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Volume 7, Issue 1, January 2019

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71201901 A Study on Attitude and Behavior of Rural Consumers Dr. Prabhakar Shukla, Manju Sharma Paper Certificate
71201902 A Geo-physical background of Ravi River Basin in Himachal Pradesh Sharma Nikesh Paper Certificate
71201903 A Study on Toric Surfaces, Techniques and Code Dr. Ashwani Kumar Paper Certificate
71201904 A Study on Cooperative Banks in Himachal Pradesh with Special References to Lending Practices Mukesh Kumar Paper Certificate
71201905 Automated Accident Detection Mohana Priya.A, S.P.Kavya, R.Dharshini Paper Certificate
71201906 Analysis of complex roots of the equation x3+(k-1)x2-(k-1)x+k=0 through complex continued fraction, where k>=1 Krithika S., and Gnanam A. Paper Certificate
71201907 A Study on Prediction of Birth Weight for Infants using Transition Probability Matrix with respect to Haemoglobin Count M. Helen Sheeba and Dr. S. Durai Raj Paper Certificate
71201909 Characterisation of Bay of Bengal Cyclones Using Ibtracs Data Mohammedali Nellayaputhenpeedika, V. Radhakrishnan Paper Certificate
71201912 One Step One Pot Mechanosynthesize of Boron Doped Titanium Nitride and its Microstructure Characterization Ujjwal Kumar Bhaskar Paper Certificate
71201913 Retrieval of Disease-Treatment Information from Online Forums Using NLP and Convoluted Neural Network Pipeline Mamatha Balipa, Dr. Balasubramani R Paper Certificate
71201915 Performance Evaluation of Classification Techniques for Phishing Attack Detection Dr. Anshu Chaturvedi, Prof. D.N. Goswami, Manali Shukla Paper Certificate
71201916 Analysis of a Human Powered Vehicle Ch.Indira Priyadarsini, B.Srujeeth Khanna Paper Certificate
71201917 Study of challenges in Additive Manufacturing in the Automotive Industry P.Anjani Devi, K.B.L.Prasanna, Vundela Vidya Sree Paper Certificate
71201928 Performance Analysis of MANET Routing Protocols using different Mobility Models and Varying Speed Prof. S. S. Asole, Dr. P. M. Jawandhiya Paper Certificate
71201929 Effect of Spraying Potassium Silicate at Different Crop Growth Stages on Brown Spot Incidence and Grain Yield of Rice Jaiganesh V., Kannan C., Thamarai Selvi M. And Sutha Raja Kumar R. Paper Certificate
71201936 Reliable sampled data control for Stabilization of non-linear multi-agent system with mixed delay and Markovian jumping parameters M. Syed Ali, R. Agalya Paper Certificate
71201938 Inverse and Disjoint Connected Cototal Domination number of the Jump Graph of a Graph Annie Jasmine S.E., K. Ameenal Bibi Paper Certificate
71201939 Dynamical Influence of Heat and Mass Transfer on Unsteady Visco-Elastic Fluid on Blood Flow through an Artery: Effects of Chemical Reaction M.Chitra, R.Bhaskaran Paper Certificate
71201940 Near and Closer Relations in Bitopology R. Chitralekha, M. Anitha and N. Meena Paper Certificate
71201941 Total Prime Labeling of Some Graphs S. Meena and A. Ezhil Paper Certificate
71201942 A Study of Human's Horoscope Based on Fractals and Analyzation of Planet's Consistency R. Kamali, G. Jayalalitha Paper Certificate
71201943 Mathematical Modelling on unsteady oscillatory flow of blood in an inclined tapered stenosed artery with permeable wall M. Chitra, S. Parthasarathy, D. Karthikeyan Paper Certificate
71201944 Schultz Polynomial, Modified Schultz Polynomial and Indices of Molecular Graph of Anthracene Based On Domination G.Jayalalitha, M.Raji Paper Certificate
71201945 Fuzzy Simply Lindel?f Space And Fuzzy Simply Baire Space Dr. S. Anjalmose1 Paper Certificate
71201947 k-Jacobsthal and k-Jacobsthal Lucas Numbers and their Associated Numbers G.Srividhya and T.Ragunathan Paper Certificate
71201948 Generating matrices of the k-Jacobsthal Numbers G.Srividhya and T.Ragunathan Paper Certificate
71201949 Domination on Minimum Diameter Spanning Tree V.T. Chandrasekaran, N.Rajasri Paper Certificate
