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Volume 3, Issue 6, June 2015

Title:        Developments in Enhanced Oil Recovery Technologies- A Review
Authors:   Hardikkumar V. Shrimali

Title:        A Survey on Online Transaction Security
Authors:   Tanvi Dhingra, Gurleen Kaur

Title:        Visibility Restoration by Dehazing in Intelligent Transportation System
Authors:   Akshaya A, S V Manisekaran, K Venkatesh kumar, Gayathri R

Title:        Reference Broadcast Time Synchronization in WSN
Authors:   E.Mahalakshmi, Mr.A.Rajamurugan

Title:        A Survey on Techniques of Energy Efficiency in Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors:   Satpute Priya, A. R. Panhalkar

Title:        Data Mining in Clinical Records to foretell the risk of Osteoporosis
Authors:   Ms.K.S.Sathawane, Prof.Ms.R.R.Tuteja

Title:        Minutia Cylindrical Code Based Approach for Fingerprint Matching
Authors:   Dilip Tamboli, Mr.Sandeep B Patil, Dr.G.R.Sinha

Title:        A DWT Based Video Watermarking Using Random Frame Selection
Authors:   Priya Chandrakar, Mrs. Shahana Gajala Qureshi

Title:        QRS Complex Detection and ST Segmentation of ECG Signal Using Wavelet Transform
Authors:   Afseen Naaz, Mrs Shikha Singh

Title:        Performance of Radiation-Based Reference Evapotranspiration Equations Vs FAO
               56-PM Model at Sub-Humid Region of Uttarakhand

Authors:   Arvind Singh Tomar, Om Prakash Kumar

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