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Volume 6, Issue 6, June 2018

Title:        Improvement of Power Quality using an Integrated Control Technique of Unified
                Power Quality Conditioner (UPQC)

Authors:  Mr. Mayur P. Baseriya, Mr. K. N. Sawalakhe

Title:        A Sequential Synthesis of 3-(5-nitro-4 thiocyanatopyrimidin-2-yl)-3H-benzo[d]

Authors:  Sri Sudha Kankanala, Brahmeshwari Gavaji

Title:        Securing Real time data in IoT Environment
Authors:  Miss. Nikita Chaudhari, Prof. Amit Palve

Title:        A Pruning Based Regression Testing Approach to Optimize Industrial Software
Authors:  Ramandeep Kaur, Manpreet Singh, Rishideep Singh, Maninderpal Singh Dhaliwal

Title:        A Comparison between Compressive Strengths of Natural Aggregate Concrete and
                Recycled Aggregate Concrete

Authors:  Kishor vaghela, kishan dhami, Akash bhalu, Dhrupen dhami, Karan dhola

Title:        A Survey on Hand Gesture Recognition Techniques, Methods and Tools
Authors:  Nidhibahen Patel, Dr. Selena (Jing) He

Title:        Fly Ash Based Light Weight Geopolymer Concrete Using Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)
Authors:  Ajinkya Deelip Shimpi, Santosh T. Sanap

Title:        Study of Success and Failure Factors related to implementation
                of Bus Rapid Transit System.

Authors:  Tejashree S. Bankar, Madhura C. Aher

Title:        Water Quality Status of Jalna District Of Marathwada Region, Maharashtra State: A Review
Authors:  Kailas P. Dandge and Satish S. Patil

Title:        Enhanced Feature Selection Algorithms to Overcome High Dimensionality Problem
Authors:  V. Arul Kumar

Title:        A Critical Review on Synthesis of Zinc Oxide (ZnO) Nanostructures by Hydrothermal method
Authors:  Neel A. Patel

Title:        Performance Evaluation of Textile Effluent Treatment Plant
Authors:  Shrikant H. Pawar And Satish S. Patil

Title:        Design Simulation of Two Bit Multiplier using 90 nm CMOS Technology
Authors:  Sumit Tyagi, Rajesh Mehra

Title:        Efficient CMOS layout Design of Half Subtractor using 90nm technology
Authors:  Swati kandoria, Rajesh Mehra

Title:        Optimized Design and Simulation of 4-Bit Johnson Ring Counter Using 90nm Technology
Authors:  Abhishek Rai, Rajesh Mehra

Title:        A Supervised Player Prediction and Occlusion Handling in Sports Video
Authors:  Aziz Makandar, Daneshwari Mulimani

Title:        Design of Percolation Meter as a Measuring Instrument of Soil Absorption
Authors:  Winarko, Ferry Kriswandana, Ernita Sari

Title:        Simple Hadoop Map Reduce function on Parallel Implementation using Genetic Algorithms
Authors:  N. Revathi, Dr. P. Sengottuvelan

Title:        An Assessment of Groundwater Quality in the Selected Sites of Anand City, Gujarat, India
Authors:  Rashmi Thakkar, Rita Kumar, Nirmal Kumar, Mansi Banker, Dharitri Ramanlal

Title:        Modeling and Numerical Analysis of Compressor less Solar Refrigerator
Authors:  Aditya Mishra, Ajay Kumar, Ankush Srivastav, Sher S Yadav1, Manish Kumar

Title:        A Model Approach Towards Energy Harvesting And Battery less Self Powered Internet of
                Things (IoT) Applications

Authors:  Dinkar Patnaikuni, Shrinivasan Patnaikuni

Title:        Evaluation of Performance in PPP/Public Road Projects.
Authors:  Rashmi P. Soygaonkar, R. V. Devalkar

Title:        Effective Public Private Partnership for Redevelopment of Government Buildings-
                Case Study in Nashik

Authors:  Vaishnavi Naik

Title:        IoT Enabled GPRS Based Smart Water Quality Monitoring System
Authors:  Ms. Sk. Karimunnisa, Mr. Y.V. Bhaskar Reddy

Title:        Potassium dodecatangestocobaltate trihydrate(K5CoW12O40.3H2O): a mild and efficient
                catalyst for the synthesis of 2-aryl-1,8-naphthyridines under microwave irradiation

Authors:  Mallaram Aruna, Pradeep Kumar Challa, Gade Dayakar

Title:        Low Power Design of D Flip Flop on CMOS 90nm Technology
Authors:  Gajanan Choudhari, Dr. Rajesh Mehra

