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Volume 6, Issue 7, July 2018

Title:        Green Synthesis of Sudan Dye 1 using Hydroxytriazenes under Sunlight Irradiation-
                A Photocatalytic Method

Authors:  Poonam Sharma , Varsha Dayma, Jaishri Chopra, Meena Rathore, P.K. Baroliya

Title:        Analysis of Heat Transfer Parameters in Microchannel Fluid Flow
Authors:  Amandeep Singh Wadhwa

Title:        Application of Singularly Perturbed Delay Differential Equations in Intuitionistic
                Fuzzy MAGDM Problems

Authors:  John Robinson P, Indhumathi M

Title:        Semi-markov model for a power plant system comprising of three low pressure
                boilers and fans

Authors:  Upasana Sharma, Gunjan Sharma

Title:        Unsteady MHD Boundary Layer Heat and Mass Transfer Flow of Micropolar
                Fluid over Porous Stretching Sheet with Soret and Dufour Effects

Authors:  S.R. Ravichandra Babu, S. Venkateswarlu, K. Jaya Lakshmi

Title:        Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship Study on BACE1 Inhibitors using Monte
                Carlo Algorithm

Authors:  Md Lutful Islam, Gulabchand K. Gupta

Title:        Formulation and Quality Evaluation of Fibre Rich Namakpare Using Nutricereal
                Kodo [Paspalum scrobiculatum] Millet

Authors:  Renu Shukla, Nandita Sarkar, Alpana Singh

Title:        Pectoral Muscle Identification and Detection of Cancer in Mammograms
                Using Unsupervised Learning Algorithms

Authors:  Dr. S. Julian Savari Antony

Title:        Numerical Study of Heat Transfer Techniques in Curved Tubes: A Review
Authors:  Anshuman Tiwari, Dr. Parag Mishra, Dr. Ajay Singh

Title:        Telemedicine System: The Future of Healthcare Services
Authors:  Dr. A. S. Kapse

Title:        Emergence of Indigenous Medical Education in Madras Presidency - A Historical Analysis
Authors:  B. Chitra, Dr.Y.Srinivasa Rao

Title:        Development and Validation of RP-HPLC Method for the Estimation of Levo Milnacipran
Authors:  Badithala Siva Sai Kiran, Sundararajan Raja

Title:        Thermodynamic Properties of Methylamine Hydrochloride in aqueous
                medium at 298.15K and 300.15K

Authors:  K. C. Patil, Vandana S. Singh

Title:        Three grade Manpower models having two sources of Depletion with Correlated Loss of
                Manpower and an Extended Threshold

Authors:  S.Poornima, B.Esther Clara

Title:        A Survey on Data Mining Algorithm for Brain Disorder
Authors:  Gayathri S, Dr. M. Punithavalli

Title:        Corporate Social Responsibility and Current Market Competitiveness: A Study
Authors:  Dr. Dilip Kumar Jha

Title:        A Study on Optimum Location of Shear Wall under Seismic Loads
Authors:  Syed Abrar Hussaini, Nadeem Pasha, Shaik Abdulla, Mohd. Faisaluddin, Dr.S.K. Md. Azam

Title:        A Recommender System Based on Improvised K- Means Clustering Algorithm
Authors:  Shivani Sharma

Title:        Implementation of FM Transmitter Using Raspberry Pi
Authors:  D.Lalitha Kumari

Title:        Positioning of sensor nodes in body area network for bioheat reduction
                using swarming algorithm

Authors:  Ameet Ahuja, Rajni Mangla

Title:        Intuitionistic Fuzzy γ Supra Open Mappings And Intuitionistic Fuzzy γ Supra Closed Mappings
Authors:  R.Syed Ibrahim, S.Chandrasekar

Title:        Wide Band and Enhanced Gain Microstrip Antenna Array for WiMax Applications
Authors:  K. Prahlada Rao, Vani R.M, P.V.Hunagund

Title:        Design and Analysis of Deep Learning in Neural Networks
Authors:  G. Naga Sireesha, V. Siva Parvathi, Y. Surekha, A.Vanamala Kumar

