kesavaiah, N Kumar, C Mahesh Paper
61 Experimental Investigation of the use of Orange Peel Oil as a Blend with Cotton Seed Oil as Alternate Fuel for CI Engines Prof. A V Kulkarni, Dr. K N Bharath, Dr. Shreeramshastri Chavali, Dr. R S Jahagirdar Paper
62 Evaluation of Temperature Distribution of Solid State Welded Dissimilar Alluminium Alloy Joints Tamilarasan S, Babu N Paper
63 Experimental analysis of Gas Tungsten Arc Welding - Induced Angular Distortion in Butt Welded AISI 304L Plate P.Prabhuraj, S.Rajakumar, R.S. Jahagirdar and Harikrishnan Paper
64 Design and Analysis of Elevation and Traverse Mechanism for Dhanush Self - Propelled (SP) Gun B. Shivani Hamsa, Dr. Marpu Indira Rani Paper
65 Improving the Fatigue Strength of Friction Stir Welded AA7075 Aluminium Alloy Joint through Heat Treatment P.Sivaraj, M. Vinoth Kumar, V.Balasubramanian and A. K. Lakshminarayanan Paper
66 Performance Investigation on Solar Chminey For Building Ventilation Using Phase Change Materials R.Sibi, Dr. Praburaj Parasuraman Paper

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