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Special Issue, March 2017

Title:        Comparative Study of Removal of Dairy Waste Characteristics by Using Various Natural
               and chemical Coagulants

Authors:   Chaitali Bangar, Pooja Mhaske, Vanita Parasur, Sonali Pawar

Title:        Stabilization Of Black Cotton Soil By Using Iron Dust
Authors:   Vishal Dilip Khatate, Dinesh Subhash Gavande

Title:        Cross Layer Design for Routing and Security Attacks in Multi-Hop Wireless Networks
Authors:   Mr. Shivaji R. Lahane

Title:        Analytical architecture for Geo informatics systems Technology
Authors:   Mrs. Priti S. Lahane

Title:        Use of Data Mining Technique In Unstructured Data of Big Data
Authors:   Mr. Sadashiv P. Shinde, Prof. Purbey Suniti

Title:        A Tweet Segmentation Of HAVK2
Authors:   InamdarAnjum I., ShindeVishakha V., TohakeHarshata P., WahatoleKartiki S.

Title:        Review On Application Lock For Windows Based System
Authors:   Prof. Vidya Shitole, Sujit Jadhav, Ravish kumar, Suraj Wadgaonkar, Prashant Gaikwad

Title:        Distinguishing Spoofed Packets Origin from way backscatter caricaturing Attacks
Authors:   Bhujbal Supriya, Jori Chhaya, Satpute Pooja, Prof.S.A.kahate

Title:        Detection system to analyze and generate consumable rate of Fruits
Authors:   Anita Mahajan, Somik Sutradhar, Pranali Thorat, Ganesh Sanap, Meghna Singh

Title:        Performance Improvement of Hadoop Distributed File System Using Cauchy Coding Approach
Authors:   Supriya Datkhile, Tanvi Padekar

Title:        Hadoop Performance Modeling for Job Optimization
Authors:   Sneha Shegar

Title:        GPS Supported City Bus Tracking System
Authors:   Rajput Shital, Navale Priyanka, Nalawade Tejashri

Title:        An Efficient And Secure Data Sharing By Preventing Collusion Attack In Cloud
Authors:   Jyoti Pingat, Swati Mandwade

Title:        Data Sharing and Deduplication on Encrypted Data For Cloud Environment
Authors:   Sukanya Gunjal, Sonali Thorat

Title:        A Review On Securing data With QR-code and Video Watermarking
Authors:   Phapale Priyanka, Dumbre Anita, Jahagirdar Ashwini, Raut Sonam

Title:        Survey of Document Recommendation based on Keyword Extraction and Clustering
               from textual Conversation

Authors:   Shete Nikita U., Bhor Jayesh B., Zaware Vandana B., Thube Ashwini S.

Title:        Secured Online Social Network: A Review Study
Authors:   Nitish Baste, Amar Dhumal, Akshay Gavade, Vaibhav Wagh

Title:        Real-world Implementation of Ad-hoc wireless Networks
Authors:   Tushar G.Dangat, Prasanna J.Shete

Title:        Toll App Payment and Stolen Vehicle Detection Using HC2D Barcode
Authors:   AdhavAsha B., Belkar Vishal M., JagtapRupali G., Tambe Ramesh B.

Title:        Image Scaling and Cropping Scheme using Two Dimensional Cryptography
Authors:   Mrs. Jadhav Rohini, Prof.S.A.Kahate

Title:        On Demand Video Sharing System
Authors:   Tejas Benke, Pratik Wakchaure, Vaibhav Deshmukh, Amol Sonawane, Prof. Kahate S. A.

Title:        Phishing Detection and SQL Injection Prevention System for E_Bank Security
Authors:   Mr.Desale Akash, Miss Kakade Rajashri, Miss Ghogare Monika, Kolhe Seema

Title:        Security Enhancement of Single Sign on Mechanism for Social Media Networks(SMN)
Authors:   Miss. Bobade Snehal, Mr.Joshi Vishnu, Mr. Godage Somnath, Miss. Patil Swati

Title:        Image Tagging In Social Re-Ranking using Cluster
Authors:   Ms. Tejashri Maruti Dumbre, Miss.Pratiksha Shridhar Kulkarni

Title:        Network Security and Cryptography
Authors:   Ms. Tejashri Maruti Dumbre, Ms. Swati Dadabhau Jaid, Ms Priyanka Dnyaneshwar Dherange

Title:        Opportunity and Challenge of Big Data Storage, Integration, Security Practices
Authors:   Ms. Tejashri Maruti Dumbre, Ms. Pooja Somnath Popalghat, Ms. Rituja Vasant Dhamdhere

Title:        Use OF Finger Knuckle Patterns In Biometrics
Authors:   Miss. Kharde K.R., Miss.Kharde A.R.

