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Volume 6, Issue 12, December 2018

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611201825 Totally and Slightly Nano Gδ-Continuous Functions R. Vijayalakshmi, Mookambika.A.P. Paper Certificate
611201883 Development of Hybrid Model Using Fuse Image Techniques Dev Inder, Dr.Vijay Kumar Joshi Paper Certificate
612201802 Churn Prediction in Banking Sector using Bayesian Neural Networks M. Mubasher Hassan and Tabasum Mirza Paper Certificate
612201804 Floristic Diversity and Phytosociological Analysis of Erinjiyan Keezhil Kavu, Kannur District, Kerala Jeeshna M V Paper Certificate
6112018116 Geodetic polynomial and Detour geodetic polynomial of Bistar Graphs Dr.G.Ramesh, A.Sathiya Paper Certificate
611201890 Efficient Real Time Traffic Signal Control using machine learning Rashid Hussain, Baffa Sani Mahmoud, Vimmi Kochher Paper Certificate
6112018118 A study on floristic diversity using Geo-Spatial technologies in the Paderu mandal of Andhra Pradesh, India Ramprasad Naik Desavathu, Aditya Allamraju, Mohan M.D.S.R Paper Certificate
612201825 Mysterious and Appreciable Assemblage Data Allocation in Cloud Pavithra S, Gopal Krishna Shyam Paper Certificate
612201826 Preserving Privacy in Web Log Mining in Cloud Ila Chandrakar, Dr. Vishwanath R H, Dr. Venugopal K R Paper Certificate
612201827 Confidentiality Protection and Interruption Prevention for Cloudlet-based Medical Data Sharing Sapna rani, Prof.Lithin Kumble Paper Certificate
612201828 Security in Data Transmission Using Big Data Technique and OBF Sapna, Dr. Mallikarjun M Kodabagi Paper Certificate
612201829 Priority based solution approach with Uniformly WiGrid Configurations in Smart Grid Communications Lakshmi, Prof. Ravi Shankar H Paper Certificate
612201830 Building Detection Using Enhanced HOG- LBP Features and Region Reinement Processes Using SVM Harisa Firdose, G.C Sathish Paper Certificate
612201831 A study on various Routing algorithms in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks (MANETs) Mr. Sangamesh C Jalade, Dr. Nagaraj B Patil Paper Certificate
612201832 Brief Study on Various Issues and Challenges in MANET's Mr. Sangamesh C Jalade, Dr. Nagaraj B Patil Paper Certificate
612201833 Modeling Su8 Based Micro Gripper with Constant Heat Flux and Stress Analysis Anil Kumar .C, Dr. M.A Goutham Paper Certificate
612201834 Optimization of Biomethanation Process for High TDS Spent Wash from Distilleries Smt.Lalitha D, Dr N S Sathisha, Dr B Manju, Dr B M Kiran Paper Certificate
612201835 Cloud Security Systems: A Comparison Study on DSA and AES Algorithms Biju Ottathengil Thankappan Paper Certificate
612201836 Retinal Disease Detection Using LBP Technique Manojkumar S B, Shama Firdose U, Dr. M.B Anandaraju, Dr. H S Sheshadri Paper Certificate
611201858 Acoustical investigation of binary mixtures of 8,10-dinitro-7h-benzo[c]carbazole in Ethanol, Acetone, DMF at different concentrations , 308.15 K Pankaj S.Chaudharia, Pravin A.Sonunea, Sandip R. Rathoda,Arun B.Patila Paper Certificate
611201879 Skin Cancer Detection Using Machine Learning Algorithm Sanjana M, Dr. V. Hanuman Kumar Paper Certificate
612201803 Secure Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Network with Biometric Key S.Bhuvaneshwari, Dr.P.Arul Paper Certificate
612201809 A Review: Machine Learning Algorithms for Analysis of Smartphone Addiction Chaitanya V, Dr. M. Punithavalli, Gayathri S Paper Certificate
612201820 Advertisements and Buying Behaviour of Children: An Empirical Study With Reference To Confectionery Products Dr. Jayaprakash D, Jayalakshmi V Paper Certificate
612201824 A Review on Different Antennas for Ultra Wideband Communications Santosh Kumar Jha Paper Certificate
6112018117 Quantitative Analysis of Prewitt Edge Detector for Brain Tissue Segmentation in Single-Channel MR Image Ghanshyam D. Parmar, Heena B. Sorathiya Paper Certificate
611201862 Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) Based Cluster Head Selection for Ring Clustering Routing In Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) Mr. M. Dhanasekar, Dr.P.Vijayakumar Paper Certificate
611201885 Micro-strain, Dislocation Density, Surface Morphology and Optoelectronic Properties of Indium Zinc Oxide Thin Films Prasoon Prasannan, Jayaram.P, Sulfikkarali N K, Deepak N K Paper Certificate
