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Volume 4, Issue 8, August 2016

Title:        Internet of Things: Scope In
Authors:   Muni Prabaharan

Title:        Effect of Physical Hazard on Lactic Acid Level
Authors:   Ika Meylan Christina Harahap, Tjipto Suwandi, Lilis Sulistyorini

Title:        Relationship between Management Commitment with Worker Safety Performance
               in PT. Gunawan Dianjaya Steel Tbk Surabaya

Authors:   Lira Mufti, Denny Ardyanto, M. Bagus Qomaruddin, Rizky Fadilah

Title:        Forecasting Bill for Cloud Consumers Based on Previous Resource Usage
Authors:   Aditi A Irkal, Manoj L Bangare

Title:        Material Optimization for Squeeze Film Damping in Fixed-Fixed Beam RF
               MEMS Switches

Authors:   Anoushka Kumar A, Resmi R

Title:        The relationship between Nurses’ Perceived Job Related Stressors and Job Satisfaction
               in Critical Care Units at X Hospital, Surabaya

Authors:   Naif Alfatesh, Tjipto Suwandi, Bagus Qomaruddin, Noeroel Widajati

Title:        Floral Dyes: An Opportunity for Punjab Leather Industry to Promote Sustainable
               Fashion Development

Authors:   Shazia Pervaiz, Tahira Aziz Mughal, Filza Zafar Khan, Muhammad Najeebullah

Title:        Earthquake Indicator Using Arduino
Authors:   Hima MS, Josphin Subha, Kalyani Devi G, Karthika Sankaran, Naveen S

Title:        Effect of Aircraft Noise Level on Increased Serum Cortisol Level among Ground
               Handling Workers at Juanda Airport

Authors:   Muhammad Zulfikar Adha, Jojok Mukono, Soedjajadi Keman

Title:        The Effect of Subjective Norm towards Husband’s Intention to Become Acceptors of
               Family Planning MOP (Operation Method Man) In Wanareja District

Authors:   Frisca Dewi Yunadi, M. Bagus Qomaruddin, Bambang Trijanto

Title:        A Study on Workability and Flexural Strength of Concrete by partially replacing with
               Egg Shell and M-Sand

Authors:   Anitha.J, Pradeepa.S, N.Tamil Selvi, Pranav.P, Arpit Jaketia

Title:        Relationship Perceived Benefit with Behavior Work Accidents Reporting at Nurse in
               Hospital Suaka Insan Banjarmasin

Authors:   Lis Andriana Rose Rusmerie, Denny Ardyanto, Bagus Qomaruddin

Title:        Study of Heavy metals in Indrayani River at Alandi, District Pune (Maharashtra)
               A Case Study

Authors:   S.D. Jadhav, M.S. Jadhav

Title:        The Association of Nurse Personal Factor and Low Back Pain Among Nurses
                (A. Study at ICU and ICCU of 3 hospital)

Authors:   Gandu Eko Julianto Suyoso, Tri Martiana, Linda Dewanti

Title:        Study on mechanical properties of Engineered Cementitious Composites
Authors:   Raghesh Rajan, Jeena Mathew

Title:         Analysis of Short Columns with and Without Steel Casing
Authors:   Jyothikamol Sabu, Kavitha P.E.

Title:        Influence of the Particle Sizeand Level of Substitution of Okara Flour in the
               Development of Gluten-Free Cookies

Authors:   María V. Ostermann Porcel, Ana N. Rinaldoni, Laura T. Rodríguez Furlan,
               Mercedes E. Campderrós

Title:        Squeeze Film Damping Analysis in Micromirrors: Surface Pressure and Damping Force
Authors:   Sharon Finny, Resmi R

Title:        Control and Interfacing of BLDC Motor with LABVIEW Using MYRIO
Authors:   Rathy G. A, Aravind Balaji

Title:        Estimating Performance Point of Existing Masonry Buildings and Study on their
               Improvement using Retrofitting Method

Authors:   Ajmal salim, Manju P.M, Sivan P.P

Title:         Response of Blast Loading on R.C Structures
Authors:   Jay Krishna, Eldhose Cheriyan

Title:         Multimodal Face Recognition Using Minimum Average Correlation Energy Filter
Authors:    Roshna N.R., Naveen S.

Title:         Minimization of Losses in MF Production Section at RCF LTD., THAL
Authors:    Siddhesh G. Patil, Prof. S. V. Ranade

Title:         Arduino Based Door Access Control
Authors:   Janaki Venukumar, Naveen.S

Title:        Multi Signature Protocol for Network Layer Attacks in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Authors:   Mr. Sachin Korde, Dr. M. V. Sarode, Dr. V. M. Thakare


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