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Volume 3, Issue 8, August 2015

Title:        An Implementation of Moving Object Detection in Compressed Domain of HEVC for
               Video Surveillance with Results

Authors:   Vinutha H Reddy, Chhaya S.Pawar

Title:        Wireless Sensor Network based Smart Building Automation System
Authors:   Y.N.Raghunath babu

Title:        Physical Condition of Houses and Aedes Aegypti's Larva Index As Predictor Of Dengue
               Hemorrhagic Fever's Occurrence And Control Management At Manukan Kulon Public
               Health Center Surabaya

Authors:   Deddy Stya N, Mukono, Subagyo Yotopranoto

Title:        Evaluation of Environmental Sanitation Hygiene Program in Prevention of Diarrhea
               Incidence in The Working Area of Kolaka District Health Office

Authors:   Mung Rahadi, Lilis Sulistyorini, Satya Haksama

Title:        Application of a Hybrid MCDM Method
Authors:   Bobin Cherian Jos, Nisha Markose, Shinu S Kurian, Beena Jacob

Title:        Recent Survey on Cloud Computing
Authors:   D.Sridevi, Prince Jeyaseelan James, Dr.A.Abdul Rasheed

Title:        Design of State Feedback Controller for a Quadruple Tank Process
Authors:   S. Nagammai, S.Latha , N.Gowtham Kannan, R.S.Somasundaram, B.Prasanna

Title:        Particle Swarm Optimized Radial Basis Network for prediction of Neural Network
               Benchmark Series

Authors:   Pratik Hajare, Dr. Narendra Bawane

Title:        Survey on Selfish Node Detection System in MANETs
Authors:   Mangesh M. Ghonge, Dr. P. M. Jawandhiya

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