612201808 Performance of Non-Performing Assets in India Concept, trend and Impact (2005-17) Dr. Shrawan Kumar Mishra, Vivek Rajbahadur Singh Paper Certificate
612201811 Concrete Using Basalt Fibre and Basalt Reinforcement Murshid Zeya, Shubham Pachling, Ravina Bhosale, Pranjali Sarjoshi, Mithun Sawant Paper Certificate
612201818 Design Metrics Behavior on Object Oriented Software Kavita Srivastava Paper Certificate
612201822 Flexible Pavement Using Woven Geotextile Reinforcement Akshay Kadam, Rushikesh Khandwe, Richa Choudhary, Ganesh Kadam, Aavani P Paper Certificate
612201837 Generalized Skew Derivation On (σ,ԏ, )-Lie Ideals in Prime Rings Vannali Sreenivasulu, and Dr. R. Bhuvana Vijaya Paper Certificate
612201848 Design and Fabrication of Low Cost Vortex Mixer Using Additive Manufacturing Ashish Kumar Patel, Asmita Jha, Amit Patwardhan, Jayant Pawar, Rabinder Henry Paper Certificate
612201853 A Repetitive Group Sampling Plan for Truncated Life Tests Using Transmuted Exponentiated Exponential Distribution and Transmuted Generalized Rayleigh Distribution K. Vijayadevi, S. Rajagopal Paper Certificate
6112018111 Double Diffusive Convection in a Viscoelastic Fluid Saturated rotating anisotropic porous layer with internal heat source Kanchan Shakya, B.S. Bhadauria Paper Certificate
611201880 Optimization of Fuzzy Inventory Model with Minimum Transportation to Reduce Carbon Emissions Dr.Rexlin Jeyakumari.S, Jerline Zita.S, Arockia Theo.J Paper Certificate
612201814 Characterization of Medicinal Nanoparticles incorporated in Nanomedicine by FE-SEM S.Thamizharasan Paper Certificate
612201840 An Aerodynamics Analysis of Rear Wing of Formula - 1 car using Eppler E423 as Wing Profile Piyush chavda, Prof. Darshan Ajudia Paper Certificate
612201841 A Study on the Environmental Applications of Activated Carbon and Its Polymer Composite from Agro Waste Materials Aswini K, Jaisankar V Paper Certificate
612201852 Public Satisfaction towards Solid Waste Management Services in Chhattisgarh: A Comparative study Ms. Shweta Shriwas, Dr. S. Srinivas Rao, Dr. Rahul Sharma Paper Certificate
612201854 Smart Control System in Automobile Rishabh S. Jain, Tushar S. Harel, Vishakha H. Mulik, Vishal T. Pathak, Sonali S. Lunawat Paper Certificate
612201856 Classification of WBC for Blood Cancer Diagnosis using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks Dhvani Kansara, Shaunak Sompura, Saifil Momin, Mitchell D'silva Paper Certificate
612201858 Generalized Framework For Memory Utilization In Cloud Storage Services Deepak Ahlawat, Dr. Deepali Gupta Paper Certificate
612201870 Development of organic manure in the organic cultivation of Tomato: SEM-EDS & GC-MS analysis Jenny Sivakumar and Malliga Perumal Paper Certificate
612201872 Construction of Optimal Designs for Mixture-of- Mixture Experiments with Inverse Terms Parul Saini, Chetan and Ratna Raj Laxmi Paper Certificate
612201815 Development and Characterization of Epoxy based Polymer Matrix Hybrid Composite using Chicken feather, Ceramic powder and Wood flour Kiran. R.T, Saju. K .K, Sandesh Kiran, R.Rajashekar, B .M .Rajaprakash Paper Certificate
612201859 To study Security Challenges and Vulnerabilities in Cloud Computing Dr. K.Vaishali, Mrs. Saroj A. Shambharkar Paper Certificate
612201867 Phytochemical Screening and Evaluation of Antioxidant Potential of Boerhaavia diffusa L. Roots Shirin A. Qureshi and Hitesh A. Solanki Paper Certificate
612201869 Determination of QSS by Single - Normal and Double Tightened plan using Fuzzy Binomial Distribution G.Uma and R.Nandhinievi Paper Certificate
612201871 Internet Addiction and its Abuse in Digital World Ramesh Kumar Sahu & Prof. Diwakar Singh Rajput Paper Certificate
612201874 Ultrasonic Investigations of Molecular Associations in Binary Mixture of Trimethylamine with Non-polar Solvents Subhash, Suneel K. Singh, Dheeraj Kumar Paper Certificate
612201876 A New Screening Procedure on Double Sampling Plan for Costly or Destructive items G Uma and D Manjula Paper Certificate
612201879 Effect of Fiber Reinforcement on Blended Concrete Mixes Saaransh Gupta, Aditya Jadhav, Shailesh Garkal, Rushikesh Meher, Mithun Sawant Paper Certificate
612201899 Experimental Results of - An Efficient Approach for Secure AOMDV Routing protocol in Adversarial Environment Mr. Pravin Satav, Dr. P. M. Jawandhiya Paper Certificate
