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Volume 7, Issue 3, March 2019

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73201903 Issues and Challenges of E-Commerce in India T.Priyanka, Dr.B.Sudha Paper Certificate
73201904 Entrepreneurship: A Global Perspective Dr.B.Sudha Paper Certificate
73201905 IRDAI - A Regulator Of Insurance Business M.Surya, Dr.B.Sudha Paper Certificate
73201906 A Study on Awareness towards Advertisements in Social Media in Nagercoil City K. Chitra, Dr. S. Muthulekshmi Paper Certificate
73201907 Principals' Self Perceived Leadership Style - A Study Dr.C.Subathra Paper Certificate
73201908 A Study on Awareness of Customers towards Green Banking With Special Reference to SBI in Nagercoil Dr.S.R.Easwari, Dr.L.Sankari Priya Paper Certificate
73201909 Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: Opportunities and Challenges among Youth with Special Reference to Thrissur District, Kerala Jency Baby Paper Certificate
73201910 A Study on Airtel Payment Banks with Special Reference in Kanyakumari District M.Karthika, T.Muthu Lekshmi Paper Certificate
73201911 Influence of Children on Parents in Their Purchase Behaviour - (A Study with Special Reference to FMCG In Kanniyakumari District) T.Muthu Lekshmi, M.Karthika Paper Certificate
73201912 Impact of Employees Performance in Public Sector and Private Sector Banks Dr. S. Nava Rethna Bala Kumari Paper Certificate
73201913 Globalization and Its Impacts of Small Scale Entrepreneurs with Special Reference to Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu Dr.S.Rajapriya Paper Certificate
73201914 Role of Banks Providing Credit Facilities to Small and Medium Enterprises - A Study in Alappuzha District Dr. H. Sabeena Farveen Paper Certificate
73201915 A Role of Entrepreneurs towards MSME Schemes Swapna.K Paper Certificate
72201906 Design and Analysis of Fixture for Indexing and Machining the Steam Distribution Manifold Dr. N. Nandakumar Paper Certificate
72201993 Signer Independent Numeral Sign Language Gesture Recognition M Mahadeva Prasad Paper Certificate
72201994 Garden Monitoring System and Controlling Pesticide Using IoT Mrs.R.Dharshini, Mrs.A.Mohana Priya, Mrs.S.P.Kavya, G.Divya, S.Bharath, S.Guna Sekaran Paper Certificate
72201995 Human Emotion Recognition through Facial Expression: An Approach Based on LBP Features and SVM Classifier Shagolshem Thonglen Singh, Dinesh R Paper Certificate
73201918 Driver Drowsiness Detection Methods: A Comprehensive survey D. Venkata Subbaiah, Prof. Prasad Reddy P.V.G.D, Prof.K. Venkata Rao Paper Certificate
73201921 Classification of Arecanut using Neural Networks with Feed-forward Techniques Chandrashekhara H, Suresha M Paper Certificate
73201949 A Proposed module of LED display (Globe) with Google Assistant and Camera Miss. Ashlesha C. Adsad, Miss. Pooja B. Talan, Mr. Shubham S.Nalmelwar, Prof. Avinash . V. Mahalle Paper Certificate
722019101 Comparative study of antimicrobial activity of Tridax procumbens and Vernonia cinerea against bacterial strains of E. coli, P. putida, P. fluorescens and P. aeruginosa. Tanuja Murab, Preeti Chandurkar, Nidhi Gujar and Namita Ahakey Paper Certificate
72201910 A Study on Applications of Numerical Methods in Sewing Machine Narmatha.S, Sruthi.B, Suhashini.S, Hari Prasath.R.K, Akila.C.J Paper Certificate
73201924 A review on mechanism and factors affecting pyrolysis of biomass Om Prakash Bamboriya, Lokendra Singh Thakur, Hemant Parmar, Anil Kumar Varma, Vijay Kumar Hinge Paper Certificate
73201925 A paper on Display Controller Hand Gesture System Miss. Manasi S. Dudke,Mr.Amar R .Dahake,Mr.Shubham B.Kunchalwar,Miss.Manaswi Darane Paper Certificate
73201927 Seismic Behavior of Different configuration of Multi-Storey RC Buildings on Sloping Ground: A Review Chidanand Bidnalamath, Sabyath Shetty, Shanmukha Shetty, Thushar Shetty Paper Certificate
