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Volume 4, Issue 4, April 2016

Title:        Influence of insert geometry and cutting parameters on surface roughness of 080M40
               Steel in turning process

Authors:   K.G.Nikam, S.S.Kadam

Title:        Development of Standing Wave Thermo Acoustic Prime Mover
Authors:   Lakshiminarayana T H, Sunil Kumar K, Srinivasa Chari V, Bharth G

Title:        Speed Control of DC Motor Fed with Fuel Cell and Luo Converter Using PI and
               Fuzzy Controller

Authors:   N.Lavanya, K. Srinivasa Rao

Title:        Unit Commitment Using Hybrid Gravitational Search Algorithm
Authors:   Shivani Mehta, Gourav Kumar

Title:        Object Detection, Location Finder for Blind People Using Android Application
Authors:   Renuka Kulkarni, Snehal Poul, Mayuri Mulik, Sujata Swami

Title:        Design Of Communication Aid for Physically Challenged
Authors:   Ranjitha.D, Rajeswari.J, Ragasumidha.G, Mrs.Pradeepa.S

Title:        Car parking Android app using Wireless Sensors Network
Authors:   Tanvi Gaikwad, Shreya Kadam,Sheetal Shinde

Title:        A Comparison of Multilevel Inverter Methodology for Single Phase Transformer less
               PV Systems

Authors:   G.Dhivya M.tech, G.Santoshamma

Title:        Efficient Implementation of Clustering using Segmentation- for Placement Data
Authors:   Neel Chaudhari, Pritesh Burngule, Premnath Borkar, Dikshant Chavan,
               Prof. Niti Desai

Title:        Student Attendance Parental Application Using Multi-biometric System
Authors:   Dhanuja Shinde, Ankita Mali, Varsha Pathak, Devendra Zaware

Title:        Features Preserving Video Event Detection using Relative Motion Histogram of Bag of
               Visual Words

Authors:   Ms. Arifa U. Mulani, Ms. Varsha V. Mahajan, Ms. Swati B. Wadghule,
               Prof. Radha S. Shirbhate

Title:        Organic Light-Emitting Diode with Patterned Inverted Conical Structure for
               Efficiency Enhancement

Authors:   Sonam Thakur,Vipin Gupta

Title:        Statistical Analysis of SI Engine Fuel by Different Alcohol
Authors:   Anand Kumar Singh, Sunila Kumar Panigrahy, Prince Tiwari, Mr. Sunil Rout,
               Mr. Debabrata Panda

Title:        Design of a smart home automation Using Virtual Instrumentation
Authors:   R.Naveeth Kumar, P.Premalatha, K.Hemalatha

Title:        Efficient Matrix Codes for Error Correction in Memory
Authors:   M.Mohankumar, T.Dhivya

Title:        Soil Sensor Based Auto Gardening Using Solar Model
Authors:   Prof ArunKumar Rath, Abhisek Sahu, Sushree Subhashree Panigrahi,
               Soumya Ranjan Panda

Title:        Analysis of Shell & Tube Type Heat Exchangers
Authors:   Ajay Kumar Giri, Navesh Kumar Roul, Tarini Prakash Mishra, Mr. Debabrata panda,
               Mr. Ajit Prasad Dash

Title:        Securing Military Data Using CP-ABE and Triple-DES With Multi-Authority System
Authors:   Prof N D Sonawane, Ashutosh Kumar, Petkar Shreyas, Prasad Jat, Gururaj Shettigar

Title:        Low Cost Labview Based Sensor Simulation
Authors:   Aldase Job John, Prabhu K. R, Niyas A

Title:        Design of Terminal Automation System
Authors:   Aswin.S, Prabhu .K. R, Khalid Khan

Title:        Comparative Analysis of Different Techniques Used for Detection and Classification of
               Micro-calcifications in Mammogram

Authors:   Himanshu Khantwal, Onkar Kokate, Siddhesh Kudav, Sachin Mane

Title:        A Study on Work-life Balance among the Women Faculties in Engineering Colleges
               with Special Reference to Trichy City

