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Volume 2, Issue 9, September 2014

Title:         Synthesis of Silicon Carbide Based Composite Material for Industrial Applications
Authors:   Sridhar B S, Raji George

Title:         Design Optimisation of an Industrial Structure from Steel Frame to Pre-Engineered Building
Authors:   Kavya.Rao.M.N, K.N.Vishwanath

Title:         Analysis of Seismic and Wind Effect on Steel Silo Supporting Structures
Authors:   Ashwini Bidari, K.N.Vishwanath

Title:         Reduction In Total Harmonic Distortion Using Active Power Filters
Authors:   Supreet Kaur Saini, Mr. Gagandeep Sharma, Dr.Sudhir Sharma

Title:         An Efficient Classification Algorithms for Employee Performance Prediction
Authors:   V.Kalaivani, Mr.M.Elamparithi

Title:         A survey on Facial Expression Recognition
Authors:   Sandeep Rangari, Sandeep Gonnade

Title:        Stochastic Model to Find the Triiodothyronine Repletion in Infants during Cardiopulmonary
                 Bypass for Congenital Heart Disease Using Normal Distribution

Authors:   R. J. Ramesh Kumar, Dr. A. Muthaiyan

Title:        Optimization of Machining Parameters Using Taguchi Method
Authors:   Raj Brid, Prasad Kadam, Sushant Choudhari, Pooja Kadam, Sanil Pai Kakode, Raut A. S.

Title:        Vocational interest in Childhood: Parenting Style
Authors:   Mustafa Tekke, Nurullah Kurt

Title:        Study of Combined Renewable Power System for Electricity Generation
Authors:   Durga Shanker Menaria, Surendra Verma

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