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Volume 3, Issue 3, March 2015

Title:        Optimization of Generator Units Start-Up Scheduling for Power System Restoration-
               A Review

Authors:   Vora Animesh, A.P Misra

Title:        Application of Taguchi methods and ANOVA in Optimization of Process Parameters
               for Tool Life in Hot Machining of High Manganese Steel

Authors:   Rahul D. Rajopadhye, Achyut S. Raut

Title:        Supression of Low Frequency Oscillations Using Hybrid Optimization Techniques
Authors:   Mohit Bhagat, Baljit Singh

Title:        Weighted Goal Programming Multiple Non-Linear Regression Model with Two-way
               Interaction Effect

Authors:   Dr. Devendra Singh Hada

Title:        Moving Object Detection in Compressed Domain of HEVC for Video Surveillance
Authors:   Vinutha H Reddy, Chhaya S.Pawar

Title:        Investigating Drought Spells with Different Approaches for Nainital District of Uttarakhand
Authors:   Arvind Singh Tomar, Om Prakash Kumar, Praveen Vikram Singh

Title:        Effectuation of QP- PSO and Dynamic Programming Method on a Constrained Single
               Area Unit Commitment Problem: A Comparative Analysis

Authors:   Maninder Kaur, Sushil Prashar

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