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Volume 6, Issue 8, August 2018

Title:        Feature Selection: Improved Random Forest Classifier
Authors:  Chetna Sharma, Aman Kumar Sharma

Title:        Degree splitting of some I-cordial graphs
Authors:  P. Maya, T. Nicholas

Title:        Analysis of Agricultural soil pH using Digital Image Processing
Authors:  Gurubasava, Mahantesh S.D

Title:        Effects of Using p+-CdTe as a BSR Layer for CdTe Based Solar Cells
Authors:  Harshleen Kaur, Rajesh Mehra

Title:        Maximizing Efficiency of Double Threaded Square Screw using Full Factorial
                Experimental Design

Authors:  Jaswinder Singh Mehta

Title:        Comparative study of Schiff base using various synthesis methods and their theoretical
                prediction of activities

Authors:  Varsha Dayma, Poonam Sharma, Pushplata Salvi, Meena K Rathore, Prabhat Kumar Baroliya

Title:        Study of Solute-Solvent Interaction of Hydrazone Schiff's bases in N, N dimethyl formamide
                solution at 303K by measurement of Ultrasonic velocity, Density and Viscosity

Authors:  Suchita B. Wankhede, Arun B. Patil

Title:        Agricultural Best Management Practice using SWAT Model
Authors:  Priyanka, Nagraj S. Patil

Title:        Development and Evaluation of Amlodipine Besylate Laden In-Situ Film
Authors:  Sayantan Mukhopadhyay, Nidhi Dobhal, Preeti Kothiyal

Title:        Application of Memory effects In an Inventory Model with Linear Demand and No shortage
Authors:  Rituparna Pakhira, Uttam Ghosh, Susmita Sarkar

Title:        The Surface Domination Number in Plane Graphs
Authors:  K.A.Kamagnchari, Dr.K.Amuthavalli, Dr.V.Mohanaselvi

Title:        Note on Nmg#-Closed Sets in Nano Minimal Structure Spaces
Authors:  V.BA. Vijeyrani, A. Pandi

Title:        Properties of One Modulo N Mean Graphs
Authors:  D. Muthuramakrishnan, K. Bhagyasri

Title:        An Analysis of Energy Consumption in Mobile Cloud Computing
Authors:  Rutika M. Modh, Dr. Jayesh M. Patel

Title:        Heavy Metals Pollution in Groundwater of Ghaziabad district, Western Uttar Pradesh, India:
                Groundwater quality constraint

Authors:  Siraj Ahmad, Shadab Khurshid, Mashkoor Khan

Title:        Influence of Ethanol Blending On Performance and Exhaust Emissions of Four Stroke Spark
                Ignition Engine

Authors:  Madhav gour, Dr.Ajay singh

Title:        Studies on the DNA Damage in Azadirachta indica Induced by Various Environmental Agents
Authors:  AjanitaMazumdar, DrishteeBarua

Title:        Upgraded Design for Flash port of HHO Dry cell Generator
Authors:  Shubham Sharma, Dr. Neeraj Kumar

Title:        Trustworthy Media Communications in the IoT by SBPG: Secure Better Portable Graphics
Authors:  Dr. Shubhangi D., Rumana Ambreen

Title:        Experimental studies on a VCR Diesel Engine using blends of diesel fuel with Kusum bio-diesel
Authors:  D.Satyanarayana, Dr. Jasti Sudhir Kumar, V.Shakti Kiran, A.S.Ganapathi, K.V.Kalyani

Title:        Effect of PMMA on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Epoxy Polymer Blends
Authors:  Rudresh M., Maruthi B. H.

Title:        Virtual Telepresence and Gesture Controlled Robot
Authors:  Sunil MP, Dr. N Kamala, Yashaswini N, Prathib Kumar G, Yashaswini S

Title:        Design, Development and Testing of Active Electro- Solenoid Thruster for Application in
                EBA System in Conjunction with ABS in Automobiles

Authors:  Ketan S. Apte, Rupam M. Thakare, Ankirt A. Bhosale, Jigar K. Shah

Title:        Seismic Analysis of Multistorey Building with and Without Soft Storey
Authors:  Md. Hussain, Mohd. Faisaluddin, Shaik Abdulla, Nadeem Pasha, Prof. S.M. Hashmi

Title:        Assessment of Physicochemical Characteristics of Soilsand its Correlation with Bulk Density
Authors:  Vikas D. Umare

Title:        Chromatic Excellence in Hesitancy Fuzzy Graphs
Authors:  M.A. Rifayathali, A. Prasanna, S. Ismail Mohideen

Title:        Evaluation of Performance of Single Cylinder 4S- CI Engine Using a Neat Biodiesel Blend
Authors:  Dr.P.VaraPrasad, Dr. P.V. Sanjiv Kumar, V. Mallikarjuna

Title:        Edge - Graceful Labeling of Some Special Trees
Authors:  B. Gayathri

Title:        Performance Evaluation of VCRS with Nested Helical Shaped Condenser by
                Using R134a as Refrigerant

Authors:  Bukke Bhagyalathamma, Dr.Smt.G.Prasanthi

Title:        Transformation Properties of Aging Classes under Excess Wealth Transform
Authors:  U. Rizwan, B.Towfeeq Ahmed, Syed Tahir Hussainy

Title:        A model for determining the optimal base stock level when the lead time has a
                change of distribution property

Authors:  R.Jagatheesan, S.Sachithanantham

Title:        Frequency Response of UBCT Cascode Amplifier Circuit
Authors:  Amitabh Kumar

Title:        Signal Cancellation Method for Simultaneous Reduction of PAPR and Sidelobe Power
                in NC-OFDM based CR system

