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Volume 3, Issue 12, December 2015

Title:        Evolution of Solitons in Optical Communication
Authors:   Mrs. Snehalata Mundhe, Mrs. Samata Bhosale, Ms. Sunaya Shirodkar

Title:        MapBuddies: Web Application for the Travelling Salesman Problem
Authors:   Kuo-pao Yang, Ranjan Poudel, Nishant Jha, Grace Chenevert

Title:        Hacking Target Machine Using Social Engineering and SSH
Authors:   Nirav Shah, Vinit Patel

Title:        A Review on Development and Analysis of Maglev Train
Authors:   Gaurav Kumar Tandan, Prakash Kumar Sen, Gopal Sahu, Ritesh Sharma,
               Shailendra Bohidar

Title:        A Review on Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (U.A.V.)
Authors:   S. Mukesh Kosme,Prakash Kumar Sen, Gopal Sahu

Title:        A study on the Class Imbalance classification using Fuzzy Total margin based Support
               vector Machine

Authors:   S.Lavanya, Dr.S.Palaniswami, R.Premalatha

Title:        A New Approach towards Design and Development of Portable Honeypot
Authors:   Rohan Thakur, Ashu Singla

Title:        Forward Error Correction Technique using Convolution Encoder & Viterbi Decoder
Authors:   Awantika Vishwakarma, Pankaj Gulhane

Title:        Efficient Signature Embedding in Video for High Security
Authors:   Sushmita B. Kashyap, Nitin Jain

Title:        Analysis and Design of Single-ended Inductivelydegenerated Interstage Matched
               Common-source Cascode CMOS LNA

Authors:   Rohit Kumar Gupta, Prof.Zoonubiya Ali

Title:        Water Quality Assesment of Physiochemical Properties of Shivnath River in Durg
               District (Chhattisgarh)

Authors:   Sonam Shukla, D.K. Pandey D.K. Mishra

Title:        Comparative Study of Edge Detection Techniques in Shoeprint Recognition System
Authors:   J. V. Mashalkar

Title:        Semi Supervised Text Classification with Universum
Authors:   Miss.Gargi Joshi

Title:        Effect of Electrolyte on Phase Separation of Aqueous Organic System
Authors:   Ms. Neha B. Shinde, Prof. S. V. Ranade

Title:        Implementation of Proposed Threshold for Despeckling in Stationary Wavelet Domain
Authors:   A.Stella, Dr. Bhushan Trivedi, Dr. N.N.Jani

Title:        Double Wishbone Suspension Analysis for Elastic Center, Castor Trail and Standard
               Kinematic Analysis

Authors:   Prashant Bhat, Prof. Ravindra R. Navthar

Title:        A Performance Analysis of Delay and Throughput using OLSR for Security of MANET
Authors:   Unnati A. Dabre, Juned A. Khan

Title:        Review of Free Ball traction Drive for CVT
Authors:   D. S. Welkar, Prof. P. G. Damle, K.A.Patil

Title:        Design and Manufacturing of Flange Yoke Fixture for milling machine
Authors:   Sushmita Pandey, Kamesh Patil, Sandip Gite

Title:        Securely Sharing Data in Multi-Owner for Dynamic Groups in the Cloud
Authors:   A. V. Khandalkar, Prof. P. D. Thakare


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