73201932 A Feasibility Study of Bypass Connecting SH-41 and NH 27-A Case Study of Palanpur City Sharma Ankit Dheeraj, Prof. (Dr.) N. G. Raval Paper Certificate
73201934 Feasibility Study of Linking Himmatnagar to Mehsana by Railway Track Patel Jaimin M, Prof. (Dr).H.R.Varia Paper Certificate
72201986 Home Automation Using Raspberry Pi with Android Application Kiran D. Suthar, S.K. Hadia, Brijesh Shah Paper Certificate
72201991 Change in Skew Distance Energy due to edge deletion A. Wilson Baskar, M.Dhanasekaran Paper Certificate
72201996 Automatically Adopted Smart Trolley Using RFID Dr. G.P.Hegde, Shreya, Deeksha, Trupthi, Prashna Paper Certificate
73201917 Antioxidant Response Of Murraya Koeingii In Moderating Locomotive Impairment In Drosophila Melanogaster Following Pharmaceutical Wastes Leachates Babita Saroha, Anand Kumar, Veer Bhan Paper Certificate
73201931 Malaria and Nutritional Status in Children Living in Endemic Areas of Kamrup Metropolitan District, Assam, India. Swapnali Saikia, Sony Kumari, Rama Kanta Sarma Paper Certificate
73201933 Detecting Fraud Apps Using Sentiment Analysis Linda John, Bhavari Rajput, Rekhabharati Mandal Paper Certificate
73201937 Robust Color-Table based Object Localization And Event handling in Sports video Daneshwari Mulimani, Dr. Aziz Makandar Paper Certificate
73201941 Estimating Capacity for Work Zone Condition- A Case Study of Ahmedabad Rajnish kumar, prof. T.H. Vyas, Prof. (Dr.) N.G. Raval Paper Certificate
73201945 Review Paper on Economical Design of Extra Dosed Bridge on a Highway Bishal Agarwal, Dr. Vijay Raj, Anand Kumar Singh, Susanta Kumar Sethy Paper Certificate
73201948 Life insurance market in rural India Mrs. S. Anu Radha Paper Certificate
73201951 Development of Model for Estimating Saturation Flow Considering Width, Acceleration and Queue Length for Selected Intersections of Ahmedabad City Bhavsar Priyesh, Dr. N. G. Raval Paper Certificate
73201952 Biosorption of Pb++ ions from waste waters using the waste leaves of Cedrus deodara Naveen Chandra Joshi, Nitin Malik, Ajay Singh Paper Certificate
73201955 Biofuel Production by Animal Wastes- A Review Sushmita Shrivastava and R. S. Tomar Paper Certificate
73201956 Cell Geometry Effect on the Vibration Behaviour of Sandwich Composite Structure B. Vibin, Dr. S. Periyasamy Paper Certificate
73201960 Development of 4D BIM cost model Rohit J Mehendale1 Paper Certificate
73201962 Economic Evaluation of Proposed Bypass on SH-59 Passing through Bayad City Malek Jisan Z., Prof. Dr. N. G. Raval Paper Certificate
73201964 Big data Processing Comparison with Map-Reduce and PIG Santosh Kumar.J, B. K. Raghavendra, Raghavendra.S, Meenakshi Paper Certificate
73201965 Synthesis and characterization of organosilicon(IV) complexes of nitrogen containing heteroaromatic carboxylic acids Dr. Priya Duggal Paper Certificate
73201967 Financial Performance Evaluation of Tax Saving Mutual Funds in India Dr.V.AROCKIA JEROLD Paper Certificate
73201968 Development of Textile Antennas using Different Substrates for Wireless Body Area Network(WBAN) Dr.D.Prabhakar, T. Sai Ramcharan, T. Vamsi Sai, Y. Pravallika, K. Anil Kumar Paper Certificate
73201970 Synthesis and application of hybrid organic-inorganic composite material: Polyaniline Zirconium (IV) Iodosulfosalicylate Aashi yadav, Shikha Sharma, Waseem Ahmad* and HC Joshi Paper Certificate
73201972 Heat Augmentation in Solar Water Heater with Different Inserts-A Review A.N.Mahure Paper Certificate
73201979 Assessment and Formulation of Model for Predicting Operational Delay on Urban Sub-Arterial Road Link due to Metrorail Work zone Condition Panchal Piyush K., Prof. T.H.Vyas, Prof. (Dr.) N. G. Raval Paper Certificate
