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Special Issue, RAECE-2K19 Conference, March 2019

Paper ID Title of Paper Author's Name Download
1 Design and Implementation of LoRa WAN-based IoT Devices for the Military Applications A.Gopal, A.Sathish, S.Madhu Paper
2 Iris Movement Based Wheelchair B.Chandrashaker Reddy, G.Swathi, S. Vishal Keshav Paper
3 Implementation of an Effective Procedure for Computation of Hidden Information Ms. G. Indira Priyadarshini, R V Kishore Kumar, Mr.G.Jaideep Paper
4 A Survey on Natured Inspired Algorithms for Detecting Brain Tumour from MR Image K.Sujatha, B.Chandrashaker Reddy, K.Ramesh Paper
5 High speed Single Symbol Error Correction Codes Based on Reed Solomon Codes using verilog Kurumaiah N, Raju P Paper
6 A Survey On Hybrid Neural Network-Gray Wolf Optimization Algorithm For Melanoma Detection Dr.M.A. Khadar Baba, Sk.Shafiya, B.Chandrashaker Reddy Paper
7 Development of Efficient VLSI Architecture for Speech Processing in Mobile Communication Dr.S.Vasantha swaminathan, Dr.TRV.Anandharajan Paper
8 Paper
9 Fault Tolerance Scan Based Logic BIST on SRAM using LFSR Mr.N.Prakash babu, Mr.K.Sundeep, Dr.M.Sri Nagesh Paper
10 Design of an Efficient and Low Cost Wireless Oscilloscope on Android Smart Devices P.A.Harsha Vardhini, A.Krishna veni Paper
11 Vehicle Speed Determination Using Image Processing V. Prakasam, A.Pallavi, E.Nithisha, G.Akhil Ayyappa Paper
12 Arduino Based Color Sorting Machine K.M Urali Chandra Babu, Bollure Srinivas Rithika, Datta Nukala Paper
13 Avoiding Accidents on Ghat Roads and U-Turns Using Internet of Things Cholleti Sriram, Y. Rajesh, M. Prashanth, P. Raghavender Paper
14 VLSI Design of Carry Select Adder Based Vedic Multiplier With High Speed and Low Area P.Kusuma vani Paper
15 Compressive Sampling approach for Wideband Spectrum Sensing:A Review Ch. P.N.S Sujitha, A.Satish Kumar, P.S.Sreenivasa Reddy Paper
16 Random Test Pattern Generator for BIST based Test Applications with Low Power P. Raju, N.Kurmaiah, B.anjaneyulu Paper
17 Design and Implementation of 64 Bit Vedic MultiplierUsing Adders (Verilog HDL) P.S.SREENIVASA REDDY, B.SUNEETHA Paper
18 Implementation of NB-IoT based Smart Laboratory for Industry/Colleges Dr.P.Subbaiah, Dr.Venkata Siva Prasad Paper
19 An Implementation of Area Efficient Carry Select Adder using Cadence EDA Tools using 90nm technology Ms.Samarla Shilpa, Ms.G.Umadevi, Ms. P.Kusuma vani Paper
20 Energy Consumption Model in MANET for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks Seelam Srinivasa Rao, Dr. K.Chenna Keshava Reddy Paper
21 FPGA Implementation of Canny Edge Detection Algorithm Using Adaptive Threshold Technique Suresh. D, B. C. Premkumar Paper
22 esign of Substrate Integrated Waveguide Ms. Sneha Talari Paper
23 Design and Implementation of Low Power LFSR for Fast ATPG Process MR.N .SAI RAM, MR D.SAKETH SAMIR, MR S.SAI RISHI, MR N.SAI VAMSHI Paper
24 Design and Implementation of a Secure Processor for Super Computers Dr.Venkata Siva Prasad, Dr.P.Subbaiah, Dr.B.C.Prem Kumar Paper
25 Power Efficient Look up Table Design Based on Resistive Random Access Memory Y.DEVENDARREDDY, S.Madhu, 3ASHOK DOODIGANI Paper

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