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Volume 6, Issue 9, September 2018

Title:        Fault Detection Using Hilbert Huang Transform
Authors:  Balvinder Singh, Tanuj Manglani

Title:        Minimizing Makespan in Flow Shop under Continuous Machine Operation
Authors:  Kewal Krishan Nailwal, Deepak Gupta, Kawal Jeet

Title:        Correlation Study on Physicochemical Parameters of River Ganga during Different
                Seasons in Haridwar

Authors:  Vani Sharma, Padma Singh

Title:        Automatic Detection of Red Lesion in Color Fundus Images
Authors:  Priya More, Prof. Vikas Marathe

Title:        Green Synthesis of Nickel Nanoparticles from Extract of Coriandrum Sativum Leaves
                along with Comparative Analysis using Chemical Reduction Method

Authors:  Aparna Kamarthi, Sharada Shanigarapu

Title:        Performance Examination of 4 Stroke Single Cylinder Compression Ignition Engine Using
                Different Blends of Cotton Seed Oil with Diesel Fuel - An Experimental Study

Authors:  Prof. Bhavik D. Upadhyay, Ms. Sonal T. Dave

Title:        New Preservation Theorems on Nano Minimal Structure Spaces
Authors:  V. BA. Vijeyrani, A. Pandi, Ettunali Pudur, Vidathakulam

Title:        Health Monitoring Wearable Glove
Authors:  Ribin Jones S.B, Dr. N. Kumar, Swaraj S Paul

Title:        Effect of Flow Distortion in Inlet Duct on the Performance of Centrifugal Blower
Authors:  Kalpesh W. Shirsath, S.R. Patil, Sumit M. Naik

Title:        IoT Application in Irrigation
Authors:  Ribin Jones S.B, Dr. N. Kumar, Swaraj S Paul

Title:        Usage of Response Surface Methadology and Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) for
                Optimizing Process Variables to Produce Lipase

Authors:  Shiva Naresh.M, G.H.Rao

Title:        Multiple Attribute Decision Making Method using Singular Perturbation Problem under
                Interval Valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets

Authors:  John Robinson P, Manjumari M

Title:        Preparation of Shoe Soling Material from Leather Waste
Authors:  S.Ponsubbiah, Dr.Sanjeevgupta, Dr.S.N.Jaisankar, Dr.K.Pandian, Dr. R.Mohan

Title:        Service Quality, a Determinant of Customer Loyalty: A Study of the Retail Sector of
                Uttarakhand Region, India

Authors:  Navjyoti Singh Negi, Dr. Manish Kumar

Title:        Analysis of Soils in the vicinity of Chemical Laboratory of Janata Mahavidyalaya,
               Chandrapur Maharashtra, India

Authors:  P.V. Patilpaik, V. N. Gowardipe

Title:        Electrochemical behavior of graphite paste electrode in aqueous and nonaqueous solvents
Authors:  Manisha Bhattacharya, Pintu B, S. G. Dixit

Title:        Entropy Generation of Oldroyd-B Fluid through various Geometrical Structures
Authors:  Debasish Dey, Ardhendu Sekhar Khound

Title:        Static and Harmonic Analysis of Truck Chassis with Tuned Mass Damper under
                Class-B Road Conditions

Authors:  Mahendra varma.M, Lakshmana kishore.T

Title:        Experimental Investigation of SI Engine Characteristics with Methanol Blended Petrol
Authors:  K Srihitha, K Polaiah, K Srinivasa Rao

Title:        An Efficient Pre-Processing Method to Extract Blood Vessel, Optic Disc and Exudates
                from Retinal Images

Authors:  K. Priya, Dr. N. Jayalakshmi

Title:        Bulk and nano-structured polyaniline: synthesis, characterization, thermal behaviour
                and dc conductivity

Authors:  Kingsley Kema Ajekwene, Thomas Kurian

Title:        Comprehensive Analysis of Techniques Used For Promoting Green Products Along With
                Future Enhancement

Authors:  Diksha Gupta, Miss.Yachana

Title:        Comparative studyon Partition Based Clustering Algorithms
Authors:  E. Mahima Jane, Dr. E. George Dharma Prakash Raj

Title:        A Comparative Study of Water Quality of Groundwater in Garautha Block, Jhansi District,
                Uttar Pradesh, India