73201980 Estimating Lateral Friction Factor Considering Vehicle Speed, Acceleration, Superelevation and Radius of Curvature Of Rural Highway Prasad R. Gite, Prof. Dipika Gupta, Prof. (Dr.) N. G. Raval, Prof. (Dr.) P. J. Gundaliya Paper Certificate
722019100 A Geo/Geo/1 Discrete Time Inventory Model with Service Time Anilkumar M.P and K. P. Jose Paper Certificate
71201911 Extraction and Bellier Turbidity Temperature Test (BTTT) as tool for identification of groundnut oil from different seed varietiesgrown in India Dr.Shashikant Pardeshi Paper Certificate
72201944 Dating the hematoma of haemorrhagic stroke by analysis of the disintegration of oxyhemoglobin nuclei BIAOU Dimon Jean, ASSOGBA Kokou Marc, VIANOU Antoine Paper Certificate
73201938 Robust Color-Table based Object Localization And Event handling in Sports video Daneshwari Mulimani, Dr. Aziz Makandar Paper Certificate
73201954 The Implementation of CSR in MSME Development (Study on the CSR's Program of PT. AMNT Through Olat Perigi Foundation in Maluk) Robby Nur Akbar, Djunaedi, Umar Nimran, Muhammad Kholid Mawardi Paper Certificate
73201976 The Mixed Tree Domination Polynomials Of Some Derived Graphs Rafia Yoosuf, Preethi Kuttipulackal Paper Certificate
73201977 A Systematic Review on Data Mining For Higher Education System Dr. Brijesh Kumar Bhardwaj Paper Certificate
73201981 An overview of Bluetooth Technology and Security Rajinder Singh Paper Certificate
73201953 Design Analysis and Fabrication of Composite Leaf Spring Mohammed Asif Kattimani, Mohammed Iqbal Khatib, Aiman Quraishi, Mohammed Ashfaque Inayath Paper Certificate
73201983 Empirical modeling of ITEC parameter at mid latitude Yogita Dubey, Neeta Chandel, Amit Jain & S. K. Vijay Paper Certificate
73201987 Enhanced Brain Tumor Detection using Segmentation based on Discrete Wavelet Transform Ashish M. Chikhalikar, Nagaraj V. Dharwadkar Paper Certificate
73201988 Survey on Designing Adaptive Interactive Agent Shubham R. Jadhav, Sandeep A. Thorat Paper Certificate
73201989 Enhanced Brain Tumor Detection using Segmentation based on Discrete Wavelet Transform Ashish M. Chikhalikar, Nagaraj V. Dharwadkar Paper Certificate
73201994 Optical & Structural Properties of Chromium (Cr) doped Polyaniline Ankit Gupta, Mahendra Kumar Paper Certificate
73201996 Automated test case generation tool based on Pycparser Bhumikaben Patel, Jignesh Patoliya Paper Certificate
73201997 Crop Pestilence Detection Using Image Segmentation Vijay E V, K Siva Anjaneyulu, G Jagadesh, K Poornima Chandana, K Mohan Karthik Paper Certificate
73201999 An Application of Loop Mediated Iso-thermal Amplification Technology in Forensic Science Brahmbhatt Nikunj, Upasani Vivek Paper Certificate
732019101 New Class of Generalized Closed Sets in Supra Topological Spaces G.Jayaparthasarathy, V. Little Flower, M.Arockia Dasan Paper Certificate
732019102 Parametric Studies on Desiccant Cooling System for Comfort Cooling Hemant Parmar, Pranesh Parmar Paper Certificate
732019103 Leap Zagreb Indices of Tensor Product of Graphs Keerthi G. Mirajkar, Anuradha V. Deshpande and Bhagyashri R. Doddamani Paper Certificate
732019109 Experimental Studies on Heat Transfer Analysis of A Mild Steel Using Jet Impingement Cooling Technique Mohammed Asif Kattimani, Mohammad Abbas Khan, Mohd Ishaq, Mohammed Asad Paper Certificate
732019110 Role of Management Centre in Multi Cloud Computing System B.J.D Kalyani, Dr. Kolasani Ramchand H Rao Paper Certificate
732019117 A Novel Custom Intent BasedApproach to Improve Android Application Security for Intent Based Attacks Naitik Maheshwari, Prof. Nikunj Nayak, Dr. Dinesh Vaghela, Dr. Sanjay Patel Paper Certificate
732019119 Relation between practical use of the lean practices in the industries and size of the industries: A case study on central India manufacturing Industries Dr. Yash Dave Paper Certificate
