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Volume 5, Issue 4, April 2017

Title:        Addressing Data Security Challenges in Cloud Computing
Authors:   Pavan R Jaiswal, B D Zope, M M Shingare

Title:        Prediction of Ultimate Load Capacity of Tapered Members Using Artificial Neural Network
Authors:   Soroush Karimnezhad, Mehrdad Dastevari

Title:        CRICPEDIA: The Live Scorecard And Record System
Authors:   Mr. Sapre Shreyas U., Ms. Karande Pragati B., Mr. Kalwari Abhishek A.,
               Mr. Gosavi Mangesh K.

Title:        Heat Augmentation Methods Using Different Types Of Extended Surface -A Review
Authors:   Ashish N.Mahure, Sachin M.Moghe

Title:        Experimental Investigation on Manufacture of Brick by Partially Replacing of Soil
               by Coconut Shell ASH


Title:        Design, Modeling and Testing Of Over Current Relay for Power System Protection
Authors:   Arun Kumar Rath, Anish Kumar, Abhishek Kumar, Gaurav Kumar, Saurav Ranjan Guru

Title:        GIS Applications for Groundwater Management on Different Taluks of
               Perambalur District, Tamil Nadu

Authors:   V.Vijayakumar, Ashutosh Das, Mukesh Goel

Title:        A Review on Waste Heat Recovery in Industries
Authors:   Mr. Rupesh Suryavanshi, Prof.A.D.Pitale

Title:        Proposing ELA (Environment Learning Algorithm) for Enhancing humans and
               Epigenetic Robotics Skills

Authors:   Parminder Kaur Saini, Ritu Tiwari, Sukhwinder Singh, Jasvir Singh

Title:        Electric Discharge Machine: From Mechanism to Applications
Authors:   Ajay Sharma, Dr. Ajay Kumar Singh Singholi

Title:        RFID Based Student Attendance Management and Student Performance Analysis
Authors:   Vairavanathan T, Vigneshwaranan A, Vishal R K

Title:        Study of Vibration Response of Coupling under Misalignment Condition- A Review
Authors:   S.M.Moghe, A.N.Mahure

Title:        Rescue Bot for Bore well Accidents
Authors:   N.Bhagya Laxmi, G.Prasanna Rani

Title:        Automatic Host based and Network Based Intrusion Detection System
Authors:   Prashant Londhe, Rupali Dokhe, Mohit Beh, Amruta Gaikwad, Prof. A.A. Pund

Title:        Search for Identity and Struggle for Existence in Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni's
               Oleander Girl

Authors:   K.Venkata Lakshmi, Dr. G. Chenna Reddy

Title:        A Behavioural Study on Mechanical Properties of Concrete using Silica Fumes and Copper
               Slag as Partial Replacements for Cement and Fine aggregates with Additive Fibres

Authors:   B.P.Sharath

Title:        Comparison of different Boom sections of Mobile Crane
Authors:   Megha Sharma, Ajay Sharma

Title:        Optimization of WEDM Process by using Modified TLBO Technique
Authors:   T.Nishkala, V. Chengal Reddy, Dr. N. Venkata Chalapathi

Title:        A Review on Computer-aided Fixture Design
Authors:   Mr. Ashish Umarkar, Mr. Yogesh Gavhane

Title:        Ranking of Query Results using Structure Mining Based on Automatic
               Speech Recognition

Authors:   Meena H. Gadge, Prof. P. B. Sambhare

Title:        Heating and Cooling Degree Day Maps of Turkey
Authors:   Ismail Bulent Gundogdu

Title:        Experimental Analysis of Coefficient of Restitution in Impacts
Authors:   A.V.Phanse, N.A.Barve

Title:        Improved Analysis of Hybrid Optical Amplifier in CWDM System
Authors:   Bandana Mallick, Reeta Kumari, Anirban Mukherjee, Kunwar Parakram

Title:        Comparative Study of Different Types of Solar Collectors Suitable for Vapour
               Absorption Refrigeration System

Authors:   Madhulesh Yadav, Dr. N.K Saikhedkar

Title:        Comparative Study of Solar Thermal Cooling Techniques for Absorption
               Refrigeration System

Authors:   Madhulesh Yadav, Dr. N.K Saikhedkar

Title:        Decolourization of Textile Dyes Effluents Using Waste Water Treatment Plant
Authors:   Abhishek Siuli

Title:        Heat Transfer Augmentation in Tube in Tube Type Heat Exchanger Using Spring Coil Insert
Authors:   Amit Suresh Waghode, M. D. Shende

Title:        Design of Experimental Setup for Disc Coupling Test
Authors:   Mr. A.V. Javir, Mr.Satyajit.S Sakapale, Mr.Sourabh.S Kulye,
               Mr. Shankar.STandel, Mr.Rakesh.M Desai

Title:        Web Controlled Notice Board using Raspberry Pi
Authors:   Dr. Madhukar S.Chavan, Revati J. Mane, Priyanka R. Narale, Shaila H. Mali

Title:        A Review of Techniques Used for Sentiment Analysis on Twitter Data
Authors:   Alind Jain, Shreem Kapoor, Anshu Malhotra

Title:        Two stage Parzen window entropy based co-operative spectrum sensing
Authors:   Sumathra T., Aparna N.S.

Title:        Solid Modelling and Finite Element Analysis of Resilent Obelisk Winch (ROW)
               in Comparison with Tower Crane


Title:        Message Authentication & Source Privacy Using Hop by Hop in WSN?s
Authors:   Pratik A. Naringe, Apurva P. Tidke, Samruddhi D. Thakare, Vinit V. Pande,
               Sanjana S. Puri, Sunita M. Wadaskar

Title:        An Imperial Study on Efficient and Reliable Ranked Keyword search Method
Authors:   Pooja V. Tundurwar, Prof. Sachin A. Murab, Prof. M.G.Ingle


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