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Volume 5, Issue 9, September 2017

Title:        Situation Awareness's Effect to Midwife Effort for Prevent Low Birth
                Weight Infant in Wonogiri

Authors:  Fatkhunisa Rahmawati

Title:        Physiochemical Characteristic of Sago (Metroxylon Sagu) Starch Production
                Wastewater Effluents

Authors:  Oon Yin Wee, Law Puong Ling, Kopli Bujang, Lim Soh Fong

Title:        A Study on the Decolourization of Methyl Red by Acremonium sclerotigenum
Authors:  Jeevan Lata, Charu Mehta, Neena Devi, Duni Chand

Title:        Co-efficient problem for a new subclass of analytic functions using subordination
Authors:  Chatinder Kaur, Gurmeet Singh

Title:        Fekete- Szego Inequality for a new subclass of Starlike Function
Authors:  Gaganpreet Kaur, Gurmeet Singh

Title:        Solution for Nonlinear Riccati Differential Equations by Variational Iteration Method
Authors:  Monika Rani, Harbax Singh Bhatti, Vikramjeet Singh

Title:        Investigation of Optimum Cutting Parameters for End Milling ofH13 Die Steel using
                Taguchi based Grey Relational Analysis

                K. AJAYA KUMAR REDDY

Title:        Relationship between Birth Weight and Child Parenting on Underweight Toddlers with
                Long Suffering Underweight in West Lombok

Authors:  Masyhuri

Title:        Investigation on Biogas Generation and Waste Minimization from Cow Dung by
                Anaerobic Digestion

Authors:  Mr. Amol R.Rode, Dr. Ajay Swarupa, Dr. G.M. Kapse

Title:        Existence the Extremal Solution for a Fractional Order Differential Equation
Authors:  S.S.Yachawad, B.D.Karande

Title:        ACS Feed Compact Multiband Antenna for Mobile Communication Applications
Authors:  Onkar Musmade, A.S.Deshpande


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