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Special Issue, INTELINC 18 conference

Paper ID Title of Paper Author's Name Download
1 Data Mining for Big Data: Issue and Challenges Prof.Dr. K. Venkatachalapathy, C.Krubakaran Paper
2 Survey on black hole attack with Time period analysis in the AODV routing protocol in MANET S.G.Rameshkumar, Dr.G.Mohan Paper
3 BOOST DERIVED HYBRID CONVERTER (BDHC) G.Maharaja, J.Alvin Samuel, Mrs. S.P. Vedavalli, Mrs. W. Mary Nishnthni Paper
5 Design of Ingenious Hearing Comfort B.Nithya, S.Priya, S.Sathish Kumar Paper
6 Enhancing Energy based Localization and Tracking using AWKNN Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Network S.Aiswariya, V.Jonsi Rani, S.Sakthi, S.Soundariya, S.Suseela Paper
7 A Critical Analysis Of Enhanced Performance Of Lshaped Slotted Patch Antenna With Superstrates And Slots R.Gayathri Rajaraman Paper
8 Artificial Intelligence Perspective in Encoding of Coordination Complexes Vinoth Panneerselvam, Umavathy Kulasekaran, Sankar Punnaivanam* Paper
9 An adaptive Data Dissemination scheme for Vehicular Ad-hoc NETworks (VANET) S.Parameswari, K.Kavitha Paper
10 Dragonfly Optimization for Unit Commitment With Wind Based Generating Systems J. SASIKALA Paper
11 A Survey on Neighbor Discovery Threats for Cluster Based Nodes in 6LoWPAN Networks B.Sudhakar, Abhinaya.E.V Paper
12 Design and Development of Real-Time Monitoring System Using GSM For Epilepsy Patients Sakthivel Sankaran, Vinothkumar Kannan, Hariharasudan GowriShankar, Sandhiya Manivannan Paper
13 A Scattered for detecting selfish nodes in MANET using Collaborative watchdog Algorithm R.Mangayarkarasi, Dr.R.Manikandan Paper
14 Image Reconstruction Algorithms For Computer Tomography On Different Projections B.S.Sathishkumar , Dr.G.Nagarajan and Dr.P.Elavarasan Paper
15 An Improved High Capacity and Robust Steganography using Hybrid Wavelet and Scrambling Techniques Prabakaran.G, Anbu Ananth.C and Mohan.S Paper
16 Statistical Shape Features Based MRI Image Retrieval System Using PCA and K-Means Clustering Algorithm Dr. N. Kumaran, Dr. R. Arunmozhi Paper
17 RSSI-Based indoor Localization for soldier tracking & health indication system V.Harshitha, Dr.D.Sungeetha Paper
18 A Scrutiny on Copy Move Forgery Detection Using Novel Methods S.DHIVYA, B.SUDHAKAR Paper
19 A Survey on Hand Gesture Recognition Methods for Physically Disabled People S.G.Praveena, Mrs.C.Jayasri Paper
20 Design of h-Shaped Dual band Microstrip Patch Antenna For Wireless Application K. Mahendran and M. Suriya Paper
21 Curvelet Transform used Image Denoising Dr P.V.Rama Raju, Y Ramalakshmanna, V.Yaswanth Varma, G,Nagaraju, B.M.Vijay Kumar Paper
22 Literature Survey on Super Resolution and its Challenges Murali Krishna Atmakuri, Anil Kumar Katta, Dr.V.V.K.D.V Prasad Paper
23 Estimating Energy Consumption Based on Smart Energy Meter using Wireless Network K.Deepa, V.Harshitha Paper
24 Survey on The Filters Used in Design of Reconfigurable Digital down Convertor for Wideband Applications R.Kavipriya, Dr.M.Maheswari Paper
25 Real-Time Area Efficient and High Speed Architecture Design of Huffman Decoder Y. Rama Lakshmanna, V.Yaswanth Varma, Nalini Prasad .T, D.V.R Mohan, K.H.S. Suresh Kumar Paper
26 Comparative Study of Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) Routing Protocols with Wireless Sensor Network N. RAVI and G. RAMACHANDRAN Paper
27 Survey on Weather Monitoring Compensated Nitrate Sensor for Land and Agricultural Industry K.Dhanya, Dr.M.Maheswari Paper
28 Performance of Traffic MAC-Protocol Based on TCP Congestion avoidance algorithm for wireless Network K.Vijayalakshimi, Dr.R.Manikandan Paper
29 Parity Logic Based Content Addressable Memory for Low Power Applications S.Murugeswaran, A.Latha, Dr.G.Yamuna Paper
30 Brain Tumor Detection and Segmentation Based On Component Analysis Method Using Discrete Wavelet Transform Mrs.D.Sherlin, Dr.D.MURUGAN Paper
31 Multi Valued Logic Gate Implementation Using MOSFET and CNTFET A. Latha, S. Murugeswaran, Dr. G. Yamuna Paper
32 An Approach for Efficient Classification and Prediction of Client Behaviour In Telecommunication M.Jeyakarthic, K.Kavitha Paper
33 Molecular Spectroscopic study on binding of quercetin to egg albumin in CTAB S.Bakkialakshmi*, V.Barani Paper
34 An Image Based Virtual Fitting Room for Online Shopping R.Durga*1 and G.Yamuna2 Paper
35 Gaussian Mixture Model Based Automatic Segmentation Of Infant Cry Signal S.Pavithra 1, G.Yamuna2, T.Ravichandran3,R.Durga4 Paper
36 A Review on Moving Object Detection Using Optical Flow Analysis M.Priya, C.Karthika Pragadeeswari* and G.Yamuna** Paper