71201950 Complex Addition Labelling With Gaussian Integers G.Jayalalitha, S.Kavitha Paper Certificate
71201951 Various Domination Parameters of Single Valued Neutrosophic Graphs R. Jahir Hussain and S. Satham Hussain Paper Certificate
71201953 Transport of groundwater contaminants with multiple reactive species Nirmala P. Ratchagar and S. Senthamilselvi Paper Certificate
71201954 Generalized rb Sets for Real and Imaginary Domains Thirugnanasambandam K and Sowmyalatha L Paper Certificate
71201955 Dissipativity-Based Synchronization of Mode-Dependent for Stochastic Complex Dynamical Networks with Semi- Markov Jump Topology M. Syed Alia, M. Usha, S. Senthil Paper Certificate
71201956 Odd-Even Graceful Labeling in Duplicate Graphs of certain Path and Star Related Graphs S. Christopher, P. Vijaya kumar and K. Thulukkanam Paper Certificate
71201914 Some Subclasses of a New Class of Analytic Functions under Fekete-Szeg÷ Inequality G.S. Rathore, Gurmeet Singh, *Lokendra Kumawat, S.K. Gandhi, Preeti Kumawat Paper Certificate
71201922 Com-Poisson Thomas Distribution J.Priyadharshini, V.Saavithri Paper Certificate
71201923 Effect of Encroachment on Level of Service of Urban Road: A Case Study of Ahmedabad City Meet Suthar, Prof. H.K. Dave Paper Certificate
71201924 Influence of Waste Polypropylene Fibers on Resilient Modulus of Clay Soil Rohin Kaushik, Tarun Sharma Paper Certificate
71201925 Type -Reduction Method on Fuzzy Critical Path P.Balasowandari and Dr. V.Anusuya Paper Certificate
71201926 Experimental setup of Solar Air Heater with Rib Modification: A Review Dr. Mangesh R. Dharme, Niraj A. Dakhore, Prof. Kishor R. Gawande, Prof.S.M.Tondre Paper Certificate
71201927 An Application of Neutrosophic Bipolar Vague On Multi-Criteria Decision Making Problems Princy R, Mohana K Paper Certificate
71201933 Optimal N-Policy for Bernoulli feedback Mx/G/1 Machining System Krishna Gopal Varshney, Dr.Rajvir Singh Paper Certificate
71201935 Socio-Economic Status of Gas Victims Over 30 Years Moina Sharma, Dr. Sristhi Umekar Paper Certificate
71201972 A Performance Analysis of Web Usage Mining Tools Varun Malik, Dr. Sanjay Singla Paper Certificate
71201931 Drug Utilization and Rationality of Antiepileptic Drugs in Epilepsy in a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital of Dehradun Sarita, Neeraj Kumar, Sudhakar kaushik, Preeti Kothiyal Paper Certificate
71201910 A Geoinformatics Approach to Assess Land Use Dynamic and Landscape Fragmentation Due to Opencast Coal Mining in Raniganj Coalfield, India Amit Sarkar Paper Certificate
71201961 Lexicographic Product of Standard Graphs Using Claw Decompositions C.Sujatha and A.Manickam Paper Certificate
71201962 Synthesis and Characterization of hen egg albumin and Gelatin composite cross linked with Glutaraldehyde U. Venkateswarlu Paper Certificate
71201963 Empirical analysis of Birth Registration E-governance data using Na´ve Bayes Data Mining Dr Pushpal Desa Paper Certificate
71201965 Preparation & Characterization of Electrically Conducting Starch-Gelatin Blended Films Doped With Polyaniline / Graphene Oxide U. Venkateswarlu Paper Certificate
71201966 Knowledge Assessment of Residents (PG/NON-PG) Regarding Biomedical Waste Management in a Tertiary Care Hospital Amit Dumka,Dr Maher Bano, Dr Vinita Rawat Paper Certificate
71201971 Preparation and characterization of PVA-Chitosan-Gelatin composite doped with ?-Carotenoids U. Venkateswarlu Paper Certificate
71201959 E-Rationing Management System Prajakta Shinde, Kautubhi Shukla, Shraddha Zagade, V. S. Kumbhar Paper Certificate
71201964 Finite Element Analysis of Stepped Bar using Matlab and Ansys Dhiraj. W. Ghatole, Pragati Rathi, Santosh Bhagyawant, Patil Ganesh Paper Certificate
71201967 EOQ Model under Permissible Delay in Payments and Inflation with Weibull Decay and Power Pattern Demand K. Srinivasa Rao, K.Nagendra Kumar, B.Muniswamy Paper Certificate
