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Volume 4, Issue 6, June 2016

Title:        GSM Based Railway Bridge Damage and Track Failure Detection
Authors:   K.V.V.Kumar, N.Sunitha, P.Lohitha, Ch.Gana keerthi, Priyanka

Title:        Formulation of Improved Grey Wolf Optimization Methodology for ELD Problem
Authors:   Guntaas, Mr.Sushil Prashar

Title:        Development of Self Sensing Concrete and Its Various Possible Applications
Authors:   R. Shruthi, M. Neelamegam

Title:        Effect of Lead Exposure in the Air to Blood Lead Levels on Lead Smelting Workers
Authors:   Mela Firdaust, Jojok Mukono, Harianto Notopuro

Title:        Effect of Respirable Silica Dust Levels toward interferon-? in Sandblasting Workers
Authors:   Susan Arba, Jojok Mukono, Harianto Notopuro

Title:        Context, Input, Process & Product (CIPP) Program Stop Defecation in the
               District Banjarnegara

Authors:   Raib Sekhudin, R. Azizah, Setya Haksama

Title:        Hybrid GWO-PSO Algorithm for Solving Convex Economic Load Dispatch Problem
Authors:   Nitish Chopra, Gourav Kumar, Shivani Mehta

Title:        Multiple Objects Tracking in Video Sequences- Survey
Authors:   Adinarayana Ekkurthi, Dr.G.Sudhavani

Title:        Removal of COD and color of Carmine Dye by Photocatalytic Ozonation with effect of
               Zinc Oxide catalyst

Authors:   M. B. Mandake, D. S. Dave, D. G. Goswami, S. S. Yeram

Title:        Review on Analysis of Machine Spindle
Authors:   Miss. Ashwini V. karad, Prof. Rawabawale N. A., Prof. Nagure S.M.

Title:        Fexural Behaviour of Fibre Reinforced Concrete Layered Beams
Authors:   Prabha G, Tamilselvan S

Title:        Voting Approach for K-means Based Consensus Clustering
Authors:   Nimesha M. Patil, Dipak V. Patil

Title:        Effect of Hybrid Fibres on Flexural Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Beams with
               Blended Cement

Authors:   Nandhini.J, Kalingarani.K

Title:        Mechanical Properties of Hybrid Fiber Reinforced Polymer Mortar
Authors:   D.Suganya, M.Surendar, S. Lavanya prabha

Title:        Increasing Robustness in Reversible Image Data Hiding with Contrast Enhancement
               by Homomorphic Encryption

Authors:   Rasika P. Kulkarni, Archana S. Vaidya

Title:        Design, Analysis and Construction of Precast Ferrocement Store Room
Authors:   S. Priya Vadhana, M. Neelamegam, S. Lavanya Praba

Title:        Fast Applying Threads for Short Text Classification Using Naive Bayes
Authors:   Sayali S. Rasane, Dipak V. Patil

Title:        Distance Based Outlier Detection using Anti-hubs
Authors:   Miss.Gavale Swati S., Prof. Sandip Kahate

Title:        BER performance characteristics of DFT & Wavelet based OFDM obtained for QPSK &
               QAM Techniques for LTE

Authors:    S.Sireesha, Dr.V.S.R.Kumari

Title:        Authentication Using Palmprint
Authors:   Madhavi A.Gulhane, Dr. G.R.Bamnote

Title:        Generalized Equilization Model for Camera Image Enhancement
Authors:   Prof.S.V.Pattalwar, Miss.Pooja A.Bhure

Title:        Review of Transmission Strategy of Wireless Sensor Network for Lifetime Maximization
Authors:   Ms. Vrishali Jadhav, Prof. Pankaj Salunkhe

Title:        Study of Techniques Available for Image Forgery Detection on Digital Images
Authors:   Firoj Sahu, Sampada Vishwas Messy

Title:        Utilisation of waste flowers as a potential source of natural dyeing on Bamboo fabric
               using Natural mordants

Authors:    Amita Singh, Charu Swami


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