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Volume 2, Issue 10, October 2014

Title:         Improved GAF in Wireless Sensor Network
Authors:   Jagpreet Singh, Vivek Thapar

Title:         Analysis of Lung Diseases and Detecting Deformities in Human Lung
                  by Classifying Lung Sounds

Authors:   Jayant V. Mankar, Prof. Sunil Kureel

Title:         Human Motion Detection using Key Frames Extraction and Shot
                 Segmentation using Real-Time Algorithm

Authors:   Allan I. Abraham, Prof. Sunil Kureel

Title:         Enhanced Identification of Malaria Parasite using Different Classification
                 Algorithms in Thick Film Blood Images

Authors:   Miss. Shruti Annaldas, Prof. S.S.Shirgan, Prof. V.R.Marathe

Title:         Determination of Gravity Irrigation Capability of Barmasia Village,
                 Giridih Using Geospatial Technology

Authors:   Surajit Panda, Sanjay kr. Shaw, Dr. JatisankarBandyopadhyay, Ratnesh Kr. Sharma

Title:         Design and Analysis Of Enhanced Group Key Management Schemes in MANET
Authors:   M.Marimuthu, Dr.R.Gunavathi

Title:         Survey on the Concurrency Control Protocols for Encrypted Cloud Databases
Authors:   Dr. M. Newlin Rajkumar, Brighty Batley C, Dr. V. Venkatesakumar, Ancy George

Title:         pH Metric Study On Thermodynamic And Ionization Constant Of 2,5-Diaminopentanoic
                 Acid (DL-ornithine)

Authors:   Devendra Agrawal, K.D.Gupta

Title:         Survey on Sensitive Label Privacy Protection on Social Network
Authors:   Chiranjivi Kariya, Sandesha Patil, Priyanka Wandile

Title:         An Efficient Frequent Item Mining using Various Hybrid Data Mining Techniques
                 in Super Market Dataset

Authors:   P.Abinaya, Dr. (Mrs) D.Suganyadevi

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