Authors:  Naseem Akhtar, S P Rai, Ravi Saini, Neeraj Pant

Title:        On Monoid Recognizable l-Fuzzy Languages
Authors:  Ajitha Kumari K, Archana V P

Title:        Organic acids production by Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria leads to mineral
                phosphate solubilization

Authors:  Rhituporna Saikia

Title:        Microwave synthesis, electrochemical studies and capacitance of benzalazine
Authors:  B. Divya, D. Kanagavel, P. Karpagavinayagam, C. Vedhi

Title:        Impact of Thermal in Stokes Second Problem for Unsteady Second Grade Fluid Flow
Authors:  L.Hari Krishna, L.Sreekala, A.Hemantha Kumar

Title:        PWM Based Rpm Controlled Spin Coating System
Authors:  Mr.Chandramohan.S, Mr.M.Kumaresan, Mr.G.Sankar

Title:        Generalized Skew Derivations and Left Ideals in Prime and Semiprime Rings
Authors:  Vannali Sreenivasulu, Dr. R. Bhuvana Vijaya

Title:        Managing Energy Efficiency and Controlling Congestion Using CSMAC for
                Wireless Sensory Network

Authors:  Anamol Chand Jain, Dr. Ashendra Saxena

Title:        Selective Harmonic Elimination on a Multilevel Inverter Using Ann and Genetic
                Algorithm Optimization Techniques

Authors:  Mrs.M.Suguna, Ms.R.Suganthalakshmi

Title:        Application of Eddy Current Damper in Door Closer System
Authors:  Chaitanya Karkhile, C.S. Dharankar

Title:        Effect of Particle Size on Creep Stresses in Thick-Walled Composite Cylinders Considering Plane Stress
Authors:  Gagandeep Singh Kohli, Tejeet Singh, Harwinder Singh

Title:        Topic Modeling for Online Social Network
Authors:  Reena Pagare, Akhil Khare

Title:        Nonlinear Analysis for Natural Frequencies of Rectangular and NACA0012 Aerofoil
                Cross-section Beam

Authors:  Bahadursha A V L Sainadh, V Mani Kumar

Title:        Assessment of the Physico-Chemical Parameters of Sediment of Adayar
                Estuary, Tamil Nadu, India

Authors:  S.Nandini, M. C. John Milton

Title:        Phytochemical Screening and Evaluation of Antioxidant Potential of Achyranthes
                aspera L. Leaves

Authors:  Shirin A. Qureshi, Hitesh A. Solanki

Title:        Privacy Preserving Association Rule Mining for Customer Relationship Management
Authors:  Tamanna kachwala, L. K. Sharma

Title:        New Types of Continuous Maps and Hausdorff Spaces in Nano Ideal Spaces
Authors:  A. Pandi, G. Thanavalli, K. Banumathi, V. BA. Vijeyrani and B.Theanmalar

Title:        Some Modifications of Nano Bitopological Spaces
Authors:  A. Pandi

Title:        Treatment Efficiency of Edible Oil Refinery Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)
Authors:  Shrikant H. Pawar, Satish S. Patil

Title:        Observation on the Bi-quadratic Equation with Five Unknowns
Authors:  R.Anbuselvi, N.Ahila

Title:        Intrusions Detection by Using Automated Honey-pot Machine Learning Technology in
                an unstructured Big-Data

Authors:  Rashid Hussain, Shivani Joon, Dr. Rajesh Kumar Tyagi

Title:        Controllability of the Cauchy Problem for Fractional Differential Equations with Delay
Authors:  Falguni Acharya, Jitendra Panchal

Title:        Selective Harmonic Elimination on a Multilevel Inverter Using Ann and
                Genetic Algorithm Optimization Techniques

Authors:  Mrs.M.Suguna, Ms.R.Suganthalakshmi

Title:        Microstructure characterization of mechanosynthesized CeO2 stabilized nanocrystalline ZrO2
Authors:  Hema Dutta

Title:        A Technique to Solve Parametric Type Triangular Number Fuzzy Transportation Problem
Authors:  Faritha Asma A, Meena C

Title:        A New Class of Analytic Functions with Fekete-Szego Inequality Using Subordination Method
Authors:  S.K. Gandhi, Gurmeet Singh, Preeti kumawat, G.S. Rathore, Lokendra kumawat


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