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Volume 6, Issue 5, May 2018

Title:        Evaluation of Some Finite Integral Formulas Involving a Product of Η–-Function
Authors:  Sunil Kumar Sharma, Ashok Singh Shekhawat

Title:        Axially Symmetric Cosmological Models In f (R,T) Gravity With Time Varying
                Deceleration Parameter

Authors:  Pramod Khade

Title:        A Model for Optimal Base Stock System for Patient Customers With Reference
                To Distribution of Lead Time Having a Parametric Change

Authors:  S.Sachithanantham, R.Jagatheesan

Title:        Nonlinear Optimization with Generalized derivatives and Fenchel Duality
Authors:  Vinod Kumar Bhardwaj

Title:        The Influence of Traditional House on Acute Respiratory Infection in Toddler
                in Sabu Raijua District

Authors:  Ayu Kartika, Jojok Mukono, Endro Sukmono

Title:        A Review Paper on Digital Mammography for Detection of Breast Cancer
Authors:  Jalpa J. Patel, Dr. Sarman K. Hadia

Title:        One Raised Product Prime Labeling of Some Snake Graphs
Authors:  Sunoj B S, Mathew Varkey T K

Title:        Structural, Optical, and AC Conductivity Properties of Polyaniline/Manganese dioxide
                nanocomposites via In Situ Polymerization

Authors:  S.C.Vella Durai, L.Guru Prasad, E.Kumar, D.Muthuraj, V.Bena Jothy

Title:        A Critical Review of Cloud Computing
Authors:  Devika Singh, Ashish Vashisht

Title:        Proposed Improved FP-Growth Algorithm with Multiple Minimum Support Threshold Value
                (MISIFP-Growth) For Mining Frequent Itemset

Authors:  M.Sinthuja, Dr. N. Puviarasan, Dr. P.Aruna

Title:        Software Based Analysis of Perpetual Pavement in Indian Scenario
Authors:  Saurabh S. Kulkarni, Magadeo Randive

Title:        Suppression of Harmonics and Common Mode Voltages in Three Level Inverter Driven
                Induction Motor with Dual Two Level Inverters

Authors:  Ranvir Kaur, Gursewak Singh Brar

Title:        An Efficient Method for Human Face Recognition and Information Retrieval
Authors:  Ms. Pournima D. Kinge, Prof. Abhijeet V. Shinde

Title:        Analysis Of Relationship Between Patient And Trust On Service Of Primary Health Care
                With Appropriate Of Non-Specialistic Case Referral In The District Of Pasuruan, East Java

Authors:  Indrya Ayu Nurfany

Title:        Six Sigma for Performance Analysis of Quality Control in Laboratory
Authors:  Laily Hidayati, M.Robiul Fuadi

Title:        Aspectroscopic evaluation of Temperature affecting humification and maturity
                of MSW composting

Authors:  Mansi Rastogi, Dr. Meenakshi Nandal, Sheetal Barapatre, Savita

Title:        Comparative Analysis of MANET's Protocols for Energy Efficiency
Authors:  Dakshita Joshi, Dr. Sourabh Singh Verma

Title:        Effects of Ultrasound Therapy, Interferential Therapy and Combination of Ultrasound
                Therapy with Interferential Therapy on Bursitis of Knee in Sports

Authors:  B. Veerakumar Reddy, M.V. Srinivasan

Title:        A Study of Organizational Citizenship Behaviour among the employees in the select
                banks in North India

Authors:  Dr. Aman Khera

Title:        An effective hybrid Fuzzy C-means and Fuzzy K-modes clustering algorithm for social
                media data

Authors:  Akash Shrivastava, Dr. M. L. Garg

Title:        An IoT based Automatic Vehicle accident detection and Ambulance Rescue System
Authors:  Ms. Pooja Kadam, Ms. Yugashree Bhadane

Title:        Bioremediation of Arsenic contaminated soil and its impacts on Plants and Human Health
Authors:  Mecwan Neha V., Dr Yagnik B N., Solanki Hitesh A.

Title:        Design and Development of Prototype for Generation of Electricity Using Seebeck Effect
Authors:  Paramjot Singh Sangha, Rajan Dhamija, Harbhinder Singh, Amandeep Singh Wadhwa

Title:        Experimental study on mechanical properties of concrete with various fine aggregates
Authors:  Dr. K. Chandrasekhar Reddy, K. Praneel Kumar Reddy

Title:        A Novel scheme using Unsupervised learning to Improve Privacy in Health care Application
Authors:  Abhay Raj Dwivedi, Akhilanand Mishra, Ashutosh Kumar, Madhuri S

Title:        Correlating Climatic Shifts and Land Use Land Cover Change Impacts on Wetland
                Ecosystems Using Remote Sensing: A Case Study of Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary

