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Special Issue, MPCIT-2018 Conference, June 2018

Paper ID Title of Paper Author's Name Download
1 Extraction of Reflected Part in an Image Based on Illumination Suresha M And Madhusudhan S Paper
2 IOT Based Lightning Prediction System and Measurement of Different Weather Parameters Anuragini C V, Prabhavathi P Paper
3 Water and Air Quality Monitoring System using IOT Ashwini Doni, Chidananda Murthy M.V, Dr M Z Kurian Paper
4 A New Algorithm for Skew Detection and Correction of Historical Kannada Documents Banumathi K L, Dr. Jagadeesh Chandra A P Paper
5 Smart Aggregation Of Things In Home/Office Environment Using Iot And Enabling Technologies Chaitra D M, Dr. G. S. Mamatha Paper
6 FPGA Implementation Of DWT-DAA based Image Compression ARCHITA.S , KAVYA SHREE.N.K, ARUN KUMAR.M, MAHESH.K.N Paper
7 An Efficient Way of Filtering Sensitive Messages Using N-Gram Technique over Social Media Althaf Patel, Aparna V.P, Apoorva C.G, Piyush Kataria, Dr. Sandhya N. Paper
8 Convolution Neural Network Based Weed Detection in Horticulture Plantation SANDEEP KUMAR K, Dr. RAJESWARI, USHA B N Paper
9 IOT Analytics Based Framework to Closely Monitor Patients with PD (Parkinson's disease) CHAITHRA L J, Prof. PADMASHREE T Paper
10 AMES-Cloud A Framework of Adaptive Mobile Video Streaming and Efficient Social Video Streaming M.RENUKA, G.RAVI KUMAR, T.VENU GOPAL, G.NAGENDRA, V.SRIDHAR Paper
11 Monitoring Of Inter-Turn Insulation Degradation in Induction Motor Using Spirit Thermometer and Integrated Programmable Platform SATYANARAYANA RAO R.D, K.S APRAMEYA Paper
12 Artificial Intelligent Meter Development Based On Advance Metering Infrastructure Technology GANESH.H, VARUN.S.B, ASHWATH.Y.R, ANIL.V.R Paper
13 An Intelligent System for Crop Protection Dr.JyothiLakshmi P, Mr. Shivakumara K.S, Mr. Anilkumar .S E, Mr. PawankumarA, Ms. Swathi B.M Paper
14 32-Bit Linear Feedback Shift Register With Power Gating Technique REBECCA ANGELA FERNANDES, NIJU RAJAN Paper
15 An 8-Bit 10 Ks/S 67.8 W Double Ended Dac Based SAR ADC ABDUL KHALID, MAHAVEERA K Paper
16 Design and Development of Smart Home Automation Using Internet of Things C. S. MALA, MALLIKARJUNA GOWDA C P, RAHUL DATTA, ROHAN CHARLES, AMBIKA R Paper
17 Building Identification Utilizing Improved HOG- LBP Highlights & Region Refinement Forms Using CNN AYESHA SIDDIQHA, P.M MALLIKARJUNA SHASTRY, R HEBBAR Paper

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