Title:        Electrical Equipment Protection Using Thermal Camera Mounted on a Quadcopter Mushunuri
Authors:  Raghava Vinay Kanth, Deepjyoti Deb, Allu.Gowrisankar

Title:        A Review of Vulnerabilities of ADS-B
Authors:  S. Sudha Rani, R. Hemalatha

Title:        Flexural Behaviour of RC Beams Retrofitted Using Carbon Textile Reinforcement
Authors:  Monika Prasannan S., M. Nazeer

Title:        Are We Ready for Robots?
Authors:  Dr. Nidhi Arora, CRIM Poonam Arora

Title:        Investigation on Structural and Optical Properties of Manganese Dioxide Nanoparticles by
                Microwave-Assisted Solution Method

Authors:  S.C. Vella Durai, L. Guru Prasad, E.Kumar, D.Muthuraj, V.Bena Jothy

Title:        Campus Environment-A Study of Adjustment versus Adaptation on Academic Forefront
Authors:  Dr.Vijayalakshmi N.S, Dr. A.H.Sequeira

Title:        An analysis on changing dynamics of Land use Land cover in Tiruchendur area,
                Tuticorin, Tamilnadu

Authors:  S.Arunbose, S.Rajkumar, T.Immanuvel David, Y.Srinivas, M.Rema Vaishali

Title:        Analytical Approach for Optimal Placement of Distributed Generators in Power System
Authors:  Sanjeeva Kumar R A, H R Sudarshan Reddy, Anantapadmanabha T

Title:        Enumerate Inter-Reliant Solitude Threat through Spot Statistics
Authors:  Sri Phani Chandra.S, Mrs.Venkateswaramma.P

Title:        Handling of Chaos in Two Dimensional Discrete Maps
Authors:  Anil Kumar Jain

Title:        Survey on Leaf Diseases Identification and Recognition using ΔE Color Difference,
                Multiple Classifier Algorithms and Principle Component Analysis for Dimension Reduction

Authors:  M. Banu Priya, Dr. S. Jayasankari

Title:        Comparative Study of Flexible Foundations
Authors:  Prof. S. C. Gupta, Rahul Sharma

Title:        Behavioral Study of Cylindrical Tanks by Beam on Elastic Foundation
Authors:  Prof. S. C. Gupta, Imran Hussain, Durga Prasad Panday

Title:        Thrust Block for Pipelines - Case Study of Water Supply Scheme for a Town Berinag
Authors:  Prof. S. C. Gupta, Imran Hussain

Title:        Durability and Strength analysis of Concrete by Partial Replacement of Cement with
                Corn Cob Ash and Rice Husk Ash

Authors:  Sunita Kumari, Dinesh Chander, Rinku Walia

Title:        A Comparative Analysis of Different Data mining algorithm for Credit risk modeling
Authors:  Jismy Joseph, Dr.G. Kesavaraj

Title:        Connected End Equitable Domination In Fuzzy Graphs
Authors:  C. Gurubaran, A. Prasanna, S. Ismail Mohideen

Title:        Effect of heat input on the characteristics of 304L austenitic stainless steel weld deposited by
                GTAW for root pass and SMAW for filler passes

Authors:  Harsimranjit Singh Randhawa, Sunil Kumar

Title:        Application of Double Sumudu Transform in MAGDM Problems with Intuitionistic
                Triangular Fuzzy Sets

Authors:  John Robinson P, Jeeva S

Title:        Upgraded Design for Flash port of HHO Dry cell Generator
Authors:  Shubham Sharma, Dr. Neeraj Kumar

Title:        Analysis of Adaptive Alternate Minimum Hop Rank Based Routing Method for
               Transmission of maximum data rate in Large WDM Fiber Optical Networks

Authors:  P.Krishnaiah, Dr.M.Nagendra

Title:        Employee Engagement: An Overview
Authors:  Miss Vaishali Punia

Title:        Productivity Optimization: a tailored Lean and Agile approach for Automotive
                Propeller Shaft Assembly

Authors:  Nilesh H. Khandare, S. S. Deshmukh

Title:        Project Planning, Scheduling, Tracking and Cost Control - A Case Study for
                Residential (G+4) Building by Using Software Primavera P6

Authors:  Shahnawaz Naseem, Akash Agrawal, Naresh Harry

Title:        Design of TIG welding experiments to optimize the hardness and Toughness
                of weld bead formed between Cu alloys

Authors:  D.Bahar, V. Pandey, T. Ijakpaul, Ch. Anil

Title:        Formulation, Development and In-vitro Evaluation of Osmotic Tablet of Nefopam Hydrochloride
Authors:  Uphade K. B., Patil P. B., Saudagar R. B.

