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Volume 2, Issue 12, December 2014

Title:        Proportional Integral and Derivative Controller for BLDC Motor
Authors:   T.Saarulatha,V.Yaknapriya,T.Muthukumar, S.Saravanan

Title:        Energy Generation in Water Pipe Lines Savonius Water Turbine Power
Authors:   Harsh Bhatt, Soham Jani

Title:        An Approach for SMS Spam Detection
Authors:   Suraj J. Warade, Pritish A. Tijare, Swapnil N. Sawalkar

Title:        Packet Classification Algorithms: A Survey
Authors:   Evangeline Asha B, Kavitha S

Title:        Intelligent Unit Commitment with Vehicle to Grid for Cost and Emission Reduction
Authors:   N.Sivaraj, M.Ramya, G.Dineshkumar

Title:        A study on routing protocols behaviour in MANETs
Authors:   Pancham preet Kaur, Sohajdeep Singh, Pankaj Bhambri

Title:        Sociology Based On Social Media Websites
Authors:   Mr. Azeem Ahmad, Mrs. Sujata Deshmukh

Title:        Study of Performance of Shim Coupling Using FEA
Authors:   Prof. Rahul D. Belekar, Prof.Arun V.Javir, Prof. Niranjan N.Manchekar

Title:        A Review Paper on Audio Encryption
Authors:   Ms. Vishakha B. Pawar, Prof. Pritish A. Tijare, Prof. Swapnil N. Sawalkar

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