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Volume 3, Issue 10, October 2015

Title:        Influence of Elevated Temperature on the Properties of M60 Grade Metakaolin High Strength

Authors:   Mr. Amol P. Patil, Dr. P. D. Kumbhar

Title:        Overview of Laser coating
Authors:   Akhil Aziz, Prabu.R, Velmuruugan.D

Title:        Extraction and Synthesis of SiC Nano Particulate to Enhance Matrix Composites
Authors:   R. Selvam, S. Ravi

Title:        Numerical Estimation of Thermal Analysis for an Electronic Package
Authors:   Dr. M C.Math, Krishna Murthy N K

Title:        Zigbee felicitated Wireless Data Acquisition and Measurement System
Authors:   Mr. Suresh Y. Sankpal, Dr.Mrs.S .B.Patil

Title:        Spatio-Temporal estimation of soil respiration for Indo-Gangetic Plain using Remote Sensing
Authors:   Ravikant, M. Kudrat

Title:        Performance Analysis of Heat Pipe With Different Working Fluid and Fill Ratios
Authors:   Prof.C.B.Kothare, Prof.K.S.Raizada, Mr.Sanjeev Panda

Title:        Up-Gradation of Effluent Treatment Plant Using Membrane Separation Technology as a
               Tertiary Treatment

Authors:   Mr. Ubaid A. Khan, Prof. S. V. Ranade

Title:        A Paper on the Analysis of Effect of Material Used In Heat Exchanger and Its Performance
Authors:   Ravi Kumar Banjare, Prakash Kumar Sen , Gopal Sahu

Title:        Statistical Analysis of Network Attacks Based on Passive Traffic Monitoring Through

Authors:   Sanjeev Kumar, Amandeep kaur, Dr. G.N. Verma

Title:        On Interval Valued Intuitionistic (a, )-Fuzzy Hv- Subgroups
Authors:   Arvind Kumar Sinha, Manoj Kumar Dewangan

Title:        A New Efficient Approach for Designing Intelligence Interleaver
Authors:   Tarun Agrawal

Title:        Realization of Distributed Arithmetic (DA) based reconfigurable digital FIR filter
Authors:   Mayur B. Kachare, Prof. D. U. Adokar

Title:        Dimensions of Emotional Intelligence: (A Study of Banking Sector in Mumbai)
Authors:   Miss. Sherin Thomas, Dr. Ruta Khaparde

Title:        Heat Transfer Augumentation in a Rectangular Channel with Different Inlet Condition
Authors:   Mr. Bharat. R Wandhare, Dr. S. V. Prayagi, Prof. G. D. Gosavi

Title:        Intelligent Medication System
Authors:   Priyanka A. Deshmukh


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