Title:        A Study and Analysis of Decision Tree Based Classification algorithms using R
Authors:  V.Saranya, R.Porkodi

Title:        Understanding the Intention to adopt 4G Mobile Services in India using DTPB:
                A PLS-SEM approach

Authors:  Dr.S.Sundar, S.Kanimozhi

Title:        Radio Geometric Mean Number of Splitting Of Star and Bistar
Authors:  V. Hemalatha, Dr. V. Mohanaselvi, Dr. K. Amuthavalli

Title:        High speed machine tool spindle cooling by air throttling - A feasibility study
Authors:  VVSH Prasad, Dr.V.Kamala

Title:        A Survey on Biometrics of Fingerprint and Face Recognition Methods
Authors:  N.V.Lalitha, G.Suresh

Title:        Optimization of the Feed Force and Cutting Force in Turning Operation of EN-8 Steel
Authors:  Mukesh Kumar Verma, Ajeet Pratap Singh, Yastuti Rao Gautam, Ramendra Singh Niranjan,
               Shishupal Singh

Title:        Synthesis, characterization and spectrophotometric studies of hydroxytriazene -
                palladium complexes

Authors:  Pushplata Salvi, Varsha Dyama, Rekha Dashora, A. K. Goswami

Title:        Comparative Analysis of HVAC using PID, Fuzzy and ANFIS Technique
Authors:  Anil Yadav, Ajay Goel

Title:        Teacher Education and Technology- Old Wine in New Bottles: A New Approach in Twenty
                First Century

Authors:  Bellal Hossain, Abdul Gani

Title:        A Review of Monsoon Rainfall over the Driest and Heaviest Meteorological Sub-Divisions
                of India

Authors:  Tongdi Jamir, Imlisunup

Title:        Neutrosophic Generalized Semi Closed Sets In Neutrosophic Topological Spaces
Authors:  V.K.Shanthi, S.Chandrasekar, K.Safina Begam

Title:        Assessment of Micronutrients and Macronutrients in Soil of Chandrapur Area,
                Maharashtra, India

Authors:  Vikas D. Umare

Title:        An investigative study of applications of Fuzzy Logic
Authors:  Bijay Kumar Thakur, Dr. Arun Kumar Singh

Title:        Multi Objective Optimization of WEDM Process Parameters Using Hybrid RSM-GRA-FIS,
                GA and SA Approach

Authors:  Bibhuti Bhusan Sahoo, Abhishek Barua, Siddharth Jeet, Dilip Kumar Bagal

Title:        A Comparative Study on the existing methods of Software Size Estimation
Authors:  Manisha Vatsa, Rahul Rishi

Title:        Application of UHMWPE Fiber Based Composite Material
Authors:  Shishupal singh, Yastuti rao gautam, Ajeet pratap singh, Mukesh kumar verma

Title:        Construction of Optimal Pseudo Designs for Mixture-of-Mixture Experiments
Authors:  Parul Saini, Chetan, Ratna Raj Laxmi

Title:        C-Band Microstrip Band Pass Filter Design
Authors:  Shobit Agarwal, Rahul Kumar Garg, Raghuvir Tomar

Title:        Multi-Band Rectangular Patch Antenna with F-Type Defected Metal Structure
Authors:  Rahul Kumar Garg, Shobit Agarwal, Raghuvir Tomar

Title:        A Self-Similar Solution of a Shock Wave Propagation in a Perfectly Conducting Dusty Gas
Authors:  J. P. Vishwakarma, Prem Lata


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