Title:        Partial Replacement of Pond Ash as a Fine Aggregate in Concrete
Authors:  Rakhi V. Sandhan, Madhav P. Kadam

Title:        Linear Prime Labeling of Some Direct Snake Graphs
Authors:  Sunoj B S, Mathew Varkey T K

Title:        Compression Ratio based on Smoothing Filter
Authors:  Gajanan Choudhari, Dr. Rajesh Mehra

Title:        Chloramine-T mediated synthesis of 6-aryl-9-(pyridine- 4-yl)[1,2,4]triazolo[4,3-a][1,8]

Authors:  Pradeep Kumar Challa, Mallaram Aruna, Gade Dayakar

Title:        Design and Synthesis of Multiplier Using Dual Quality 4:2 Compressors with Higher Speed
                and Lower Power Consumption

Authors:  I.Medha Gayathri, P.Sindhoori, P.Sravan Kumar Reddy

Title:        Advanced Security System Using GPRS Technology at RFID Based Toll Gate
Authors:  Ms. K.Chervitha, Dr. CH. Himabindu

Title:        Band Notched Ultra Wide Band MIMO Antenna with Inverted F isolated Structure
Authors:  Arya S, Dr.Sindhu R, Rekha G Nair

Title:        Hybrid Fractal Antenna for UWB Applications
Authors:  Praisy P Samuel, Rekha G Nair

Title:        An Experimental Analysis of Information Fusion in Social Network
Authors:  Prajakta R. Chuadhari, Prof. Namrata D. Ghuse

Title:        Design and Synthesis Of Signed and Un-Signed Approximate Multiplier
                Using Rounding Based Approximation

Authors:  A. Sai Sankalpa, C.Leela Mohan

Title:        Advances in Tele Communications - Perceptions, Usage Pattern of Mobile Phone
                and Impact on Health among Engineering Students

Authors:  Antim Bala Sharma, Dr. OS Lamba, Dr Lokendra Sharma, Dr Abhishek Sharma

Title:        Enhancement of Inductance and Q-Factor of RF IC Inductor Using Magnetic Material

Title:        Study of structural, morphological and optical properties of nanostructured Zirconium
                doped V2O5 thin films

Authors:  T Akkila, I Mansur Basha

Title:        ECG Signal analysis for detecting Myocardial Infarction using MATLAB
Authors:  Paridhi Goyal, Maya Datt Joshi, Shaktidev Mukherjee

Title:        Employer Branding: A Conceptual Framework
Authors:  Ms. Vaishali Punia

Title:        Assessment of Land Degradition and Desertification due to Migration Of Sand Dunes-A
                Case Study in Bommanahal Mandal, Anantapur District, Andhrappradesh, India
                using Remotesensing and GIS Techniques

Authors:  Pradeep Kumar. B, Dr. Raghu Babu. K, Rajasekhar.M, Ramachandra.M,
                Siva Kumar Reddy.P

Title:        An Experimental Study on Recycled Aggregate Concrete
Authors:  Abhinow Mataray, Vikash Vashisth, Meenakshi Mataray

Title:        A Review on Relevance Feedback in CBIR
Authors:  K. Srinivasa Reddy, P. Swaminathan, R. Anandan, K. Kalaivani

Title:        Designing of Combinational Circuits from Reversible Decoder Circuit
Authors:  G.Anusha, P.Sravan Kumar Reddy, P.Sindhoori

Title:        Air Pollution Monitoring And Disease Prediction by Image Processing,
                Machine Learning And IOT

Authors:  Dr. Shubhangi D.C, Syeda Sumaiya Afreen

Title:        Adaptive link Repair Algorithm for Mobile Adhoc Networks
Authors:  E.Krishna hari, E.Nagabhushanam

Title:        Application of Aboodh Transform for Solving Linear Volterra Integro-Differential Equations
                of Second Kind

Authors:  Sudhanshu Aggarwal, Nidhi Sharma, Raman Chauhan

Title:        Heavy Mineral Chemistry Studies of the Kabini River, South India: An Implication
                for Provenance

Authors:  K. N. Prakash Narasimha, A. V. Dhanya, Vybhav.K, Pradeep. P. Mujumdar, G.Gopalkrishna

Title:        Acetic acid Extraction from Aqueous Solution using tributyl phosphate in Modified
                Soyabean oil

Authors:  Surbhi Dahiya, Shourabh Singh Raghuwanshi, Umesh Chandra Sharma, Deepak Srivastava,
                Arinjay K Jain

Title:        Optimum Location of Shear Wall in T-Shaped RC Building Under Earthquake Load
Authors:  Mohammad zeeshan mohiuddin, S.M.Hashmi, Md Mansoor Ahmed, Nadeem Pasha