732019120 Semi-Supervised Rough Fuzzy Clustering for Brain MRI Segmentation Nur Alom Talukdar, Anindya Halder Paper Certificate
732019126 An Assessment of Solid Waste Management Practices and Awareness in School of Science Gujarat University. Prachi H. Talsania, Dr. Nainesh R. Modi Paper Certificate
732019129 A single server queueing model with self-generation of priorities, customer induced interruption and retrial of customers Jomy Punalal, S. Babu Paper Certificate
732019131 An Approach for Obstacle Detection System for Vehicle Using IoT Mr. G. Kalyan Chakravarthi, K. Sai Vinayak, Fazal Abbas, P.B. PurnaSri, T. Akhil Paper Certificate
732019153 Durability and Strength Properties of Geopolymer Mortar Reinforced with Natural Fibre Abishek, Dr. Hemant Sood Paper Certificate
732019155 Artificial Neural Network based modelling of Earth Coupled Tube Heat Exchanger for Domestic Purposes Hemant Parmar, Pranesh Parmar Paper Certificate
732019156 Image Analysis using LU, SVD and Kronecker Algebra in Multimodal Biometric Authentication System Y Suresh Paper Certificate
732019160 Hazard Minimization and Environmental effect of Chemical Waste produced in our Laboratory-An Educational Article Kiran Singh, Rajeev K. Shukla and Tripti Singh Paper Certificate
71201975 Two Node Tandem Queuing Model with Phase Type Load Dependent Service Having Non-Homogeneous Arrival and Service Processes Ch.Sreelatha, K. Srinivasa Rao, B.Muniswamy Paper Certificate
73201975 Primary Screening of Phytochemicals Present in Crude Extracts of Leaf, Stem and Rhizome of Costus igneus (Insulin Plant) Damam Malleswari, Rana Kausar, Gaddam Bagyanarayana Paper Certificate
732019212 Empirical modeling of ITEC parameter at mid latitude Yogita Dubey, Neeta Chandel, Amit Jain & S. K. Vijay Paper Certificate
73201992 Heat transfer augmentation techniques in various heat exchanger by experimental and numerical methods: A Review Aaruni kumar, Dr. Parag Mishra, Dr. Ajay Singh Paper Certificate
732019104 Impact of Working and Non - Working Mothers on Development of their Children in Madhya Pradesh Vippa Dhingra and Sarika Keswani Paper Certificate
732019106 Performance Evaluation of Ensemble Method Based Outlier Detection Algorithm Priya. M, M. Karthikeyan Paper Certificate
732019213 Experimental Studies on Heat Transfer Analysis of Mild Steel Using Jet Impingement Cooling Technique Mohammed Asif Kattimani, Mohammad Abbas Khan, Mohd Ishaq, Mohammed Asad, Meer Salman Ali Paper Certificate
732019112 Growth and Generalized Iterated Functions Nintu Mandal, Ratan Kumar Dutta Paper Certificate
732019115 Analysis of alkaloids from in vitro and in vivo (natural conditions) samples of Jasminum sambac L. Nikita P. Sapra and Himanshu A. Pandya Paper Certificate
732019210 A Survey on Big Data Tools and Its Use in Predictive Analysis in HealthCare Jay L Borade, Joel Dsouza, Gunjan Munde, Divya Varghese Paper Certificate
732019211 Liver Disease Prediction and Diagnosis Expert System using Data Mining Techniques Dr. N. V. Ramana Murthy, S. Shruti, V. Vinay Bhargav, S. Anil Kumar Paper Certificate
732019139 Statistical Analysis for Establishing the Relation of Decadal Rainfall Data and Variation in Ground Water Levels: A Case Study of PTW1 Watershed, Buldhana District of Maharashtra State V. M. Rokade and S. S. Naitam Paper Certificate
732019141 Preparation of Low Cost Shoe Soling Material from Leather Waste S.Ponsubbiah, Dr.Sanjeev Gupta Paper Certificate
732019161 IOT Based Officers Tracking System Mr.M.Annamalai, Mr.B.Sundaramurthy, G.Divya Paper Certificate
732019162 Analysis of Truck Trips from Ahmedabad to Tami Nadu and Morbi to Tamil Nadu Jaykumar Chettiar, Dr. H. R. Varia, Deep Patel Paper Certificate
732019170 Comparison of SNR Values for Different Wavelet Functions using Wavelet Packet Transformation Dr Afroz, Imtiyaz Ahmad Wani Paper Certificate
