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Volume 5, Issue 5, May 2017

Title:        Solar Powered Drilling Machine
Authors:   K.Vengatesvaran, R.Rathish, M.Kanagaraj, M.Sivakumar, S.Kannan,

Title:        Comparison of Cost Benefit Analysis for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Magnetic
               Resonance Imaging in Surabaya PHC Hospital, Indonesia

Authors:   Yudi Prasetya Safarie, Sendhi Tristanti P.

Title:        Performance evaluation of MMSE channel estimator for different modulation
               schemes in MIMO-OFDM systems

Authors:   Diksha Chauhan, Vivek Kanwar

Title:        Pervious concrete with cupola slag
Authors:   Asst. Prof. Mithun Sawant, Daksha Dhande, Shivani Sabde, Rutuja Bhalsing,
               Praful Yadav, Nilesh Ranjan

Title:        Pervious concrete with glass fiber
Authors:   Asst. Prof. Mithun Sawant, Daksha Dhande, Shivani Sabde, Rutuja Bhalsing,
               Praful Yadav, Nilesh Ranjan

Title:        Enhancement of Low Quality Degraded Video Using Haar Wavelet
               Decomposition Technique

Authors:   Ms. Prajakta Sunil Gupta, Prof. V. B. Gadicha

Title:        Comparative Analysis of Shielding Gas for GMAW and Method Study of NDT Testings
Authors:   Vishal A. Sapate, Akshay V. Shinde, Somanath D. Pingale,
               Rahul T. Patil, Prof. S.M. Alage

Title:        A Review of Selection Process for Sewing Machine Operator
Authors:   Amit Kumar Anjanee, Prabir Janal

Title:        Principles and Paradigms of Storage-Cloud
Authors:   Aniruddha S Rumale, Dr. Dinesh N Chaudhari

Title:        A Systematic Study on Mutual Coupling Reduction Methods in MIMO Antenna
Authors:   Dr. Rahul G. Mapari, Prof. Rahul S. Parbat

Title:        Performance Improvement for PAPR Reduction in OFDM with Frequency
               Domain Technique

Authors:   Pawan Gupta, Vivek kanwar

Title:        RFID Based Vehicle Emission Detection Using Wireless Sensor Network
Authors:   Sowmya S, Anita Kumari, Darshini M.S, Jeevitha R, Lavanya S

Title:        Face Milling Process Parameters Optimization for Inconel 718 by Taguchi Method
Authors:   Mayur N. Trimbakwade, Asst. Prof. Manish T. Shete

Title:        Design and Development of Air Conditioning and Ventilated Car Driver Seat"- A Review
Authors:   M. R. Bodkhe, Prof. A. A. Kanaskar, Prof. S. S. Jawre

Title:        Environmentally Friendly Phase Transfer Catalytic Oxidation of Benzhydrol
               to Benzophenone using Hydrogen Peroxide

Authors:   Mrs. Trupti G. Holkar, Prof. U. W. Khandalkar, Prof. (Mrs.) P.R. Angre, Dr. C. K. Mistry

Title:        User Specific Web Usage Analysis on Web Navigation
Authors:   Vrushali P. Bonde, Prof. Krutika K. Chhajed

Title:        A Review on General Performance Evaluation Techniques and Design of Solar Cooker
Authors:   Mrs.Kanchan S.Wanare, Prof.S.S.Jaware

Title:        Solar Wind Hybrid System- A Review
Authors:   V. K. Gajbhiye, Prof. A. A. Kanaskar, Prof. S. S. Jawre

Title:        An Robust and Relative Data Distribution Approach by Utilizing Markov Model
Authors:   Chitra Raghuwanshi, Manish Mishra

Title:        Patient Satisfaction Survey at Ahmad Yani Islamic Hospital in Surabaya, Indonesia
Authors:   Zunita Ahmadah Kusuma Dewi

Title:        Evaluating Nursing Care at Menur Mental Hospital of Surabaya
Authors:   Rifatul Hasna

Title:        Assessment of Patient Expectation at Islamic Hospital Surabaya, Indonesia
Authors:   Wahyu Wibawanto


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