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Volume 3, Issue 9, September 2015

Title:        Design of High Speed MAC Unit using Vedic Multiplier
Authors:   Neeraj Devarari, D.S.Gangwar, Shivika

Title:        Sports in India Sans Cricket
Authors:   Prof Sameer A. Virani ,

Title:        Dynamic Load Analysis of Carbon Fiber Connecting Rod
Authors:   Mithilesh K Lade, Deepali Bankar Lade, Diwesh B Meshram, Ritesh P Harode

Title:        Static Load Analysis of Carbon Fiber Connecting Rod
Authors:   Mithilesh K Lade, Ritesh P Harode, Deepali Bankar Lade

Title:        Parking Management Blueprints for Rajkot - Solution to Urban Transport Problems
Authors:   Meet K. Hingrajia, Pratik D. Vagadia, Vidhi H. Khokhani

Title:        Waste Water Treatment with Emphasis on Colour Removal with the Help of Sugar
               Cane Bagasse

Authors:   Mr. Omkar D. Sutar, Prof. S. V. Ranade

Title:        Solving Economic Load Dispatch Problem Using Traditional Optimization Technique
               with Competitive Study

Authors:   Kirti Gupta, Devendra Dohre

Title:        CPU Mining Malware: Complete Analysis of Real World Virus
Authors:   Rohitkumar Gautam, Sanjeev Kumar, Jhilik Bhattacharya

Title:        Radio over Fiber (RoF) Technology
Authors:   Pranati Sumedha, Akshay Amitabh, Shipra Mishra

Title:        Oxidation of Benzoin to Benzil under Liquid-Liquid Phase Transfer Catalysis with Hydrogen
               Peroxide as the Oxidizing Agent

Authors:   Ms. Asha S. Kamble, Dr. C. K. Mistry and Prof. S. V. Ranade

Title:        Biomass Gasification: Study of effect of Biomass properties and Operating parameters
Authors:   V. Shirke, S.V. Ranade, R. Bansal

Title:        ZMART PARK A Smart END to your PARKING WOES
Authors:   Jay Shah, Jigarkumar Suhagiya

Title:        Study of Mechanical Properties of Steel Fiber Reinforced Geopolymer Concrete
Authors:   Dr. Sunilkumar S. Patil, Amol Ashok Patil

Title:        Integrated Multi Input CUK Converter Used Standalone System for WECS and PV
Authors:   Vandana S Pillai, Neenu Rose Antony

Title:        Productivity Improvement in a Windows Manufacturing Layout Using Flexsim Simulation

Authors:   U. Sravan Kumar, Y. Shivraj Narayan

Title:        Job Shop Scheduling With Alternate Process Plan by Using Genetic Algorithm
Authors:   Randhir Kumar, Vijay Pandey

Title:        Predicting Melting Point of Medicinal Compounds Using Neural Network Classifier
Authors:   Surabhi P V, Dr. T.S Santha

Title:        Energy Recovery from Partially Shaded Photovoltaic Modules using PSO Based MPPT
Authors:   Aswathy V V, Reshmi V

Title:        Energy Management in Hybrid Power System
Authors:   Minu K S, Bobin K Mathew

Title:        Performance Analysis of Parabolic Trough Collector and Simulation of Absorber tube
               using ANSYS

Authors:   Neetha S Sali, Sreekala P

Title:        An Intelligent Neural Network Based Load Sharing for a Home User
Authors:   Chinnu Mariam Baby, Midhu Das B

Title:        An Empirical Approach to Estimate Runoff of an Ungauged Catchment- Strange Table Method
Authors:   M.Latha, M.Rajendran

Title:        Advancement in the Field of Robotics in Medical Industry: A Theoretical Review
Authors:   Ritu Jain


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