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Volume 6, Issue 11, November 2018

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611201801 Effect of Ferrofluid on Quality Factor of Printed Spiral Winding (PSW) Structures Vilas V. Sarwadnya, Rajashree V. Sarwadnya, Shambhunath G.Kahalekar Paper Certificate
610201801 Bio-Waste Management in Indian Railways: A Pilot Plant Model Manish Gupta, Divyansh Nag, Dikshu Jain, Abhishek Chanwel & Sushma Dave* Paper Certificate
610201824 Quantitative Study of water consumption and grey water generation in Aurangabad city, Maharashtra (India) Jadhav P.A. and M.B. Mule Paper Certificate
610201858 Follicle Detection in Digital Ultrasound Images using Bi-dimensional Empirical Mode Decomposition and Fuzzy C-means Clustering Algorithm M.Jayanthi Rao, Dr.R.Kiran Kumar Paper Certificate
610201870 Improved Reversible Data Hiding Using Sparse Representation Technique Sonali Pawar, Vikas Marathe Paper Certificate
610201874 A New Fixed Point theorem satisfying Property P in G- Metric Space Nisha Sharma, Iyna Rani Paper Certificate
611201810 Parametric Optimization Study of ABS Material Using FDM Technique for Fatigue Life Prediction N.Mohammed Raffic*, Dr.K.Ganesh Babu, Arjun Kumaran, Kiran G.R Paper Certificate
611201817 A Study on Intellectual Scheme to Monitor Traffic Time in Bus Transportation Using Smart Phone Application Ramesh R,K, Dr.M.K.Mishra, Dr.K.L.Neela Paper Certificate
68201854 Product Aspect Ranking and Applications Bhushan M Patil, Sachin A. Vyawhare Paper Certificate
610201877 Nutrients Load and Eutrophication: An Overview of Bengaluru Urban Lakes Veenashree, Nandini, N, Kumar, M Paper Certificate
611201802 To Increase the Power Quality in Grid Connected Wind Power Production System Using Exterior Storage System Dr. CHANDRASHEKHAR REDDY S, G SARITHA, G SUJALA Paper Certificate
611201803 Intend Of Progress the Reactive Power Reimbursement by Using Tap Inoculation DSTATCOM in Transformer Winding Dr. CHANDRASHEKHAR REDDY S, G SARITHA, N RAMYA Paper Certificate
611201804 Power Flow Proscribed Across Grid by Using Converters at Unstable Circumstances Dr. CHANDRASHEKHAR REDDY S, G SARITHA, P MADHU KUMAR Paper Certificate
611201805 Anti Fuzzy Ideals of Lattice Wajsberg Algebras A. Ibrahim, C. Shajitha Begum Paper Certificate
611201806 Efficient Access Control Scheme with Multiple Attribute Authorities for Public Cloud Storage Mr. Ramesh, Prof. Girish Kumar D Paper Certificate
611201813 Removal of Chromium (VI) from aqueous solutions onto Lagerstroemia Indica Seeds activated carbon by adsorption K.N. Prabhakar, P. Satheesh kumar, and N. Jaya kumar Paper Certificate
611201822 Review And Analysis of Microwave Remote Sensing Behaviour of Soil In India Ashutosh Pandey, Shashi Ranjan Kumar, A.K.Shrivastava Paper Certificate
611201825 Water Audit for Water Distribution Networks in Educational Campus K. K. Kamble, A. A. Kulkarni, S. M. Bhosale Paper Certificate
611201826 Joule Heating Influence On Mhd Casson Fluid Over A Vertical Porous Plate In The Presence Of Thermal Diffusion And Chemical Reaction S. Harinath Reddy, P. Chandra Reddy, M.C. Raju, E. Keshava Reddy Paper Certificate
611201835 Comparative study of parameters of Heart Rate variability in smoker and non-smoker Tarak Das*, Srija Chakraborty, Prosenjit Sikdar, Piyali Basak Paper Certificate
611201809 IoT Based Water Quality Monitoring System Using Blynk App Suganya P, Hariharan S Paper Certificate
611201811 Formulation and In-vitro Evaluation of Sumatriptan succinate Bilayer Tablets M. Sunitha Reddy, B. Sharath Reddy, S. Muhammed Fazal Ul Haq Paper Certificate
611201815 Comparative Study of Classifiers for Gender Identification using Fingerprints Prabha1, Shesharao M. Wanjerkhede, Rajmohan Pardeshi (Corresponding Author) Paper Certificate
611201820 Structural Analysis of Pelton Turbine Blade with CATIA and ANSYS using Cast Iron, INCONEL 600 and 1020 Steel Alloy -A Case Study V. Shakti Kiran, Dr. Jasti Sudhir Kumar, D.Satyanarayana, A.S.Ganapthi, K.V.Kalyani Paper Certificate
611201834 Distribution of near threatened palm Hyphaene dichotoma (White) Furtado in Gujarat State and Union Territories Diu, Daman, Dadra and Nagar Haveli, India. Umerfaruq Qureshimatva, Lancelot D'Cruz, Hitesh A. Solanki and Santosh Yadav Paper Certificate