37 A Review on Grabcut Algorithm B.Spatika Mira 1,T.Ravichandran2,G.Yamuna 3,R.Durga4 Paper
38 Safe & Secure ciphertext Policy attribute based encryption to avoid Suicidal games on entering Whatsapp or Mobile like Bluewhale game or Momo challenge S.Porkodi, D.Kesavaraja Paper
39 Discrete Tomography with Gray Value Estimation M.AnanthaLakshmi, Dr.Prof.P.Kailasapathi, Dr.A.Sanjeevi Kumar Paper
40 Action Classification for Karate Dataset Using Deep Learning B. Gnana Priya, Dr. M. Arulselvi Paper
41 Color, Shape and Texture Based Segmentation and Classification on Colon Cancer Images AISHWARYA.G, KANIMOZHI.R. Paper
42 Apprehension on User's Data Privacy And Data Security In IoT P.N.Nirmala Paper
43 Object Boundary Detection and Segmentation using SuperPixel Based color and Spatial Features M.Muthu poochendu Ratha, T.Saravana Kumar Paper
44 Wavelet Transform based Audio Watermarking Scheme using Genetic Algorithm M.Janani Priya Paper
45 Study on Remote Sensing and their Spectral Characteristics S.Nivetha, Mrs.Jensi Paper
46 Design and Execution of Pentagonal Fractals for Multiband Antenna Design In UWB Application E.Tharani, M.Saravanan, P.Sakthi Balan, K.Devarajan Paper
47 Comparative Performance Analysis and Implementation Of Improved Leach Protocol For Wireless Sensor Network G.R. AnnushaKumar, V. Padmathilagam Paper
48 Preprocessing: The first step towards Text Document Classification - A Review N. Rajkumar, T.S. Subashini, K. Rajan, V. Ramalingam Paper
49 Dual Band H-Shaped Microstrip Patch Antenna for Wlan and Wi Max Applications E. Aravindraj, T. Kaviarasan, A. Kannan, Dr. K. Ayyappan Paper
50 A Comprehensive Survey on Multi-Level Thresholding on Image Segmentation R.Kalyani, Dr.P.D.Sathya Paper
51 Crypto Currency System for Protecting Social Media by Cryptography D.A. Agnes Archana , Y.Bhuvaneshwari, S. Suseela Paper
52 Implementation of Combined Watermarking and Compression Technique Using Fpga Dr. R. Arunmozhi, Dr. N. Kumaran Paper
53 A Performance Evaluation of Energy Conservation Clustering Algorithm to Prolong the Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Networks S. Manikandan, Dr.M.Jeyakarthic Paper
54 Thermal Image Processing-An Eagle Eye Analysis P.Kanimozhi, S.Sathiya, M.Balasubramanian, P.Sivaraj Paper
55 Digitalized Smart Wireless Security System for Modern Security Application Using Voice Codeword R.Sarojini, S.Ramalingam, D.Kalaiarasan Paper
56 Smart and Secure Industrial Pollution Monitoring and Alert System To Tnpcb Using Iot S.Ramalingam, K.Renugadevi, M.Abirami Paper
57 Retrieval of Photos From Twitter Database Using Clustering Algorithms M.Vadivukarassi, N. Puviarasan, P. Aruna Paper
58 Sugarcane Disease Detection Using Data Mining Techniques S Sathiamoorthy, R Ponnusamy, M Natarajan Paper
59 Tri-Band H-Shaped Mpa Design for Wireless Applications E. Aravindraj, T. Kaviarasan, A. Kannan, Dr. K. Ayyappan Paper
60 Wavelet and PCA Based Face Descriptor for Image Retrieval Using K-Nearest Neigbour Alogrithm Dinesh Arumugam , Kulothungan.S Paper
61 Bi-Directional Communication System for Deaf and Dumb D.Nivethitha, B.Vidhya, S.Lekha, K.Harini and G.Yamuna Paper
62 Design and Implementation of Fault Tolerant Parallel Fir Filter Using Hamming Codes S.Ramalingam, K.Bommaraju, G.Sheeba Paper
63 RFID Based Centralized Patient Monitoring System and Tracking Using IoT R.Sarojini, D.Kalaiarasan, G.Sheeba Paper
64 Advanced Real time Atomization of Agricultural Pumping System for Social Modernization Using WSN Protocol D.Kalaiarasan, S.Ramalingam, K.Renugadevi Paper
65 Green Energy Efficiency and Traffic Optimization in Heterogeneous Cellular Mobile Radio Networks Mrs.R.Gomathi, Dr.A.Subramanian, Ms.S.Kalpana Paper
66 Integrated Fine and Coarse Grain Clock Controller T.Joby Titus, Dr.V.Vijayakumari, V.S.Sanjana Devi Paper
67 Detection of Endocrine Disruptors Using Nanomaterial Modified Electrode Janani Viswanathan, Gopu Govindasamy Paper
68 Performance of Collision Alleviating DCF Protocol With Synchronized Contention Windows Algorithm For Wireless Ad Hoc Networks Kamali K, Dr.K.Selvakumar Paper
69 Securing Documents Using Digital Certificate-A Review B.Akshaya, M.Rajendiran Paper
70 Cloud Enablement: A Survey On Building An Web Based Cloud Framework For Rustic School Improvement K. Priyanka, J. Josepha Menandas Paper
71 Identification of Pest Using Various Detection and Classification Methods for Smart Agriculture: A Review D. Poornima, Dr. G. Arulselvi Paper

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