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Volume 3, Issue 3, March 2015

Title:        A Review of Stratified Charged SI Engines
Authors:   Rahul Mahajan, Rizwankhan Saudagar

Title:        RDH in encrypted images by Reserving Room before Encryption
Authors:   Nilesh Bhor, Pratik Chandgude, Kamlesh Patil, Aniket Wabale

Title:        Product Ranking using Opinion Mining
Authors:   Ashutosh Tiwari, Aditya Vishwekar, Karishma Sawant, Prof. Kavita Bathe

Title:        Android Battery Manager Application and a Solar Based Portable Mobile Charger
Authors:   Dhanil Vira, Mandeep Singh Saini, Uday Rote

Title:        Android Based Video Enhancement
Authors:   Monika Patel, Viren Raghvani, Snehal Anevkar

Title:        Design and Analysis of 100 Watts Savonius Rotor Blade
Authors:   Ashwini P. Kukde

Title:        A Survey on Steganography using Multimedia Files
Authors:   P. Selvigrija, E. Ramya

Title:        Planning, Analysis and Design of an Apartment Building
Authors:   Amrutha Lekshmi M S, Anjana V, Neethu T George , Stephy Seles K J

Title:        Spatial Distribution of Fluoride in Groundwaters, Hirehalla Watershed, Karnataka
Authors:   Sanjay.M.Hiremath, H.M.Jayasheela

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