611201836 Anti-Erosion Work to Protect Bank of the River Nikhil Kumar Paper Certificate
611201841 Green synthesis and photocatalytic activity of nickel oxide nanostructures in the degradation of organic dyes D. Princess Jeba, T. Peter Amaladhas* Paper Certificate
611201851 Mohand Transform of Bessel's Functions Sudhanshu Aggarwal*, Raman Chauhan, Nidhi Sharma Paper Certificate
610201807 Determinants of Customer Satisfaction Affecting Online Shopping Behavior in Tier Two Cities of Madhya Pradesh Ratish Gupta, Dr. Manish Mittal Paper Certificate
610201819 M-Gonal number? n = Nasty number, n = 1,2 Dr.K.Geetha Paper Certificate
611201828 Quarter model Comparison of Required Force to Deflect Rear Suspension of Various Indian Hatch-Back Cars Mr. Utsav Dipak Gadhia, Dr. Veera P. Darji, Dr. Divyang H. Pandya Paper Certificate
611201829 Screening And Antibiotic Profile of Uropathogens with Reference To Extended-spectrum Beta-lactamases (ESBL) Summera Rafiq, Soifiat Abdou Soumara, Sk. Jasmine Shahina Paper Certificate
611201837 End-Stage Renal Disease Risk Prediction via Machine Learning and IoT Nipa Sarkar, Asha Rani Borah2 Paper Certificate
611201842 Performance Evaluation Bulk Arrival and Bulk Service with Multi Server using Queue Model Jitendra Kumar and Vikas Shinde Paper Certificate
611201843 Analysis on Categories of Health Problems Due To Consumption of Junk Foods Using Augmented Fuzzy Cognitive Map M. Mary Mejrullo Merlin, L. Arockia Angeline Paper Certificate
611201844 Comparative Analysis of COD reduction of Three Reactive Cold Dye Waste Waters with the white rot fungus P. Sajor kaju Vihangi K. Trivedi and Hitesh A. Solanki Paper Certificate
611201845 Comparative Analysis of Removal of Total Dissolved Solids with the Use of Poly Aluminium Chlorides Coagulant from Three Reactive Cold Dye Waste Waters Vihangi K. Trivedi and Hitesh A. Solanki Paper Certificate
611201848 Microstructural Evolution and Machining Behaviour of in-situ Aluminium Matrix Composites fabricated by Stir Casting Process Arjun Kumar, Arun Kumar Chaudhary Paper Certificate
611201854 Solution of Linear Volterra Integral Equations of Second Kind Using Mohand Transform Sudhanshu Aggarwal, Nidhi Sharma, Raman Chauhan Paper Certificate
611201857 Entropy generation analysis of peristaltic flow of Jeffrey nanofluid in a tube with permeable walls Tahmeena Kawkab, Y.V.K.Ravi Kumar, C.Uma Devi Paper Certificate
611201860 Design and Development of Complex Nonlinear System using TMPSO for Improving Performance Integral Criteria Prakash Pithadiya, Vipul Shah Paper Certificate
611201864 Survey on Pedestrian and Object Detection in Video Nidhishree M S, Ms. Anjana Sharma Paper Certificate
611201868 Survey on Exudates Extraction for Fundus Images Srujani J, K Pramilarani Paper Certificate
611201869 Efficient Dynamic and Cross User Replication of Cloud Secure Storage System M.Niharika, N.Sainath Paper Certificate
611201870 Alleviate the Access Congestion Using Nora for Next Generation Networks M.Lakshmana Kishore, Dr. Savadam Balaji, Bolishetti Satish Chandra Paper Certificate
611201871 Optimization of Energy and Spectral Efficiency for SM Based MIMO Systems B.Ashok Raj, B. Anil Kumar, Savadam Balaji Paper Certificate
611201872 Development of Location Based Resource Allocation Strategies in Cognitive Radio Systems Muppa Soundarya, Dr. M. Narsing Yadav, Dr. Savadam Balaji Paper Certificate
611201873 Exploration Ranking Scheme and Malware Discovery in Google Play Motatipalli Deekshith Reddy, V. Varalakshmi Paper Certificate
611201874 Protection of Privacy and Diffusion Avoid the Exchange of Medical Data Based on Silos A. Santhoshi, B. Mahalaxmi Paper Certificate
611201808 Analysis of Land Change Dynamics and Indices Using Geospatial Technology: A Case of Jaipur City, India Suresh Chandra, Devesh Sharma, Swatantra K Dubey Paper Certificate
611201839 Super Edge Bimagic Lableings of Merging of A Path and Star with Various Cycles of Finite Length G. A. Mogan, M. Kamaraj, and A. Solairaju Paper Certificate
611201849 Review on Feature Weighted Fuzzy Particle Swarm Optimization P.Lavanya Paper Certificate