Authors:  K.Sahitya, K.Rama Naidu

Title:        Automated Classification Framework for Road Condition Detection and Maintenance Prediction
Authors:  Suwarna Gothane, Dr. M. V. Sarode, Dr.V.M.Thakre

Title:        A Cryptographically Secured Lightweight Protocol For Encryption Based Data Sharing
                For Mobile Cloud Computing

Authors:  Dr. Mohammed Abdul Waheed, Shireen Banu

Title:        Evaluation of Performance Deterioration of the Used Equipment Oil in Sliding Pair
Authors:  J. S. Bhat, B.U.Sonawane

Title:        Botnet Detection Technique Using Denial of Service (DDOS) Attack Elliptic Curve
                Digital Signature (ECDSA) Algorithm

Authors:  S.Soundharya, K.RaviKumar

Title:        Optimization of cutting parameters for surface roughness of polyamide 66/33 glass
                fiber composite gear using response surface methodology

Authors:  Atul Sharma, M.L. Aggarwal, Lakhwinder Singh

Title:        Application of Kamal Transform for Solving Linear Volterra Integral Equations of First Kind
Authors:  Sudhanshu Aggarwal, Nidhi Sharma, Raman Chauhan

Title:        Enhanced Immense Capacity Reversible Image Hiding with Color Images
Authors:  N. Thanuja

Title:        Comparative response of two varieties of Linum usitatissimum L. to Vermicompost,
                Vermiwash and INM

Authors:  Cinny Makkar, Jaswinder Singh, Chander Parkash

Title:        On Mathematical Analysis for LRS Bianchi Type II Cosmogical Models in Stiff and Anti-stiff Fluid
                in Modified Theory of General Relativity

Authors:  R.K. Dubey, Shishir Kumar Srivastava

Title:        A Comparative Study of Colour Spaces for Mouth Region Segmentation in Indian Context
Authors:  Sandesh E PA, Lajish V.L, Bibish Kumar K T, R.K.Sunil Kumar

Title:        Legendary Line Domination in L(L(G))
Authors:  Dr. V. Mohana Selvi, P. Kavitha

Title:        Viscosity and Excess Molar Volume of Binary Ionic Liquid Mixture at Temperature 298.15 K
Authors:  Ankit Gupta, Vikas Singh Gangwar, Rajeev K.Shukla

Title:        Vacuum Pyrolysis of Bamboo, Sawdust and Writing Paper
Authors:  J V Bholanda

Title:        Investigation on infrared reflective property of Mg-doped bismuth titanate for the
                application of cool home coating

Authors:  P.Meenakshi, M.Pavithra, A.K.N.Pavithra, M.Selvaraj

Title:        Comparative Study of Manjistha and Lotus Root Herbal Extract Solutions Using
                Ultrasonics Technique

Authors:  Vitthal N. Gowardipe, Shashikant R. Aswale, Sunanda S. Aswale

Title:        Determination of Acephate (Pesticide) in Grapes of Chhattisgarh Open Market
Authors:  Srinivasa Rao Damma, Dr. Manish Upadhyay

Title:        Improved Invitro Rapid Shoot Amplification and Root Induction
                in Aloe Barbadensis for the Successful Acclimatization

Authors:  Aarthi Pughazhendhi, D. Sathish Sekar

Title:        Structural Analysis of Multi-Storied Building for Different Plan Configuration for Different Types
                of Soil Considering Equivalent Strut Approach

Authors:  Nilesh Sanjiv More, P. A. Nikam, B. R. Lagad

Title:        Taxonomic Study of Palms in South Gujarat
Authors:  Qureshimatva Umerfaruq M., Gamit Sandip B., Patel Sveta B., Solanki Hitesh A., Yadav Santosh L.

Title:        An Optimal Gamma Correction Based Image Contrast Enhancement Using DWT-SVD
Authors:  G. Padma Priya, T. Venkateswarlu

Title:        Influence on Mechanical Properties of Epoxy Polymer Matrix Composites reinforced with
                Surface Treated Woven Strand Mat E-Glass fibers

Authors:  Guruprasad H.L, Dr. J.N. Prakash

Title:        Intuitionistic Fuzzy Supra G? Closed Sets In Intuitionistic Fuzzy Supra Topological Spaces
Authors:  S.Thulasi, 2S.Chandrasekar

Title:        Designing of Skip-Lot Sampling Plan of Type (Sksp-3) For Life Tests Based On Percentiles
                of Exponentiated Rayleigh Distribution

Authors:  Pradeepa Veerakumari K, Umamaheswari, P, Aruna H M, Suganya S

Title:        The Imperative effect of Swot Analysis on Academic Institutions
Authors:  M.J.A.Prince

Title:        A Study on the Behaviour of SAODV with TCP and SCTP Protocols in Mobile Adhoc Networks
Authors:  S. Mahalakshmi, Dr. K. Geetha

Title:        Geospatial Analysis of Mangrove Environs Changes due to Tectonic Disturbance :
                A Case Study In Havelock And Little Andaman Islands, India

Authors:  Vybhav.K, Mahendra.R. S, Lingadevaru.M, Channabasappa, K and Madhuri Kalaskar

Title:        Radiation and Chemical Reaction Effects on MHD Free Convection Flow, Heat And
                Mass Transfer Past a Permeable Plate In Porous Medium

Authors:  Hemanta Konwar

Title:        Design & Experimental Analysis of Multi Turn Php
Authors:  N.SanthiSree, N V S S Sudheer, P.Bhramara

Title:        Role of macrophytes for the upliftment of Socio -Economic weekened section of Upper Lake
Authors:  Prerna Gupta, Sadhna Tamot, Vinoy K. Shrivastava

Title:        A Comprehensive Review on Biodiesel as Alternative Fuel for a Compression Ignition Engine
Authors:  Sirivella Vijaya Bhaskar


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