Title:        Data Streaming Online Intrusion Alert System
Authors:   Mrs. Shelake R.M., Prof. Sushinder Reddy

Title:        Secure Graphical Password Authentication System
Authors:   Asst. Prof. Rahul R. Rathod

Title:        Pass-Matrix an authentication system securing from Shoulder-Surfing Attacks.
Authors:   Ms. Tejashri Maruti Dumbre

Title:        Network Security and Cryptography
Authors:   Ms. Tejashri Maruti Dumbre, Ms. Swati Dadabhau Jaid, Ms Priyanka Dnyaneshwar Dherange

Title:        A Review on Label Graph Learning For Joint Multilabel Classification
Authors:   Ajay Koli, Sayali Kale, Dhamale Mohit

Title:        A Study on Steganography Implementation
Authors:   Mrs. Vrushali U. Uttarwar, Mr. Pramod B. Deshmukh

Title:        Various attacks and its detection techniques in packet dropping in wireless ad hoc network
Authors:   Priti Mesare, Dr. S. S. Sherekar, Dr. V. M. Thakare

Title:        Automatic Power Factor Corrector Using Capacitive Load Bank
Authors:   Sandip Gath

Title:        A Comparative Approach for Human Motion Detection & Tracking System
Authors:   Moiz A. Hussain1, Govind U. Kharat

Title:        A Novel Method of Advertisement Using GPS
Authors:   Lalit Gupta, Arpita Gupta, Manisha Sharma

Title:        Voltage Source Inverter with Three Phase Preventer and Selector for Industrial Application
Authors:   Vilas Bhandare

Title:        Recognition of State of Mind for Human Being Using Image Processing
Authors:   Anil Gadakh, Vilas Ubale

Title:        Real Time Near Field RFID Based Literature Search in College Library
Authors:   Omkar S. Vaidya, Snehal Kulthe, Ankita Khaire, Namrata Kela

Title:        An Intelligent Wheel Chair For Physically Disabled
Authors:   Arun Vashishth, Arpita Gupta

Title:        Analysis of Multiple Sign Language Recognition Using Leap Motion Sensor
Authors:   Rajesh B. Mapari, Govind Kharat

Title:        Electroconvulsiometer For Pharmaceutical Industry
Authors:   Prof. Rahul Deshmukh, Mayuri Patkar, Dipali Khandekar, Saniya Deshmukh

Title:        Internet of Things (IoT): A Literature Review
Authors:   Anup S. Polgavande, Aniket D. Kulkarni

Authors:   Ashvini Bhor, Bhavana Gholap, Meher Minal, Hase Prakash

Title:        Mouse Control using Eye Tracking & Head Gesture for Armless Person
Authors:   Prof. Pankaj P. Chitte, Prof. Seema L. Lavhate, Mr. Pranav Dharmadhikari

Title:        Wireless Controlled Robot Using Raspberry Pi
Authors:   Vishal M. Nagdeve, Prof. M. G. Chinchole, Prof. R. S. Parbat

Title:        Multi-Purpose Robot
Authors:   Pallavi Ashok Jagtap, P. R. Thorat

Title:        Green automation and monitoring over MATLAB
Authors:   Pooja Tekale, P. R. Thorat

Title:        Review of Content based image retrieval
Authors:   Shraddha S.Katariya, Dr. Ulhas B.Shinde

Authors:   Prof. R. A. Kadu, Tadkase Shubham S., Shinde Bhavana S., Sabale pravin N.

Title:        Real time Assessment and Detection of Aqua Distribution System using GSM
Authors:   Mr.Kulkarni Ganesh M ,Prof. Navandar R.K

Title:        Investigations of cascaded solar thermal cavity receiver for concentrating collector
Authors:   V.G. Bhamre, U. S. Wankhede

Title:        Aerodynamic Study of F1 car
Authors:   Prasad Gaware, Anwar Maniyar, Vinod Sonawane, Nishigandh Gorade

Title:        Innovation technology for detection of Tangible & Intangible failure modes through Condition
               Base Monitoring (CBM) System

Authors:   T.D.Sundaranath

Title:        A Review Study of the effect of Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) on performance
               and emission characteristics of diesel engine

Authors:   Vivek Auti, Sayali Jachak, Tejas Pardeshi, Prof. Mosim Attar

Title:        Experimental Investigation of Mechanical properties of Al-8011 Hybrid Composite
               Reinforced with Fly ash & E-glass

Authors:   Ghadge S.S, Balappa B.Hadagali, Shivasharanayya Hiremath, V A. Bhagwat

Title:        Application of Computational Fluid Dynamics in the Construction Industry
Authors:   Nikhil Sunil Raut, Abhishek Nana Salunkhe, Mahasidha R. Birajdar