Authors:   M.Mano Samuel, Dr.S.Mahalingam

Title:        Design of an Intelligent System for Highway using Wireless Sensor Network
Authors:   Gaurav S. Yawale, Sachin R. Reddy, Adarsh G. Reddy, Shrutika V. Deshmukh,
               Namrata S. Yawale

Title:        Experimental Analysis on waste chill recovery heat Exchanger
Authors:   Kasinath Panda, Bikash Kumar Das, Kumar Rahul Ranjan, Abhishek Nath

Title:        Design and Fabrication of Power Scooter
Authors:   Sasank Sekhar Panda, Nirmal Bhargava, Kamal Lochan Pradhan, Prashanta Mishra

Title:        Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR)- A perfect healer for power Quality Improvement
Authors:   Arun Kumar Rath, Smita Chatarjee, Jayanti Singh

Title:        Review on Speech and Audio Steganography Techniques
Authors:   Pratibha A. Nandane, Prof. Mrs.P.P.Belagali

Title:        Comparative Study of Beam by Analytical Method and ETABS Software
Authors:   M.D. Pidurkar, R.H. Mohankar, R.S. Bute, Y.D. Chintanwar

Title:        Analysis of improvement of Heat Transfer in Rectangular Channel Fitted with
               V-Shaped Ribs

Authors:   A.V. Harde, R. Chamatkar, A.D. Kadam, Md. G.Pathan

Title:        Cleaning of Swimming Pools Using Solar Energy
Authors:   Arun Kumar Rath, Amlan S. Mishra, Manoj Kumar Mahapatra, Somyakanta Pradhan

Title:        Chloride Concentration in Ground water of Punjab Satluj Floodplain (India)
               from 1970 to 2011

Authors:   Harsimrat Kaur Gill

Title:        Investigation and Review on Crack Detection in Stepped Cantilever Beam
Authors:   Prof. B.S. Allurkar, Shruddha S Patil

Title:        IOT Enabling Modular Wireless Controller Using 6LowPAN Technology
Authors:   Nikhil PS, Dr.Prabhu KR, Praveen Hegde

Title:        Internet of Things: Emerging Applications and Challenges
Authors:   Sukhada V. Dharmadhikari, Nilesh R. Patel, Sanjay M. Gulhane

Title:        Sensor Deployment and Scheduling for Maximizing Energy, Battery Lifetime and
               Target Coverage in Wireless Sensor Networks

Authors:   Nikhil Nagpure, Siddhesh Wadekar, Sanket Mote, Prof. Sumitra Sadhukhan

Title:        Beam Shaping of LED Luminaries using Condenser Lens
Authors:   Dr. Deepa V. Ramane

Title:        Improving Power Quality of Wind Power Grid- Connected System
Authors:   Shahrukh B. Pathan, Saiyad Tausif B. Ali, Laukik S. Raut, Pragati G.Rathi

Title:        Detecting Power Grid Synchronization Failure on Sensing Frequency or Voltage
               beyond Acceptable Range

Authors:   Laukik S. Raut, Shahrukh B. Pathan, Gaurav N. Pawar, Mandar V. Pathak

Title:        Solar Based Intelligent Automatic Plant Watering System
Authors:   Pranita G. Titare, Rani A. Wagh, Vaibhav M. Umate

Title:        Effective Elastic Modulus of Regular Hexagon Hierarchical Honeycomb Structure
Authors:   Prakahr Kumar Kharwar, MR. R. N Mall

Title:        Design and Analysis of Regenerative Air Cooler
Authors:   Mr. S.N Tripathy, Vicky Verma, Abhishek Kumar, Sidharth kumar

Title:        Recycling of Waste Plastic as Fuel for DI-CI Engine
Authors:    Pradeep Kumar Misra, Satish kumar singh, Ravikant Kumar, Abhishek Kumar

