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Volume 5, Issue 8, August 2017

Title:        Biogas from Microalgae: A New Perspective of Renewable Energy
Authors:  Bertoka Fajar SP Negara, Dewi Purnama, Zahra Angelessy, Aradea Bujana Kusuma

Title:        Comparison of Different Filters and Segmentation Techniques for Brain Tumor Detection
                Using Image Processing

Authors:  Amrita Naik, Saaylee Diuker, Richa Naik, Dayesh Naik Mamlekar

Title:        The Occurrence Of Chikungunya Risk Factors in Kauman Health Center Ponorogo
                Regency in 2016

Authors:  Rahma Ika Pratiwi

Title:        Time to Recruitment with Correlated Loss of Manpower under Different Renewal Process
                for Exit and Breaking Decisions Forms a Modified Renewal Process

Authors:  P. Arokkia Saibe, B. Esther Clara

Title:        Assessment of Patient Safety Indicator: Case Study from 'Aisyiyah General
                Hospital, Ponorogo

Authors:  Heriyanto

Title:        Methodological Understanding of Land use and Land cover Change in Riverine Floodplain:
                A Remote Sensing and GIS based Approach

Authors:  Harsimrat Kaur Gill


Title:        Construction of Coefficient Inequality for a New Subclass of Starlike Analytic Functions

Title:        A Review of Wormhole Attacks for IEEE 802.11networks
Authors:  Parminder Kaur, Pankaj Kumar Verma, J.S. Sohal

Title:        Fuzzy Inference System Based Edge Detection and Image Sharpening Technique
Authors:  Shiva Sharma, Vandana Mahajan

Title:        Design and Fabrication of Refrigerator Using Peltier Cooling
Authors:  Saikat Das, Himadri Sekhar De Monda, Shuva Sundar Hazra, Arindam Halder,
                Riju Pramanik, Bapi Sarkar, Biswajit Biswas

Title:        Implementation of Clone Attack Detection Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors:  Dr. Mohammed Abdul Waheed, Farisa Nausheen

Title:        Factor Analysis of Clinical Outcome in Patient With Ischemic Stroke
Authors:  Nimas Anggraini

Title:        Use of Bio filter Reactors to Increase the Quality of Liquid Waste at Dr. Soetomo
                Hospital Surabaya in 2015

Authors:  Suhariono

Title:        Secure Certificateless Encryption and Auditing Of Data for Multiple Users on Public Cloud
Authors:  Mr. A.R.Gadekar, Dr.M.V.Sarode, Dr. V.M.Thakare


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