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Special Issue, September 2014

Title:        Relevance of Applied Physics curriculum in Engineering Colleges of Himachal Pradesh:
                A Perception Study

Authors:   S.S. Chandel, S.P. Bedi

Title:        Mechanical Properties of Fly Ash Reinforced Al-Si Alloy Based MMC
Authors:   A.k. Senapati, A.Senapati, Omkarnath Mishra

Title:        Experimental Analysis of Heat Pipe with V-Trough Solar Collector
Authors:   Saravanan . M, Karunakaran.N

Title:        Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna Design having Defected Ground for WiFi Applications
Authors:   Mr. Mandeep Singh Heer, Mr. Sanyog Rawat

Title:        Achieving Fault Tolerance and Recovery in Computational Grid
Authors:   Ravinder Mandhan, Vikas Yadav, Nisha Thakur

Title:        A Survey on Web Crawling Algorithms Strategies
Authors:   Chain Singh, Kuldeep Singh, Hansraj

Title:        An Autonomous Agent Is an Intelligent Agent Operating On an Owner's Behalf without
               Any Interference

Authors:   Sompal, Ravinder Singh, Anshul

Title:        The Crystal Structure of 4-amino-5-chloro-N-[2- (diethylamino)ethyl] -o-anisamide
                Monohydrochloride Monohydrate

Authors:   Anjana Chauhan, Rajendra Kumar Tiwari

Title:        An Inventory Model for Deteriorating Items with Time Dependent Demand and Partial

Authors:   Sushil Kumar, U. S .Rajput

Title:        Numerical Simulation of Civil Aircraft Fuselage Using CFD Technique
Authors:   Srinivas G, Srinivasa Rao Potti, Chethan K N, K K Arvind Kumar

Title:        Wireless Sensor Networks: Nurturinggreen Evolution
Authors:   Hansraj, Chain Singh, Vikas Yadav

Title:        A Few Unique Practices in High-Performance Engineering Colleges
Authors:    Srinivasa Rao Potti, K G Viswanadhan, Raghunandana K, Shiva Prasad H C

Title:        Midori Cloud Based Windows Operating System
Authors:   Vikas Yadav, Ravinder Mandhan, Hansraj Yadav

Title:        Quantum Dots: An Introduction
Authors:   Manisha Yadav, Anita Chaudhary

Title:        A Novel Design of Slotted Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna with Finite Ground for
               Wi-MAX Application

Authors:   Arnab Chowdhury, Sanyog Rawat, Mandeep Singh Heer

Title:        Time Reduction using Change Concept for Agility-A Case Study
Authors:   Pankaj Sharma, Dr.P.Thareja, Dr. G.S. Brar, Vikas Ucharia, Rupinder S. Kanwar

Title:        Exploiting the Systematic Optimization Techniques for the present Heterogeneous
               Multi-core and Many-core Computing Systems

Authors:   Chetna Dabas

Title:        Analysis of ?-ray Lasers
Authors:   Narender Kumar

Title:        English and Communication Skills for the 21st Century Engineers
Authors:   Meenu Sharma

Title:        Modern Classroom- A Step towards Smart Class
Authors:   Shivani Sharma

Title:        Need of Green IT- Challenges and Countermeasures
Authors:   Reema Sandhu

Title:        Effect of Advertisement on the Brand Preference (A Case Study of College Going Students)
Authors:   Munish Goyal, Jyoti Sharma

Title:        Communication Flow, Motivation Level and Job Satisfaction of Self-Financing
               Engineering Colleges by Using Mathematical Modeling

Authors:   Ravi Datt, Sita Ram

Title:        Alternate Energy Sources: A Better Way to Maintain Ecoparyavaran
Authors:   Sudershan Kumar Pathania

Title:        Application of Information and Communication Technology in Banking Industry: An Overview
Authors:   Priyanka, Ravi Parkash

Title:        Extenuating Interference in Wireless Communication
Authors:   Anchal Sharma, Akshay Tyagi, Chandra Shekher Rai, Mamta Yadav

Title:        Interference Mitigation in MIMO Systems by Subset Antenna Transmission
Authors:   Mamta Yadav, Chandra Shekher Rai, Anchal Sharma, Akshay Tyagi

Title:        Development of FBAR Filter for Wireless Applications
Authors:   Shivani Chauhan, Paras Chawla


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