Authors:  Nirmal Desai, Anurag Bhatu, Archana Mankad

Title:        Extraction and Analysis of Twitter Data using Hadoop Framework
Authors:  Simranjeet Singh Randhawa

Title:        Low Noise Wireless Speaker Using LASER and Infra-Red Technology for
                Public Address System

Authors:  N K Kaphungkui, Akash Adhikary, Abhishek Paul, Ananya Boruah, Juli Dutta

Title:        Comparative Analysis of Pig and Hive
Authors:  Shruti Verma, Vinod Maan

Title:        Machine Learning approaches to Keystroke dynamics-based authentication system
                with Enhanced Features

Authors:  Gunjan Goswami

Title:        Comparative Analysis of Flat Plate Solar Collector
Authors:  Jaswinder Singh Mehta, Piyush Singla, Shubam Goyal, Rajan Dhamija, Paramjot Sangha

Title:        Analysis of Correlation between Family Support, Information Support and Availability
                Breastfeeding Facilities at Workplace with Exclusive Breastfeeding Behavior
                on Working Mother

Authors:  Rina Faidah Nurani, Ernawaty, Tira Hamdillah Skripsa

Title:        Performance and Emission Characteristics of Compression Ignition Engine Using
                Oleander Biodiesel

Authors:  D.Bahar, R. Mounika, G. Kirthi, S. Rajesham

Title:        An Improved Regulated Load Balancing Approach for Cloud Computing Environment
Authors:  Devika Singh, Ashish Vashisht

Title:        Utilization inpatient Services using Gap analysis based on Service Quality (Servqual) model
                in RUMKITAL Dr. Oepomo Surabaya

Authors:  Vanda Yuanita Nasution

Title:        Ensemble security in Cloud Computing
Authors:  Mrs. Sunanda Morampudi, Dr. CH.G. V.N. Prasad

Title:        Deformation of a Bounded Poroelastic Half-Space in the Presence of a Point Sink
Authors:  Amit Kumar, Kuldip Singh, Mukesh Kumar Sharma

Title:        Determinant Factors on Childbirth Complications in Lumajang District, East Java, Indonesia
Authors:  Ririn Fitriana, Tira Hamdillah Skripsa

Title:        Effect of Replacement of Cement by Different Percentages of Silica Fume
Authors:  Gagandeep, Amanpreet Tangri, Vipasha Rishi

Title:        Voltage Controlled DC-DC Converter for Enhancing Waste Heat Recovery
Authors:  David Mathew, Della David

Title:        Certificateless Public Auditing Protocol in Cloud
Authors:  S. Mahaboob Basha, C. Shoba Bindu, C. Sasikala, P. Dileep Kumar Reddy

Title:        Effect of slip on Herschel- Bulkley Fluid Flow Through An Artery With Stenosis
                and Post StenoticDilatation

Authors:  Syed Waseem Raja, K.M Prasad, M.V. Ramana Murthy, Mohammed Abdul Rahim

Title:        Power Budget Estimation of a Common Source UBCT Amplifier
Authors:  Amitabh Kumar

Title:        An Integrated LCC Hybrid Topology for Single Inverter FED Inductive Power Transfer
                in Electric Vehicles

Authors:  Anu Anto, Sreethumol.M.V

Title:        Breast Cancer Histopathology Image Cluster Analysis
Authors:  Bhagirathi Halalli, Aziz Makandar

Title:        Removal of Pb (II) ions from Aqueous Solution using Naural Orange Peel
                and Activated Orange Peel

Authors:  Mamta Bhagat, Anil Yadav, Virender Yadav

Title:        Weka Workbench for Analysis of Machine Learning Classification Algorithms
Authors:  Sheeba P

Title:        Factors Influencing PPP in CBD
Authors:  Saudamini A. Mundiwale, Pritesh D. Aher

Title:        Wind Inter connection of Grid at the Distribution level to improve the Power Quality
                by Using Resonant Controller

Authors:  Azra Zaineb, J. Sridevi

Title:        Water Quality Indices for Assessing Heavy Metals Contamination in Drinking Water Sources
                of Lachchiwala Gram Panchayat, Dehradun

Authors:  Snigdha Pundir, Rakesh Singh, Prashant Singh, Ravinder Aswal, Vikash Kandari

Title:        The Role of Effective Leadership in Organizational Change Management
Authors:  Mohd Naveed Uddin

Title:        The Role of Effective Leadership Strategy
Authors:  Mohd Naveed Uddin

Title:        Secure Online Data Encryption in Cloud Computing
Authors:  Nipa Sarkar, Sheeba P

Title:        Gas Management and Energy Recovery from Municipal Solid Waste Landfill
Authors:  Subhasish Chattopadhyay, Amit Dutta, Subhabrata Ray, Abhisek Roy

Title:        Effective and Flexible Multi-keyword Score Search Over Cipher Text Cloud Data
Authors:  Syed Amjad, D Thakur

