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Volume 5, Issue 11, November 2017

Title:        Various Optimization Techniques for Cluster Head Selection in Wireless Sensor Network
Authors:  Bindiya Jain, Gursewak Brar, Jyoteesh Malhotra

Title:        Starlikeness of Some Univalent Functions
Authors:  Manpreet Kaur, Sushma Gupta, Ukhjit Singh

Title:        Divider Collision Avoidance System
Authors:  Rushil Sharma, Aviral Verma, Aman Gusain, Robin Malhotra, Saksham Sethi

Title:        Perception of Urban Commuters on Auto Rickshaw Transport Services in Agartala City
Authors:  Debasish Debbarma, Dr. Saptarshi Mitra

Title:        Coefficient Inequality for a new subclass of Starlike Function
Authors:  Gurmeet Singh, Gaganpreet Kaur

Title:        Approach to coefficient Inequality for a new subclass of Starlike Function with extremals
Authors:  Gurmeet singh, Chatinder Kaur

Title:        Effect of Cd, Ni codoping on photocatalytic activity of Zinc Oxide,
               Synthesized by Citrate Gel Method

Authors:  Ms. Sneha Salvi, P.B.Lokhande, H.A.Mujawar

Title:        Introduction about Design and Stress Aanalysis of Tail Cone Rotary Agitator
               in Horizontal Feeder

Authors:  Mr.Ajay G.Raje, Dr.J.S.Gawande, Prof.M.Z.Khan

Title:        Post Disaster Evaluation of Latur Earthquake
Authors:  Gaurang Bhimani, Dr. Neha Bansal

Title:        Modeling and Simulation of Induction Machine using MATLAB/Simulink
               - A Modular Approach

Authors:  Hiren Jariwala, Gayatri Kher, Vaibhavi Patel, Riyanshi Bharhmbhatt, Dharati Parmar

Title:        The Effect Of Immersion Water Temperatures Toward Decreasing Levels Of
                Formalin In Tuna (Euthynnus affinis).

Authors:  Devi Arifatin Giyanti

Title:        Biometrics - An Overview in Forensic Investigation
Authors:  G.Yashodha

Title:        Review of Software Testing Techniques and Strategies
Authors:  Kamatham Sivananda

Title:        Impact of Yogic Practices and Aerobic Training on total cholesterolamong Middle
               Aged Women

Authors:  Kamatham Sivananda, Dr. M.V. Srinivasan

Title:        System for Parallelism Process
Authors:  Dr. P. R. Deshmukh, P. A. Tijare


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