Title:        Comprehending Single Server Queueing System with Interruption, Resumption and Repeat
Authors:  Dashrath, Dr. Arun Kumar Singh

Title:        Traffic Accident Duration Modelling: A Computational Review
Authors:  Namita Gupta, Dr. Dinesh Kumar Saini

Title:        Excess Molar Volume of Ternary Liquid Mixture at Temperature 298.15 K
Authors:  Manish Tiwari, Ghan Shyam Gupta, V. K.Pandey, Rajeev K.Shukla

Title:        Study and Analysis: MIDI, the use of Arduino in MIDI and Various Custom MIDI Controllers
Authors:  Karun Lama, Debashish Bhuyan

Title:        Morphometric Analysis of the Paderu Mandal sub-watersheds' with Geospatial Approach
Authors:  Ramprasad Naik Desavathu, Aditya Allamraju, Appala Raju Nadipena

Title:        Repairing Damaged Database Using Table Structure
Authors:  Nadeem Beg, Dr. R. B. Ingle

Title:        Study of M50 grade concrete using silica fume, quartz powder and crimped steel fibres
Authors:  Amar, Dr. ShreenivasReddy S, Maneeth P D, Brijbhushan S, Siddarth baeen

Title:        Reducing the Latency in Live Music Transmission with the Beaglebone through Resampling
Authors:  Biroju Ravikiran, Mr.M.Rajendraprasad

Title:        Synthesis and Investigation on structural and optical properties of SnO2 nanocrystals
Authors:  P. Gomathy, S. Meenakshi Sundar

Title:        Investigating Mix Proportions of Polyester Polymer concrete for Drillability
                by Taguchi Method

Authors:  Gurpreet Singh, Harmesh Kumar, Sehijpal Singh

Title:        Land use land cover change simulation for future scenario for Malaprabha sub-basin
Authors:  Vijayshanti, Dr. Nagraj S. Patil, Dr. Anand V. Shivapur

Title:        An Assessment of Bioaccumulation Potential of the Heavy Metals by Spirodela polyrhiza
Authors:  Mansi N. Banker, Rita N. Kumar, Nirmal kumar J. I, Rashmi M. Thakkar, Dharitri B. Ramanlal

Title:        Carboxymethyl Lignin Bio Polymer and Microcrystalline Cellulose as a Surface
                Coating Additive to Improve the Properties of Paper on Starch Surface Sizing

Authors:  Amjath Khan F, A. Zahir Hussain, S.N.H Noorul Huq

Title:        Key Point Based Approaches for Copy-Move Image Tamper Detection-A Review
Authors:  Dr.V.Thirunavukkarasu, Dr.J.SatheeshKumar

Title:        Mineralogical and Geomorphological Mapping of western central part of Mare
               Tranquillitatis using Hyperspectral Imager onboard Chandrayaan-1

Authors:  Henal V. Bhatt, Paras M. Solanki, Mamta Chauhan

Title:        Allometric model to determine carbon stock from DBH of major tree species in
                Mansa Range, Gandhinagar Forest Division, Gujarat, India.

Authors:  Dharmesh G. Jaiswal, Chirag N. Patel, Hitesh A. Solanki, Himanshu A. Pandya

Title:        Comparison of Design optimization using Genetic Algorithm approach and DOE approach
Authors:  Amandeep Singh Wadhwa

Title:        A Rudimentary Operations on Octagonal Fuzzy Numbers
Authors:  V. Raju, R. Jayagopa

Title:        Computer-Aided Interpretation of Vero Cell Line Enhancement and Classification Using
                Image Processing Methods

Authors:  C. P. Anitha Devi, Sreejith L Das

Title:        AC/DC Microgrid Involving Energy Storage Using PV-Wind Power
Authors:  Chaitanyareddy, Mahadevi Biradar

Title:        Speed Control Of Brushless DC Motor Using Isolated Zeta Converter
Authors:  Gurusiddamma, Chandrasekhara Seregara

Title:        Comparative Study of Conventional Concrete with Binary Concrete of
                Recycled Coarse Aggregate

Authors:  Itendra Singh, Shailesh Kumar Yadav, Akash Agrawal

Title:        Feasibility Study Of Sustainable Material For Retrofitting-Case Study Nashik City
Authors:  Mohan B Kale, S.M.Waysal

Title:        Analysis and Simulation of Battery Energy Storage System
Authors:  Sujatha kumari C, Chandrasekhara Seregara

Title:        Modified Transistor Clamped H-bridge-based Cascaded Multilevel inverter
                with high reliability.

Authors:  Soujanya Kulkarni, Sanjeev Kumar R A

Title:        Implementation of 13-Level Inverter for Wind Applications
Authors:  Jyothi munagalkar, Sanjeev kumar R A


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