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Special Issue NCMMM, March 2016

Title:         A Design and Control of Automated Guided Vehicle
Authors:    Sheikh Javed Sheikh Majit, Naren.BKate

Title:         Design and Manufacturing of an effective steering system for ATV and performance
                enhancement using yoke-nutassembly

Authors:    Saurabh Borse, Pranav Chille, Shubham Dabhade, Swapnil Deshmukh,
                Atul Kulkarni

Title:         Modulation of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
Authors:    Apurwa Gokhale, Nehali Gosavi, Gurpreet Chhabda, Vikrant Ghadge,

Title:         An experimental study of wind power generation with wind tunnel attachment
Authors:    D.B.Nalawade, R.S.Divekar, N.R.Chandgude, P.D.Chandak,P.B.Bhagwat

Title:         A Review Paperon Study of Moisture Diffusion Phenomenon in Natural Fiber
                Based Composites

Authors:    Radhika Londhe, Ashok Mache

Title:         A Review: Virtual Reality Environment and its Applications
Authors:    Priyanka Gupta, P.R.Anera

Title:         Adhesively bonded joints in synthetic and natural fiber based composite
                materials:An overview

Authors:    Rupesh Lokhande, Abhijeet Deshpande

Title:         Application of 3D Cad Modeling and Casting Simulation to Eliminate Casting Defects
Authors:    Utkarsh S.Khade, Vishwajit Nimbalkar

Title:         Burst Pressure Analysis of a Pressure Vessel:A Review
Authors:    Puneet Deolia, Prof.F.A.Shaikh

Title:         Characterization of Diesel Engine using Biodiesel(CalophyllumInophyllum)
Authors:    S.P.Karande, H.G.Gaikwad, Mrs. S. N.Bobade, Prof.A.R.Deshpande

Title:         Combustion and methods of improvingefficiency in gasturbines
Authors:    Aniket A. E, Mathew V.K, Murtuza S.D

Title:         CustomizedImplantManufacturingusingAdditiveManufacturing:AReview
Authors:    Gaurav S. Bobade, Nitesh S. Chavan, Pralhad S. Gawade,
                Prof. P.K.Bhoyar, Prof. A.A.Somatkar

Title:         Design and DevelopmentofHydraulic PipeBending Machine
Authors:    Ankit Vyas, Chandrakant Tiwari, Arnav Tulsian, Ankit Patel, Kiran Wangikar,
                Prashant Anerao

Title:         Determination of Gas Metal Arc Welding Parameters Using Response
                Surface Methodology

Authors:    Ramesh Rudrapati, Abhishek Ghosh, Pradip Kumar Pal, Goutam Nandi

Title:         Experimental Study of Effect of Evaporative Condenser in Domestic Refrigerator
Authors:    Akshay Gurav, Pragati Kainge, Ganpatlal Khandelwal, Shrinivas Deshmukh,

Title:         Investigation of Cutting temperature distribution during hardturning of AISI 4340:
                A numerical approach

Authors:    O.N.Bandal, O.Y.Ghodekar, S.S.Bhanage, P.M.Gorwadkar

Title:         Optimization of Fuel injection timing For Optimal efficiency and Reducednox In Single
                cylinder4-Snaturally Aspiratedair Cooled Dieselengine

Authors:    Prasen Srivastav, Govind Ghule, M.G.Gadge

Title:         Reliability Based Design Optimization of Structural Element: Tubular Section
Authors:    Ms.Shravani Prabhakar Kotalwar


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