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Special Issue TASC-15, June 2015

Title:        Study of Hybrid Precast Beam Column Connection
Authors:   Fasil V P, Dr. P R. Sreemahadevan Pillai

Title:        Comparative Study of Columns Strengthened by Steel Angles and Ferrocement Jacketing
Authors:   Manikandeswaran O, Irin Mary Martin

Title:        Performance Evaluation of Shear Wall and Damper in Soft Storey Buildings
Authors:   Rahul M. P, Dr. K Subha

Title:        Effect of Coir Rope Wrapping on the Compressive Strength of Short Axially Loaded
               Concrete Members

Authors:   Shabana Salih K. Athira M. M., Lalna S. S., Prasun C., Rafeekha K. K., Rajimol K. R.

Title:        Vertical Vibration Analysis of Suspension Bridges
Authors:   Surya Antony, P Asha Varma

Title:        Evaluation of Strength and Durability of Waste Plastic Mix Concrete
Authors:   Prof. M. Kumaran, M. Nidhi, Bini P. R.

Title:        Influence of Metakaolin on Concrete Containing Bottom Ash as Fine Aggregate
Authors:   Jumah Jessica Jaleel V, Maya T M

Title:        An Experimental Study on Effect of Polypropelene Fibres on Self Compacting
               Rubberised Concrete

Authors:   Megha.P, Dr. P. R.SreemahadevanPillai

Title:        Effect of Silica Fume on Concrete Containing Copper Slag as Fine Aggregate
Authors:   Muhsin Mohyiddeen, MayaT.M.

Title:        Study on Self Compacting Concrete by Partial Replacement of Coarse Aggregate
               with Crushed Coconut Shell

Authors:   Vijina V V, Alvin Varghese, Angitha N, Aswathy S, Keerthana Mohan, Shighil C K

Title:        Hair Fibre Reinforced Concrete
Authors:   Nila V. M, Raijan K.J, Susmitha Antony, Riya Babu M, Neena Rose Davis

Title:        Performance of Concrete with Partial Replacement of Cement and Fine Aggregate by
               GGBS and GBS

Authors:   Rajith M, Amritha E K

Title:        Experimental Study on Strength Characteristics of Self Curing Concrete using Poly
               Ethylene Glycol and Light Weight Aggregate

Authors:   Remya K M, Shilpa.V S, Dhanusha.M, Ashna L Sukumar, Ashna ismayil, Sreerag K

Title:        Effect of Lathe Waste in Concrete as Reinforcement
Authors:   Prof. Kumaran M, Nithi M., Reshma, K. R..

Title:        Strength and Durability Studies on Concrete Containing Foundry Sand and GGBS
Authors:   Roshni K G, Vineeth P C

Title:        Evaluation on Self Curing and Durability of Concrete Using Super Absorbent Polymer
Authors:   Sona K. S., Irin Mary Martin

Title:        Web Buckling Analysis of Lipped and Hollow Flanged Light Gauge Sections with Web Hole
Authors:   Abhijith V J, Dr. C K Prasad Varma Thampan

Title:        Comparative Study of Tunnel Form and Framed Buildings by Dynamic Analysis
Authors:   Angitha Sasidharan, Mohammed Aslam

Title:        Dynamic Response of Laminated Composite Box Beams
Authors:   Athira V. C., Anagha Manoharan

Title:        In-Place Strength Evaluation of Jacket Platforms and Optimization of Bracing Configurations
Authors:   Faseela. A, Dr. Jayalekshmi. R

Title:        Behavior of Steel Plate Shear Wall with Constrained Ring Holes
Authors:   Parvathy M U, Anagha Manoharan

Title:        Coconut Shell as an Alternative for Asbestos in Asbestos Cement Sheets
Authors:   Rajakumar R, Midhun T M, Anoop K, Aiswarya S, Deepthi K R, Anusree A D

Title:        Numerical Studies on Stability Problems in Thin Walled Laminated Composite Box Beams
               with Emphasis on Stiffeners

Authors:   B.Bini, Nithin Mohan

Title:        Numerical Studies on the Effect of Shear Lag on Buckling Behavior of Laminated Composites
Authors:   Kripa K M, Nithin Mohan

Title:        Numerical Modelling and Evaluation of Hybrid Diagrid Structures
Authors:   Lekshmi Mohan, C.K.Prasad Varma Thampan

Title:        Performance Evaluation of RC Frame with Brick Infill under Dynamic Loading
Authors:   Nitha C. Mohan, Mohammed Aslam

Title:        Seismic Behavior of Inverted Spherical Shell Foundations
Authors:   Syed Jalaludeen Shah, Sameena Khalid

Title:        Numerical Simulation of Special Concentrically Braced Frame Structure using OpenSEES
Authors:   Simi Aboobacker, Nisha Varghese

Title:        Dynamic Soil Structure Interaction Effects on Modeled Building Frame Supported by
               Pile foundation

Authors:   Syed Jalaludeen Shah, Swathy K. G.


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