71201970 Personalized Recommendation approach based on student's performance prediction for E-Learning Venkatachalapathy. V, Vijayalakshmi. V, Roopa. S Paper Certificate
71201977 Analysis of Rough Porous Inclined Slider Bearing Lubricated With a Ferrofluid Considering Slip Velocity Mohmmadraiyan M. Munshi, Ashok R. Patel, Gunamani Deheri Paper Certificate
71201978 A Literature Review on High Gain dc-dc Boost Converter Vinod Shrivastava, Shimi S.L, Abhishek Kumar Gupta Paper Certificate
71201979 Experimental investigation of machinability and microstructure analysis on Inconel 718 T. Mugilan, S. Santhosh, N. Sridhar Paper Certificate
71201980 A New Approach of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Cyber Security Kavita Srivastava Paper Certificate
71201981 Influence of binding polynomials on feasibility of biochemical reactions R. Tamil Elakkiya, M. Thenmozhi Paper Certificate
71201985 Vehicular Growth & Road Use Pattern Analysis for Traffic Planning of a Mid-Sized City using SPSS Sitesh Kumar Singh, Dr. Ankit Saraswat Paper Certificate
71201987 A Review on COPD Treatment and Management Strategies Siddhi Vora, Prof. Chintan Shah Paper Certificate
71201990 Facile Synthesis of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles with Antibacterial, Humidity Sensing and Photocatalytic Behaviour R. Renukadevi And R. Sundaram Paper Certificate
612201842 Screening, Development and Optimization of an herbal film former for the purpose of film coating of losartan potassium tablets Mr. Ayan Kumar Kar, Miss Banhishikha Kar, Dr. Amitava Roy, Mr. Hiranmoy Parya, Dr. Jyotirmoy Dev Paper Certificate
6112018115 Study of Ultrasonic Velocity and Acoustic Parameters of Substituted ?-arylidine -?-phenyl-?, ?,?-butenolides in Ethanol at 300K Harihar P. Dahikar, Sujata S. Deo, D. P. Gulwade, Y. B. Wankhede Paper Certificate
6122018109 Satellite Image Classification Using Artificial Neural Network P. Sathya, Dr.V. Baby deepa Paper Certificate
71201960 Automatic Weed Killing Robot for Agriculture Purpose and Insect Killing Tejas Badkhal, Rohit Sharma, Igve Sonu, Sanket Patil, Dr. Rahul Mapari Paper Certificate
71201995 Voice Controlled Digit Writer For Handicapped People KiranKundnani, Jagruti Kokane, RutujaPande, Prof. A. A. Tekade Paper Certificate
71201996 Malicious Nodes and its defending mechanisms in Wireless Adhoc Network Madhavi Dhingra Paper Certificate
71201999 Detection of Black Hole Attack in DSR Routing Protocol by modified cooperative bait detection scheme R.Saranya, Dr.R.S.Rajesh Paper Certificate
712019116 Multi-Cloud Secure Data storage using Cryptographic Techniques Manoj V. Bramhe, Dr. Milind V. Sarode, Dr. Meenakshi S. Arya Paper Certificate
71201958 Real Time Identification of Crop Diseases, Pest Damage and Nutrient Deficiency System Shruti Patil, Ashwini Patil, Rutuja Patil, Dr.R.G.Mapari Paper Certificate
71201976 Segmentation of Salient Objects in Digital Image using Hybridization Gradient Based Technique Sandeep, Suresha M Paper Certificate
712019111 Optimization of different Parameters of a Gas Lubricated Hydrodynamic Foil Journal Bearing for Maximum Load Carrying capacity with Genetic Algorithm Mrinal Jyoti Sarma, Ankuran Saha Paper Certificate
712019112 Studies on BOD Comparative and COD in Relevance to Pollution Impact of Freshwater Reservoir Kandlikar Abhijit A, Bhosle Arjun B Paper Certificate
712019113 Review article on Quantum Dots: Synthesis, Properties and Application P.V. Joglekar, D.J.Mandalkar, M.A. Nikam, N.S. Pande, A. Dubal Paper Certificate
71201998 An Experimental and Economic Study of room heating through Solar Evacuated Tube Collector Digvijay Singh, S.P. Singh, Mandar Agnihotri, Kishore Palley, A.K. Singh Paper Certificate
712019107 A Comparative Study of Mohand and Aboodh Transforms Sudhanshu Aggarwal, Raman Chauhan Paper Certificate
71201974 Neighbourhood V4-Magic Labeling of Some Splitting Graphs Vineesh K.P. and Anil Kumar V. Paper Certificate

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