Title:        Total harmonic distortion reduction using Photovoltaic cell and LC filter in
               Three Phase 11

Authors:   Level Inverter Sandeep Roy, Alok Sahu, M. K Pradhan

Title:        Design and Static Analysis of Four Wheeler Suspension System
Authors:    Rakesh Kumar Sahu, Abinash pattanayak, Prangya Dash, Bhola Ram Modi

Title:        A Novel Variable Speed Wind Energy System Using Generator and Switch Converter
Authors:   Jagdish K. Dhande, Rahul M. Didpaye, Ashwini R. Adamane,
               Prof. Ashwini B. Nagdewate

Title:        Prevention of Direct and Indirect Discrimination using Rule Protection and Rule Generalization
Authors:   Shruti A. Vagare, Prof. P.D. Thakare

Title:        Geographic Routing in Duty Cycled Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors:   Sayali Moharkar, Dr. M. V. Sarode

Title:        MINDS: Machine Intelligence Based Network Intrusion Detection System
Authors:   Purushottam R. Patil, Dr. Yogesh Sharma, Dr. Manali Kshirsagar

Title:        Monitoring Parameter of Distribution Transformer by using XBEE Technology
Authors:   Sonal A. Mahajan, Vaibhav V. Khedkar, Prof. Akash A. Gophane

Title:        Low Power VLSI design Methodologies & Power Management
Authors:   Mr. Suhas D. Kakde, Mr. P. B. Pokle, Mr. Jayantkumar Dorave

Title:        Effect of Austempering and Martempering on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties
               of EN31 Steel

Authors:   Sikander, Swati Gangwar

Title:        Study on Liquid Cooled 2 Stroke Engine
Authors:   Abhishek toppo, Sumnat Pandey, Gopikahnu Tudu, Mr. Sunil Rout

Title:        Adaptive Bounded Control for an Uncertain Robotic Manipulator
Authors:   Trong-Toan Tran

Title:        An approach to minimize Topology Mismatch Problem in similarity -Aware Heterogeneous
               P2P Networks

Authors:   Dr. B.Lalitha, C.Ravi Kishore Reddy

Title:        Design and Control of Buck-Boost Converter Fed Electronically Commutated Motor Drive
Authors:   Miss. Pooja B.Jagtap, Mr. ShubhamA.Harane, Mr. Abhilash M. Jaisingpure,
               Prof. Amit M.Dodke

Title:        Brain Tumor Detection and Segmentation In MRI Images
Authors:   AbhijithSivarajan S, Kamalakar V. Thakare, Shailesh Kathole, Pramod B. Khamkar,
               Danny J. Pereira

Title:        Foeticide Monitoring System
Authors:   Akhilesh Kumar, Abhishek Srivastava, Vrushali Patil, Niketa Penumajji, Prof. R.V Patil

Title:        Modal Analysis of Spur Gear in Lathe Headstock for different Material
Authors:   T Eswara Rao, Swadhin Kumar Patel, Abhishek Kumar Jha, R Subhendu Pradhan

Title:        A Simulated Study on Charge Carrier Transport through the Barrier Inhomogeneity
               in MS Contact

Authors:   Saroj Bala

Title:        Modeling and Simulation of Grid Connected Solar Wind Hybrid Power System
Authors:   Sandesh Pakhale, Neha Maskare, Vaibhav Naik, Malta Mahurle,
               Asst. Prof. Ashish Pete

Title:        Effect of Differently Treated Soyabean Flour on Quality of Biscuits
Authors:   E Hasker., K Leelavathi, Radhai Sri, Sangamithra

Title:        A Novel Visual Authentication Protocols Based On Preventing Keylogging
Authors:   Shailendra Madansing Pardeshi

Title:        Modeling and Simulation of Solar and Wind Hybrid Power System Using Matlab
Authors:   Vipul S. Gaigol, Dhiraj L. Gahukar, Vaibhav S.Naik, Abhilash M.Jaisingpure


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