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Volume 6, Issue 4, April 2018

Title:        Synthesis and Structural Investigations of ZnO/PVP nanocomposites
Authors:  Bagawade J.A.

Title:        Design And Fabrication of Advanced Mechanism for Indian Toilet Dome Cleaning
               with Multi Washer's Assembly

Authors:  Anil C. Gawande, Shivani Telrandhe ,Ashwin Satone, Prasad Kade

Title:        A Technique for Searching Duplicate Images in Large Scale Database
Authors:  Dr. Kamini Solanki

Title:        The Effect of Activity-Based Behavioral Training Program on the Assertiveness
Authors:  Chander Shekhar

Title:        DAPS for detecting Wormhole Attacks in IEEE 802.11 networks using Ad hoc
               On-demand Distance Vector routing protocol

Authors:  Parminder Kaur Saini, Dr. Pankaj Kumar Verma, Dr J.S. Sohal

Title:        Multi-Objective Optimization of WEDM Machining Parameters on SS-317 Using
               Grey Integrated Fuzzy

Authors:  B. Yashwanth, T. Pratheep Reddy, Dr. M. Chandra Sekhar Reddy

Title:        Organizational Culture as the Primary of the Construction of Organizational Strategy
Authors:  Samodero Gumilar

Title:        Alternate Way of Running Air Conditioning System in Vehicle Using
               Hybrid Suspension System

Authors:  Mr. P. R. Kshirsagar, Mohammed Suhail Hodekar, Danish Jamadar, Nihal Arvind,
               Pushpraj Phodkar

Title:        Study of piezoelectric and dielectric response of Carbon nano-particles reinforced
                PZT/HDPE composites

Authors:  Vinod Kumar Soni, Manmeeta Saxena, Dhiraj Saxena

Title:        Similarity Solutions for the Flow of A Mixture of A Non-Ideal Gas and Small Solid Particles
                Behind an Exponential Shock in Magnetogasdynamics

Authors:   J. P. Vishwakarma, Reena Shrivastava

Title:        Satisfaction of Health Services at General Poly Hospital of Arafah Medika Sukodono
                in Sidoarjo

Authors:  Nur Ilahi Anjani

Title:        Shortest Path Using Ant Colony Optimization in VANET
Authors:  K. Sivakumar, Dr. C. Chandrasekar

Title:        Assessment of Emergency Room Management at Hospital of Dr. Wahidin Sudiro Husodo
                in Mojokerto: A Preliminary Study

Authors:  Nur Azizah Sri Utami

Title:        Correlation between Perception, Health Promotion and Membership of JKN Insurance with
                Utilization of Visual Inspection of Acetat Acid

Authors:  Silvia Laurasati Nailufar, Tira Hamdillah Skripsa

Title:        Evaluation of Vector Control Activities for Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever in Surabaya City
Authors:  Itami Dinarita, R. Azizah, Soedjajadi Keman

Title:        Geo-tagging of Tweet Based Image Retrieval using Spectral Clustering Algorithm
Authors:  M. Vadivukarassi, N. Puviarasan, P. Aruna

Title:        Creating Independent Map Using QGIS (Quantum Geographic Information System)
Authors:  Yogesh Ratudi, Varun Sharma, Tejas Rane

Title:        Analysis Of Knowledge Influence, Perception, Motivation, Information Searching
                And Alternative Evaluation Of Decision Making From Kartu Jujur Sehati Participants
                In The Using Of Healthcare In Bima

Authors:  Nur Fitriah Hikmawati

Title:        Review of Water Leakage Detection Approaches
Authors:  Miss. Vaishnavi Bhende, Dr. S. M. Deshmukh, Dr. P. V. Ingole

Title:        Plastic: Historical Development and an Industrial Survey
Authors:  Prashant K.Dhutekar, Dr.Girish D.Mehta, Dr.Jayant P.Modak

Title:        Effect of Natural Fibers as Fillers on Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics
Authors:  Anurag Gupta

Title:        Wireless Digital Notice Board Using Cloud Platform
Authors:  Diba.A.Shaikh, Darekar Shubham Uddhav, Gokhale Vishwjeet Vishwnath,
                Jadhav Simran Rajendra

Title:        Dual-metal-gate Structure of AlGaN/GaN MIS HEMTs Analysis and Design
Authors:  Mr. Gaurav Phulwari, Mr. Manish Kumar

Title:        High-Electron-Mobility-Transistor AlGaN/GaN pH Sensor
Authors:  Mr. Gaurav Phulwari, Mr. Manish Kumar

Title:        A Case Study on Reducing Coal Consumption of Cogeneration Power Plant
Authors:  Dr. V. L. Bhambere, Shoaib Pathan, Mayur Bonkile, Amit Malvi, Dhananjay Giri

Title:        A Frequency Reconfigurable Semi circular Ring Slot Micro Strip Antenna
Authors:  Sharanagouda N Patil, P.V Hunagund

Title:        Conformal Change of Douglas Space of Second Kind with Certain Special (α,β) Metric
Authors:  K.B.Pandey, R.B. Tiwari

Title:        Analysis of Hemodialysis Service Needs at X Hospital of East Java
Authors:  Rochiati


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