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Volume 4, Issue 2, February 2016

Title:        Modeling and Analysis of Magnetorheological Fluid Brake
Authors:   Kshirsagar Prashant R, Kaushal Halwai, Pushparaj Patil, Prince Pandey, Ashwini Patil

Title:        Accident Prevention Using Eye Blink Detection with Braking System and Inner
               Wiper Mechanism

Authors:   Shardul Raut, Suraj Patil, Aniket Kumbhar, Rohit Shinde

Title:        Electrically Operated Bi-directional Mixer: A Proposed Work
Authors:   S N Waghmare, S P Mail, D A Mohite, P S Nalawade, P D Salunke

Title:        Geographical Information System Approach on Groundwater Geochemistry of Western
               Region of Perambalur District, Tamilnadu

Authors:   V.Vijayakumar, R.Lakshmi Priya, M.Bhuvaneswari, A.Ilakiya, S.Vasudevan

Title:        Sentiment Analysis using FP-Growth and FIN algorithm
Authors:   Ms. Prajacta Lobo, Prof. Rajendra Gawali

Title:        Design of Combined Fatigue Testing Machine
Authors:   OmkarP.Bhatkar, Sameer Y. Mhatre, Ashish S. Pilankar, Vibhavari S. Desai,
               Mohsin J. Katlikar

Title:        A Comprehensive Solar Powered Absorption Refrigeration System
Authors:   Dinesh Singh, Dr. L.P. Singh

Title:        BESS at Point of Common Coupling for Wind Farm
Authors:   Sandeep Tapre, Prof.K.Venkata Ramamohan

Title:        Detection of Defect on Fruit using Computer Vision Technique
Authors:   Ashish Kumar, Ali Haider Patheria, PoojaBhor, ShrutiJathar, Prof.Chaya Jadhav

Title:        An Analysis of Methodologies for Leaf Disease Detection Techniques
Authors:   Harshad Shetye, Tejas Rane, Tanmay Pawar, Prof. Anuradha Dandwate

Title:        ARM Based Seismic Data Acquisition System
Authors:   Pritesh G. Umate, Prof. Vaishali Raut

Title:        Alternating Path Finding using Fast Reroute in Wireless Network
Authors:   Pragya L.S Balley, Prof. Chaitrali Chaudhari

Title:        Contact Centre Forecasting using Prediction Methodologies
Authors:   Shreekant S.Wagh, Prof. Sanjivani Deokar

Title:        A Study on Warm Mix Design on Bitumens Mixes (VG 30) Using Rediset-WMX
Authors:   Aamirhamaza Chariwala, Shivam Patel, Mursalin Shaikh, Shivam Gangani, Sagar Tailor

Title:        Utilization of Fly Ash in Wastewater Treatment
Authors:   Miss.M.V.Sanas, Prof.S.M.Gawande, Prof.A.A.Patil

Title:        A Review on Efficient Brain Tumor Detection Using Various Methods
Authors:   Ku. Mayuri R. Khode, Prof. S. R. Salwe, Prof. A.P. Bagade, Dr. R.D. Raut


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