732019184 Hybrid Sink Repositioning Mechanism for Wireless Sensor Network D. P. Mishra, Ramesh Kumar Paper Certificate
732019185 Estimation of Arsenic Concentration in Ground Water Seikh Abed Hussain, Dr.Manish Upadhyay Paper Certificate
732019186 Influence of modifier oxide on spectroscopic characteristics of neodymium ion in lithium borate glass system J. Anjaiah Paper Certificate
732019188 Differential Response of the Ionosphere to great geomagnetic storms during Solar Cycles 19-23 Junmi Gogoi, Kalyan Bhuyan Paper Certificate
732019190 Performance of hydromagnetic squeeze film in longitudinally rough conducting truncated conical plates J. V. Adeshara, M. B. Prajapati, G. M. Deheri, and R. M. Patel Paper Certificate
6122019105 Hydro-geochemical Evaluation of Groundwater for Its Suitability to Various Uses; A Case Study of a Small Mountainous River Basin in Western Ghats, South India Jayamohan Das, Dr. Arun, Dr. Resmi, Athira Murali Paper Certificate
732019114 Evaluation Of Effects Of Nano-Silica And Crumb Rubber Powder Application To Pavement Sub Grade Soil Stabilization A. K. Sutariya, Prof.(Dr).H.R.Varia Paper Certificate
732019118 Design Analysis Of CFR - ACP Gates For Reservoirs Dabbiru Ravi VIkranth, K.Sarath Chandra Paper Certificate
732019124 Intrusion Detection and Prevention System in IoT Environment Sweta Dave, Prof. Sandip Chauhan Paper Certificate
732019136 Designing And Control of Prosthetic Leg Using EMG Mr. C.Sathish Kumar, Divya Sree.H, Kumudhavalli.S, Swathy.G, Thejaswini.J Paper Certificate
732019137 Urban Studies By Using Remote Sensing And Geographical Information System Sureshkumar M, Sai Kalyan G, Vinay Kumar MVNS Paper Certificate
732019145 Smart Stick For Visually Challenged People Mrs. V.P.Krishnammal, J Bavani, D Ezhilarasi, J Meena, T Subashini Paper Certificate
732019147 Connectivity Of Graph Of Mobius Function For '0' K. K. Srimitra, D. Bharathi Paper Certificate
732019148 Effect Of Transverse Load On Strain In Functionally Graded Material Plate For Varying Aspect Ratio Manish Bhandari Paper Certificate
732019150 Arithmetic Operations Of Symmetric Trapezoidal Fuzzy Random Variables Dr. C. Senthil Murugan Paper Certificate
732019166 Bioaccumulation Potential And Speciation Of Arsenic Ions In Vigna Radiate Root Biomass Using Microwave Assisted Extraction By HPLC-ICP-MS Anil Kumar Giri Paper Certificate
732019168 On Products Of Various Graphs And Their Spectra: A Survey Ramakrishnan K. O., Santhosh G. O., Rajeevan P. Paper Certificate
732019169 Public Bus Transportation With Accidental Prevention & Location Monitoring System. G.RamPrakash, J.Subramaniyan, P.Manigandan, N.Subramaniyan Paper Certificate
732019171 A Review On Pharmalogical Study Of Datura Stramonium L. Jahnavi Pandya, Sanjukta Rajhans, Dr. Archana Mankad Paper Certificate
732019173 An Experimental Investigation Of Heat Transfer Characteristics In Plain And Tapered Spines M. Krishna Prasanna, P. Murari, T. Siva Krishna, M.R.Ch.Sastry, Vamsi Krishna Salapati Paper Certificate
732019175 Zero One Sampling System Arumainayagam S.D, Vennila J Paper Certificate
732019177 Application Of Devops For E-Commerce Website Madhulika, Namrata Dhanda Paper Certificate
732019183 Super Harmonic Mean Labeling Of Joins Of Square Of Path Graph S.Sriram, Dr.R.Govindarajan Paper Certificate
732019198 Use of Web Page Tag Information for Efficient Information Retrieval Dr. S. S. Bhamare Paper Certificate
732019199 Effect Of Transverse Surface Roughness On The Performance Of A Magnetic Fluid Based Two Layered Porous Inclined Slider Bearing R. M. Patel, G. M. Deheri, Lakshmi S. Desai and. P. A. Vadher Paper Certificate
7320191203 Survey On Image Registration N.Arunachalam, R.Niranjankumar, S.Sasidharan, G.Balaji Paper Certificate

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