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Volume 5, Issue 6, June 2017

Title:        Simulation of Z-Source Inverter Fed Induction Motor Drive
Authors:   Ganesh P. Chavan, Prof. P. C Tapre, Prof. C Veeresh

Title:        Development and Performance Analysis of Two-Stage Biological Process Adopted in
               Sago Industries for Treatment of High Organic Effluent

Authors:   P.S.Pandian, Dr.T.Meenambal

Title:        The Effect of Strategic Thinking on Organization's Core Competencies: A Case Study
               of Omani Industrial Companies

Authors:   Dr. Mohammed Issa Alaeddin

Title:        Inpatients Satisfaction at Hospital of Bhayangkara H.S Samsoeri Mertojoso, Surabaya
Authors:   Anita Yulviyani

Title:        Recommendation of Manajerial Step in Dealing in Organizational Changes at
               Company and Hospital PHC Surabaya

Authors:   Rahmat Adi PPW.

Title:        A Study on Mechanical Properties and Stress Strain Behaviour of Glass Fiber
               Reinforced Concrete (GFRC)


Title:        Hydrochemical Characterization and Assessment of Groundwater Quality in the Parts
               of Yamuna River Basin, Uttar Pradesh, India

Authors:   Mashkoor Khan, Shadab Khurshid

Title:        Learning Organization and Accreditation Performance of Community Health Centers
               in Mojokerto, Indonesia

Authors:   Farida Mariana

Title:        Influence of peak current and frequency on tensile strength of Aluminum alloy
               1100 during TIG welding

Authors:   Harmish Bhatt, Ronak Mandanka, Pankaj Maurya

Title:        Suitability of Groundwater for Domestic and Irrigational Practices of
               Bellary Taluk, Karnataka, India

Authors:   H. M. Nagabhushan, A. Sreenivasa, Ajaykumar N. Asode, Sanjay. M. Hiremath

Title:        Hexagonal Difference Prime Labeling of Some Snake Graphs
Authors:   Sunoj B S, Mathew Varkey T K

Title:        Modeling and Simulation of Rapid Heating and Cooling of Mold by FEA
Authors:   Mayur R. Barahate, Manish T. Shete

Title:        Service Quality in Emergency Room of Aisyiyah Ponorogo General Hospital
Authors:   Enti Isnarni

Title:        Investigations of Mechanical Properties on Natural Based Composites: Carbonized rice
               husk (CRH), Tamarind fruit Fibers (TM) and Coco-Spathe Fibers (CS)

Authors:   Pradeep Kumar Ilay, Dr. Girisha L, Karibasappa M S, Anand Hosamani,
               Gururaj Lakshman Naik

Title:        Implementation of Fabric Fault Detection System Using Image Processing
Authors:   Sunil L. Bangare, N. B. Dhawas, V. S. Taware, S. K. Dighe, P. S. Bagmare

Title:        Active Power Filter based Power Factor Correction using Embedded System
Authors:   Aher Tejas R., Prof. Navandar R.K.


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