611201852 A Virtual Machine Hybrid Load Balancing Algorithm for Cloud Data Center Using Genetic Learning with Particle Swarm Optimization Mala Yadav and Jay Shankar Prasad Paper Certificate
611201853 Effective Pattern Discovery for Text Mining using AprioriDP and LDA Algorithm S.Vijaya Paper Certificate
611201859 Phytochemical analysis and bioactive compound separation of sea weed, Hypnea valentiae P. Rama Devi, I. Vasudhevan, C. Babu, M. Muthu Ganga and C.P. Balakrishnan Paper Certificate
611201882 A New Form of JNmg#-Closed Sets with Respect to Nano Ideal Spaces B. Theanmalar, S. Nagarani and A. Pandi Paper Certificate
611201891 Troubles Facing by the Entrepreneur to Exist in the Rural Areas B. Vignaneswari, K. Bhavani, M. Pravallika Paper Certificate
611201861 Handling WSD using Fuzzy Hierarchical Clustering of Sentence Level Text Mohana Priya K, Krishna Priya G, Geetha Harini K R, Gowri S, Pooja Ragavi S Paper Certificate
611201855 Design and Thermal Analysis of IC Engine's Connecting Rod for Different Heat Conditions BOGA SUDHA, Dr. I SATYANARAYANA, C.SIVAKANDHAN Paper Certificate
611201893 Educational Mining in Igher Studies Prediction through Decision Tree Algorithm: P.Anitha Vairamany, Dr.K.Subramaniyan Paper Certificate
611201896 Emission Characteristics of Totapuri Mango Methyl Ester Biodiesel Fuelled Single Cylinder Four Stroke Diesel Engine Srinivas and Abhimanyu R Posangiri Paper Certificate
69201893 Formulation and Evaluation of Gastro Retentive In-Situ Floating Gels Of Irbesartan Cubosomes K. Varuna Reddy, Dr M. Sunitha Reddy, Muhammad Fazal Ul Haq. S Paper Certificate
611201863 Solar UV Index and its dependence on Total Ozone for some Indian Stations - A Qualitative Review N.V.Krishna Prasad, M.S.S.R.K.N.Sarma, K.S.D.LK.Prasad Paper Certificate
611201876 A Quick Review on Features and Classification Techniques in Online Recognition of Handwritten Dravidian Scripts Baiju.K.B, Sabeerath.K, Lajish.V.L Paper Certificate
611201888 Classification of ECG Signals using Self Advising Support Vector Machine and Fuzzy C Means Clustering D. Raj Balaji, A.Marimuthu Paper Certificate
611201892 Design and Construction of a new Bin model solar instant water heater N.Sethupathi, K.Vikramprasad, P.Mahalingam, P.Maadeswaran Paper Certificate
682018102 Energy-Efficient Approximate Multiplier Design using Bit Significance-Driven Logic Compression C.Gangaiah Yadav, Dr. K.S.Vijula Grace Paper Certificate
6112018100 Dielectric Dispersion Study of Isoxazole Derivatives with Binary Mixtures of DMSO S L Nakkalwar, K S Kanse, D N Rander, V B Jadhav, Y S Joshi Paper Certificate
6112018101 Solution of Population Growth and Decay Problems by Using Mohand Transform Sudhanshu Aggarwal, Nidhi Sharma, Raman Chauhan Paper Certificate
6112018102 Tautological Approach in Traditional Building Science Rajasekhar P, Babu T Jose Paper Certificate
6112018104 Role of Moisture Content and Dielectric Constant in Soil Lakhapati Patel, Shashi Ranjan Kumar, Ashutosh Pandey, A.K.Shrivastava Paper Certificate
6112018106 Classification of ECG Signals using Self Advising Support Vector Machine and Fuzzy C Means Clustering D. Raj Balaji, A.Marimuthu Paper Certificate
6112018109 ij-g-continuous map in Bitopological Spaces S.Vijayalakshmi, T.Indira Paper Certificate
611201878 Comparative analysis of cylindrical and helical coil counter flow type of heat exchanger used in thermoelectric generator for waste heat recovery using CFD fluent Chanchal Kumar, Dr. Savita Vyas Paper Certificate
6112018107 Characterization and Comparison of Drug Release from Modified and Unmodified Chitosan Microspheres Richa Bahuguna, C. Nithya Shanthi, Arun K. Mahato Paper Certificate
6112018113 Automated Detection of Alzheimer's Disease using MRI Imaging: A Survey from an Image Classification Perspective R.Senthilnathan, A.Marimuthu Paper Certificate
6112018120 Impact of Social Media as an Educational Tool for Media Students N. Raja, Assistant Professor, Dr. P. Subramaniam, Director Paper Certificate
6112018124 Integral solutions of Quadratic Diophantine equation 4w^2-x^2-y^2+z^2=[16t]^2 with five unknowns R.Anbuselvi, S.Jamuna Rani Paper Certificate
611201856 The Common Neighbor Polynomial of Some Graph Constructions Shikhi M. and Anil Kumar V. Paper Certificate

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