Title:        Offshore Floating Wind Turbine
Authors:   Abhishek Nana Salunkhe, Nikhil Sunil Raut, Mahasidha R. Birajdar

Title:        Stress and Deflection Analysis of slotted Belleville Spring
Authors:   Sonawane Vinod, Kolase Prashant

Title:        Data Security in clouds using SecRBAC
Authors:   Mr.Santosh Kale, Prof. Sandip Kahate

Title:        Product Analysis Portal on Big Data and Hadoop
Authors:   Mr.Kapil Dere, Prof. L. Praveenkumar

Title:        Blind's Talkback Stick
Authors:   Sneha Sharma, Sayantika Pal, Ankita Kulkarni

Title:        Comparison of different feature extraction methods using MLP classifier for DR Detection
Authors:   Amol Prataprao Bhatkar, Dr. G.U.Kharat

Title:        Crack Detection System for Railway tracks
Authors:   Patel Ranu, Ghule Avinash, Vikhe Nikhil, S.B. Mandlik

Authors:   Bhor shital, Shinde Suhas, Mergal shubhangi, Zaware Jayshri

Title:        Note To Coin Exchange Using Image Processing
Authors:   Prof.R.N.Kadu, Pawar Roshani D, Raut Rahul B, Khatekar Prasad R

Title:        Sensor Based Water Quality Analysis And Water Management System
Authors:   Prof Bangal Swapnil P., Satpute Utkarsha C., Kanade Aradhana B., Nagare Rajshri S.


Authors:   Mr. Deshmukh Gourav V, Miss. Nalavade Dhanashri N., Mr. Salve Krushna H.,
               Miss. D. A. Shaikh

Title:        Implementation of ATM security system using GSM and MEMS
Authors:   Swpnali Gunjal, Nikita Shete, Poonam Shete, Surekha Sarode

Title:        PC Controlled Robot and Different Parameter Measurement System
Authors:   Shinde Suhas, Pawale Nikhil, Hase Prakash,Shinde Kiran

Title:        IOT Based Traffic Control System
Authors:   Prof.V.A.Aher, Miss.Waghe Jayashri A., Miss.Thorat arti M., Miss.Kekan Varsha T.

Title:        Computerized Electrical Equipment
Authors:   Prof. Pankaj C. Warule

Title:        Programmed Natural Product Sorting Machine Based On Color and Weight Utilizing
               AVR Microcontroller

Authors:   Prof.S.S.Turakne, Miss.Aher Rajeshwari R, Miss.Thete Dnyaneshwari A,
               Miss.Davange Vaishali B

Title:        A Robotic Platform for Indoor Navigation System
Authors:   Sinkar Vilas J., Waditke Ganesh, Kadam Sanket, Bibve P.S.

Title:        Transformer Health Monitoring System
Authors:   Nagargoje Dnyaneshwar, Kankate Akshay, Singh Akash, U.V. Patil

Title:        An Improved Binarization Method for Degraded Document
Authors:   Seema Pardhi, Dr. G. U. Kharat

Title:        Quad Copter Drone for Live Video Streaming
Authors:   Jorvekar Rohit R., Gund Payal R., Zha Ranjankumar R., Prof. R. N. Kadu.

Title:        Improved Catalytic Convertor for CI Engine Emission Control System
Authors:   Ankush Ghodke, Ganesh Gage, Amol Madane, Avinash Shinare, Naik K.S

Title:        A Technical Review on CNG: Alternative Fuel for Two Wheeler
Authors:   Sharma Rajan Harendra1, Sonawane Mayur Devidas, Shinde Ajit Banshi, Shaikh Irfan M.

Title:        Turning of Hard Material (62-64 HRC): Research Overview
Authors:   Krupal Pawar, Dr.G.R.Selokar, Anand Deshmukh

Title:        Pneumatic Bumper with Automatic Braking System
Authors:   Momin Husen Shamshuddin, Mistry Arpit Harendra, Taskar Ganesh Vishnu,
               Patil Amol Manilal

Title:        Theoretical Approach of Downsizing 2L V6 Petrol Engine to 4 Cylinder Inline Engine
Authors:   Rishabh Pravin Bafna

Title:        Importance of various Part in Formula One Racing Car
Authors:   Patil Akash Jugraj, Thok Mayur Sanjay

Title:        Importance of various Part in Formula One Racing Car
Authors:   Patil Akash Jugraj, Thok Mayur Sanjay

Title:        Analysis Of Elevated Water Tank In High Seismic Zone By Using STAAD PRO Software
Authors:   Atul Jadhav, Yogesh More, Swapnil Shingote, Sujit ghangale


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