612201863 Performance Analysis of Track Keeping of Unmanned Ship Navigation Using Gauss Jordan Matrix Inversion Technique Adinatha, Dr. S.A. Hari Prasad, Dr. Anitha G S Paper Certificate
611201831 Grid based LEACH Protocol for Intelligent Cluster Head Selection in Wireless Sensor Networks Vishav Mohan Goyal, Balkrishan Jindal Paper Certificate
612201838 The Hyers-Ulam-Rassias Stability of Matrix Normed Spaces R. Murali, V. Vithya Paper Certificate
612201855 A New class LRS Bianchi type-V string dust cosmological model in modified general relativity R.K. Dubey and Shishir Kumar Srivastava Paper Certificate
612201866 Application of Elzaki Transform for Solving Linear Volterra Integral Equations of First Kind Sudhanshu Aggarwal, Raman Chauhan, Nidhi Sharma Paper Certificate
612201887 Numerical Solution of Fuzzy Pure Multiple Retarded Delay Differential Equations D. Prasantha Bharathi, T. Jayakumar, S. Vinoth Paper Certificate
612201888 Design of Maximum Power Point Tracking Method for Photovoltaic Arrays under Partial Shading Conditions Ms Rokhaiya Banu PG Scholar, Prof Gopal Chaudhari Paper Certificate
612201893 Spatial Distribution of Groundwater Potential in a Rural Sub-watershed using GIS Velayudha Das M and Poongothai S Paper Certificate
612201894 Vibration Analysis of Simply Supported Parallelogram Plate with Bi-Dimensional Thickness and Temperature Deviation Ashish Kumar Sharma, Manoj Kumar Dhiman Paper Certificate
611201842 Performance Evaluation Bulk Arrival and Bulk Service with Multi Server using Queue Model Jitendra Kumar and Vikas Shinde Paper Certificate
612201850 Stability Unvigintic Functional Equation In Multi-Banach Spaces R. MURALI, A. ANTONY RAJ Paper Certificate
612201877 PLC Programming for HACCP in Food Processing Unit H.M.Moyeenudin, Anandan.R Paper Certificate
612201882 Distinct Energies of Caffeine R.Jagadeesh, M.R.Rajesh Kanna And H.L.Parashivamurthy Paper Certificate
612201883 Application of Aboodh Transform for Solving Linear Volterra Integral Equations of First Kind Sudhanshu Aggarwal, Nidhi Sharma, Raman Chauhan Paper Certificate
612201884 Bipolar Pythagorean Fuzzy Sets and Their Application Based on Multi-Criteria Decision Making Problems K.Mohana, R.Jansi Paper Certificate
612201885 Improving Education in Rural India with the aid of Digital libraries M. Mubasher Hassan, Tabasum Mirza and Mirza Waseem Hussain Paper Certificate
6122018102 Forest Measurements Using ICESat- Geoscience Laser Altimeter System -A Review Indu Indirabai, M.V. Harindranathan Nair, Jaishankar. R. Nair, Rama Rao Nidamanuri Paper Certificate
612201886 Unsteady MHD flow of a viscoelastic fluid with Oscillating temperature, Chemical reaction and Radiation effect in a Porous Medium R.Sakthikala, S.Prahala, and S.Anuja Paper Certificate
612201889 A Survey of Frequent Itemset Mining U. Mohan Srinivas, E. Sreenivasa Reddy Paper Certificate
6122018108 Study on EEG Signal Processing and Feature Extraction Techniques P.Mamta, Dr. S.V.A.V Prasad Paper Certificate
612201881 Microarray Image Analysis using k-means Clustering Algorithm B.SivaLakshmi, N.Naga Malleswara Rao Paper Certificate
6122018101 Effect of Diffusion Thermo and Radiation Absorption on Micropolar Fluid with Hall Current in a Rotating Frame of Reference S. Aiswarya and S. Saravanapriya Paper Certificate
6122018104 Analysis of Two Different Top-Gated simulated Graphene Nanomesh High Performance Field Effect Transistor (GNMFET) Rohit Nimje, Rabinder Henry, Jayant Pawar, Ashish Kumar Patel, Amit Patwardhan Paper Certificate
6122018107 Meticulous Analysis of Services Present In Cloud Computing Technologies M.Akila, Dr.S.Ravichandran Paper Certificate
6122018110 Taguchi Analysis of EDM Parameters on Surface Roughness of Al-SiC 6061 Metal Matrix Composite Rohit Sharma, Vivek Aggarwal, H. S. Payal Paper Certificate
6122018111 Optimization of Micro-hardness of Al-SiC 6061 MMC Machined by Wire EDM with Taguchi method Rohit Sharma, Vivek Aggarwal, H. S. Payal Paper Certificate
6122018106 Ambient Air Quality In Korba District Kushboo Patel, Dr.Manish Upadhyay, Srinivasa Rao Damma Paper Certificate
610201872 A Study on Customer Preferences towards Travel and Tourism Sector and Their Services Aman Singh, Sushant Kumar Vishnoi, Dr. Teena Bagga Paper Certificate

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