Title:        An Optimizing Technique to Reduce Risk Factor in Mobile Service Composition
Authors:  K.Sai Krishna, Dr.B.Lalitha

Title:        CouchDB: Reliable Repository for Big Data generated by IOT
Authors:  S. Raghavendra Kumar, Dr.B. Lalitha

Title:        Automatic Road Crack Detection Techniques: A Review
Authors:  Swapnil Vilas Patil, Prof. Mangesh Manikrao Ghonge

Title:        Thermally Induced Vibration of Non-Homogeneous Visco-Elastic Rectangular Plate
                of Variable Thickness

Authors:  A.K. Gupta, Sudhanshu Aggarwal

Title:        Studies on Chip morphology, Hole deviation and Temperature distribution for drilling
                using HSS, TiN and TiAlN coated HSS tool

Authors:  Puneeth H V, Dakshayini, Dr. M S Ganesha Prasad

Title:        Influence of Media Advertisement on Food Choices among Adolescent Girls in Jabalpur
Authors:  Nandita Sarkar, Sudha Tiwari, Sadhna Dubey

Title:        Analytical Solution for Hoop Tension and Bending Moment Coefficient for Long Cylinders
                by Beam on Elastic Foundation

Authors:  Imran Hussain, Prof. S. C. Gupta

Title:        Computational Study of Effect of curvature on the Heat Transfer of Wall Jet
Authors:  Prasant Nanda, S.V.H.Nagendra, DVS Bhagavanulu

Title:        Design and Development of Prosthetic Arm Prototype
Authors:  Puneeth H V, S Akilesh, Vinuth Kumar, Satish Badiger

Title:        A Review on Detection Optical Character Recognition
Authors:  Miss. Velantina Kapale, Prof. Mangesh Ghonge

Title:        Agricultural Field Monitoring System using ATMEGA16 and GSM
Authors:  Imtinungla, Samar Jyoti Saikia, Hemashree Bordoloi

Title:        A Tabu Stochastic Diffusion Search Based Fuzzy Scheduling in Cloud
Authors:  Ranga swamy Sirisati, Dr.Sridhar Mandapati

Title:        Projection Based Data Depth Procedure with Application in Discriminant Analysis
Authors:  Muthukrishnan R, Vadivel M, Ramkumar N

Title:        A Critical Analysis of Demonetisation in India: Its Success and Failure
Authors:  Ms. Vaishali Punia, Dr. Aman Khera, Dr. J.S. Sehrawat

Title:        A novel differential evolution for model order reduction
Authors:  Raghav Prasad Parouha

Title:        A Novel Approach for Document Categorization Based On Latent Semantic Indexing
Authors:  Dr. Sandeep Nain, Ankita

Title:        Aro-Nims: A New-Fangled Framework for IoT Data Pre-processing
Authors:  Mrs. I. Priya Stella Mary, Dr. L. Arockiam

Title:        Irrigation Expansion and Groundwater Fluctuation in Punjab Satluj Floodplain, India:
                A Causal Analysis from 1971 to 2012

Authors:  Harsimrat Kaur Gill

Title:        Study and Analysis of Effect of Ultrasonic penetration in Alkaline Solutions with Reference
                to the pH Value at Steady State Conditions

Authors:  Archana H. Bhapkar, Dr. Magan P. Ghatule

Title:        Government Initiatives and Activities to combat the issues of
                Municipal Solid Waste Management in India

Authors:  Patel Hardik, Solanki Hitesh

Title:        Effect of Process Parameters on Selective Sub-Aerated Flotation Cell of Sphalerite Ore
Authors:  Satyaprasad Yerra, N.Rao Cheepurupalli,
                Sravankumar Mula, Chaduvula Asha Immanuel Raju

Title:        Relative Study of Orthodox Concrete with Dualistic Concrete of Recycled Fine Aggregate
Authors:  Shailesh Kumar Yadav, Itendra Singh, Akash Agrawal, Shakti Suryavanshi

Title:        Optimization of MIG welding process parameters for hardness and strength of welding
                joint using Grey relational analysis

Authors:  D.Bahar, Md. Nawaz Sharif, K. Shravan Kumar, D. Reddy

Title:        Analysis of Carrier Frequency Errors and Their Effects on OFDM Based Systems
Authors:  Anil M. Jadhao, Dr. Ashok A. Ghatol

Title:        Application Level Resource Scheduling to Improve QOS in Cloud Computing
Authors:  B.SivaRama Krishna, Dr.T.V.Rao

Title:        Comparative Study on Seismic Analysis of Multi Storey Building Having
                Diaphragm Discontinuity Using Etabs

Authors:  Md Shehzad Choudhary, Syed Arfath, Md Mansoor Ahmed, Nadeem Pasha

Title:        Study on Compressive Strength of Ternary Blended Cement Mortars
Authors:  Dommeti Renuka Devi, Prof. V Siva Rama Raju


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