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Volume 3, Issue 11, November 2015

Title:        Determination of Importance Weights in QFD Using Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchical
               Process: Case Study

Authors:   Rahul Kshetri, Rachna, K.S. Rawat, Dr. Ajay

Title:        A Secure Intrusion Detection System in Ad hoc Wireless Network
Authors:   Shrikant V. Sonekar, Dr. Mrs. M. M. Kshirsagar, Dr. Mrs. Latish Malik

Title:        Review on Wear Analysis of Different Types of Clutch Material
Authors:   Virendra kumar patel, Gopal Sahu, Prakash Kumar Sen, Ritesh Sharma,
               Shailendra Bohidar

Title:        Review on Turbo Charging Of Diesel Engine and Effect of Its Performance Insulated
               Diesel Engine

Authors:   Ghanshyam pradhan, Gopal Sahu, Prakash Kumar Sen, Ritesh Sharma,
               Shailendra Bohidar

Title:        Precision Analysis and Control of Automatic Pouring Machine to Control the Flow ability
               To Minimize the Porosity of SG200 Casting for Foundry

Authors:   Nileshsing Rajput,Nagraj Patil, Mahesh Sutar

Title:        Application of Multi Criteria Analysis Method for Estimating the Vegetation Coverage Density
               Using Landsat ETM+ Digital Data with the Help of Remote Sensing and GIS Technology

Authors:   Amrit Kamila

Title:        Automatic Child Monitoring (ACM) Using Wireless Network

Title:        Unit Operations in Pilot Wastewater Treatment Plant Used for Textile Wet Processing
              - A Review

Authors:   N.P. Sonaje, M.B. Chougule

Title:        Growth Pattern among Konda Reddi Children and Adolescents aged 0 to 18 years
Authors:   Dr.Bharathi Karri, Prof.V.L.N.Rao

Title:        An Enhanced Sentiment Variation Analysis Using Genetic and Bayesian Information
               Extractor Using Twitter Datasets

Authors:   R.Urega, Dr.M.Devapriya

Title:        Invariant Submanifold of sym (7,1) Structure Manifold
Authors:   Lakhan Singh, Shailendra Kumar Gautam

Title:        Reliable Broadcast of Safety Messages in WAVE
Authors:   P. B. Kalpande , Prof.J.S.Karnewar


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